Steve Nash on Dwight Howard: He didn’t want to be a Laker

The LA Lakers season was a ‘disaster’, according to point guard Steve Nash, and that was before the latest Dwight Howard free-agency saga.

Nash, speaking on the radio on Tuesday, said he felt Howard never wanted to be a Laker.

“Ultimately, I think Dwight wasn’t comfortable here and didn’t want to be here and I think if he didn’t want to be here, there’s no point for anyone in him being here,” Nash said on ESPN Radio on Tuesday. “So, we wish him the best and move on.”

Nash and Kobe Bryant were part of the Lakers’ pitch meeting to persuade Howard to stay in Los Angeles.

“Frankly, I thought before the meeting, we didn’t really have a chance and I’d like to think that after the meeting we had a chance,” Nash said.

“Dwight had some issues with the season. I think it kind of basically goes with what he said to the media that he never quite felt embraced in LA. He never quite felt supported. That’s basically it. I think in some ways you can read into that what you will, but I think he never quite felt comfortable at home and I don’t know if that’s anybody’s fault.”

Nash went on to say that Howard never fit in with the team, mostly because of his health (back and shoulder) issues.

And, that Howard never wanted a part of the pick-and-roll offense, one that Nash flourished in with Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni when they were members of the Phoenix Suns.

“We (the Lakers) got a lot to play for, to try to make our team into something — championship or not — that our fans are proud of and feel good about and can’t wait to go see out there on the floor every night and try to beat people,” Nash added.