Ryan Hollins Blog: Preparing kids for basketball life

Coaching basketball is much different than playing it. Just ask Ryan Hollins.

Ryan Hollins is joined by Blake Griffin at his Get Buckets Camp at John Muir High School.

Photo courtesy Ryan Hollins

Lots of people ask me when I think is the most important stage in the development of a basketball player, and I always respond with youth sports.  The years between middle school and high school are when kids are most impressionable and eager to learn and get better. 

In addition to my Get Buckets Camp, I help coach a traveling team, the Pressure Basketball Club. Pressure plays year-round, giving the kids some additional instruction outside of their school teams, and giving them an advantage and extra preparation for the next level.

As I coach, I enjoying watching the kids grow and turn into great players. Playing the game and coaching are much different, so it is fun to take the challenge, to learn the strategy and look at the game as a coach instead of a player. Providing the players with the experience of a Division 1 college player and now an NBA athlete gives them something special and helps them get their questions answered, things that I always wish I had as a kid.

Coach Brice brought the team out to the game and they were able to see me in action, and it was great to have them cheering for me like I do for them.