Dodgers’ Wilson won’t shave beard for $1M

LOS ANGELES – Brian Wilson has no interest in getting a close shave, not even for the princely sum of $1 million.
The Dodgers’ new relief pitcher rejected the offer of an online razor company to shave his long black beard, which he ties at the end with a blue rubber band, for money.

He can’t be bought, he said.
“I’m not going to sell my facial hair,” Wilson said Friday before making his debut at Dodger Stadium. “I would never consider doing that, regardless of the sum of money. I don’t care about someone paying me to tell me how to look. I still have it because most people hate it, so you’re welcome.”
Wilson said he wasn’t even sure the offer was real. It was initially reported by, which said the company was willing to pay him $1 million to shave.
“I’ve heard rumors of it,” he said, “but this is actual confirmation that it’s really an offer? It’s probably not an offer. It’s probably bogus, so I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s staying right now.”
Wilson was activated from the disabled list Monday but didn’t get to pitch until Thursday, working the ninth inning of the Dodgers’ 6-0 over the Marlins in Miami.
“I wasn’t too restless,” he said of the long wait. “I didn’t want to look into the situation any deeper than what it was. I got to pitch, I got my chance. I knew as soon as I heard my name get called in the bullpen, I would have to work, regardless of the situation. I told the organization, I came here to get outs.”
Manager Don Mattingly said he was impressed enough with Wilson to consider using the right-hander in more high leverage situations. But he’s not about to tinker with his current setup using Ronald Belisario and left-hander Paco Rodriguez as setup men for closer Kenley Jansen.
Nor is Mattingly concerned about Wilson’s beard and Mohawk-ponytail hairstyle.
“I told him right away, ‘All I worry about is outs.’ This guy is a pro.”
Wilson, who is wearing jersey No. 00, insisted he wasn’t concerned how Dodgers fans would react to him because of the seven seasons he spent with the San Francisco Giants.
“I don’t anticipate or speculate boos or cheers on some sort of grand scheme or large scale,” he said. “I’m used to getting booed here. I used to love it. Now that I’m 00, maybe I’ll get ‘oohed’ “.