Ryan Hollins Blog: Twitter Q&A

Ryan Hollins talks about his favorite actor and gives his Super Bowl pick.

Clippers’ center Ryan Hollins takes to Twitter to answer fans’ questions. Check out some of the questions below.

Taking everything one step at a time, always working so that I can be the best I can be, and the best for my team. Being able to fit in the team concept and plans so that we can win.

Yes! Really excited to take the camp to the next level! Stay tuned for details.

Going to have to go with Denzel Washington. He has this silent confidence about him and a way he approaches his characters, no matter who they are — good or bad guys — you end up loving them. He is a brilliant actor and I am happy to have grown up in the years where he was often in movies.

I wouldn’t say I have a signature move, but I am best known for my dunks throughout my career.

I’m going to go with Seattle, as far as I am concerned, we already had a Super Bowl-like game with my 49ers with the NFC championship. The energy around Seattle is great, they have a chance to do some big things. They are firing on all cylinders. It’s going to be a great game.

It’s tough to come of the bench because I have to be focused at all times! My preparation starts the night before the game, and I try to stay focused daily, try to maintain many of the same routines to keep my mind trained. And not to take on too many side activities especially on game day.

It’s rare that people come visit Pasadena, but I always try to tell people about the diversity of the community. I let them know there is more to Pasadena than the Rose Bowl and Old Town. It was really special for me when Blake and DC came to speak at my camp — a real humbling experience for myself and something big for the community.

It’s challenging but that’s why I keep a great team around me. During the season I can focus on basketball and they help me stay organized and effective with everything else on my plate. I always put family first. Taking care of things on the court is my job, and all that I do is for them. A father and husband first, everything else just falls in line after that.

I got to have a short memory, can’t hold on to anything bad that happens. I make sure to always move on the the next and not dwell on anything. I have to make sure to remain professional at all times. All of my coaches have taught me to have thick skin and turn any adversity into positivity. Every play wont be perfect, but as long as I give 110 percent, put in the work and stay focused, there is nothing to complain about.

When we played, we spoke, definitely miss him as a team he was a great mentor. We don’t talk on regularly during the season. We are both very focused on the game, but there will always be love and mutual respect between us, he’s a legend.

This is a tough question when you consider that many of the great point guards are hurt. Gotta put CP at No. 1, but since there are injuries I have to just list the standouts, D Rose, Russ, Lillard, Lawry, Deron, Rondo and Kyrie.