Kobe will be sporting ‘medical mamba’ shoe

LOS ANGELES – In this strange world where athlete rehab can be chronicled via social media, Kobe Bryant has tweeted to the world the latest step in his recovery from a ruptured Achilles tendon.

Just more than six weeks after his April 13 surgery, Bryant has graduated from a walking boot to what he’s termed a “medical mamba” shoe on his left foot. The shoe will provide heel lift for the injured Achilles.

The original prognostication for Bryant’s injury predicted a six- to nine-month recovery period, which would put his return anywhere between October and January. This latest development marks yet another in what will be a multi-step process, and it’s still too early to guess whether Bryant might be ahead of, behind or even on schedule, especially when his recovery window is so large.

Also on Thursday, Lakers forward Paul Gasol gave an update on his recovery time after his FAST procedure on both knees that is expected to keep him from basketball activities for 12 weeks.