Brewers perfect silent treatment of Scooter Gennett

Giving the silent treatment in the dugout is usually reserved for the first home run of a career, but the Milwaukee Brewers pulled one off for a non-first homer on Tuesday night.

After second baseman Scooter Gennett connected for a 394-foot home run to the upper deck in Milwaukee’s 5-1 victory in Texas, the Brewers’ entire dugout ignored the rookie for 20-plus seconds.

Milwaukee third baseman Aramis Ramirez eventually broke the silence by greeting Gennett with a high-five. The homer was the third of Gennett’s career … and he hit his fourth just two innings later.

Instead of the silent treatment, the Brewers did something a little different for the second blast. Led by center fielder Carlos Gomez, who is 6-foot-3, a few of the taller Brewers made the 5-9 Gennett scale high into the air for a high-five.

With so many young players on the roster, the Brewers have pulled off the silent treatment a few times this season, but none better than Tuesday night’s.

After rookie outfielder Caleb Gindl hit a walk-off home run on July 21, the entire Brewers dugout knew exactly what to do. Instead of the usual greeting of the player and mob at home plate, the rest of the team and coaching staff all ran up the tunnel and into the clubhouse while Gindl was rounding the bases.

Nobody was there to greet him by the time he reached home plate, and he was surprised to see the dugout completely empty.

Though the season hasn’t gone as planned, the Brewers are still staying loose and making things fun, which is a good sight to see.

Watch this video of Gindl’s walk-off blast … and don’t laugh too hard at his high-fives to invisible teammates.

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