Brewers’ decision-makers set for key meeting of the minds

MILWAUKEE — There’s plenty to discuss within the Milwaukee Brewers organization after what has been a frustrating season for all involved, and a big conversation will take place Wednesday.

Brewers general manager Doug Melvin, manager Ron Roenicke, the coaching staff and other key members of the organization will gather at Miller Park for their yearly end of the season discussion.

Each player will be discussed, while other topics include the roster moving forward, injuries, plans for spring training next year and other things that may have come up during the season.

“We will try to figure out what went wrong this year,” Roenicke said. “In the past we talked about what went well and how we can repeat them. Those are the things we’ll discuss.”

With so many different players filtering through the roster this season and quite a few roster decisions to be made before next year, Wednesday’s meeting is the beginning of an important offseason for the Brewers.

Nobody involved wants anyone involved in the discussion to hold back their opinions, either, as the decision-makers want honest feedback on a variety of topics.

“I voice my opinion,” Roenicke said. “I may be a little different than the coaches, but our coaches are pretty honest about what they see. It’s important to be honest. Say Doug likes somebody and everybody says ‘Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I like him, too’ and now that guy doesn’t turn out well it’s like ‘Why didn’t any of you guys tell me he had these flaws?’

“My responsibility to Doug and to Mark is what I see. You want to be optimistic about all of your players but you better talk about what you see could happen to them.”

Between injuries and Ryan Braun’s suspension, the Brewers have been piecing together a lineup and pitching staff for almost the entire season. There’s many who feel Milwaukee just needs a few tweaks to be back in contention next season, including Roenicke.

The only major decisions the Brewers are faced with in their lineup next season are at first base and whether or not to exercise the team option on right fielder Norichika Aoki. Second base will be decided in-house between Scooter Gennett and Rickie Weeks.

“I don’t think there needs to be big moves,” Roenicke said. “I don’t know if we can make big moves. But I think the big moves are going to be how these young guys end up, especially on the mound, how they end up progressing. If they can progress the way we think that they can, that’s a big move.”

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