He’s Back! Forrest Griffin recaps episode 2

Better than the ‘Phantom Menace’

If this reviews sucks I just want you know that it is because it was written without any Performance Enhancing drugs. I’€™ll take a piss test to that. Peyote free 4-life!

To the victors go the house. I’m very interested to see how they divide the rooms, ah never mind, they divide them across gender lines, kinda of boring, but more importantly how they integrate the practices. Men and women the same size training together? I can’t imagine how that practice works. No really, I cant. I’ve never worked with women not because I’m a sexist but because there are not a ton of in shape 200+ lb women training.

Ronda shows a great strategy by getting Tate and her team to respond to her commands. It’s only day two but already Rousey has got the hat turned backwards and the volume cranked up to 11. The 1st day of practice is not that interesting, because, oh ya they just fought like yesterday.

Back to the house were Anthony says a bunch of stuff that makes me wonder if anyone explained to him that this was gonna be on tv, you know for everyone to see, or he thought he was on a different reality show. He sizes up the competition a.k.a he makes summations on the women of the house that make you think oh yeah, that’s the definition of douchebag. You’re saying to your self whatever Forrest you were thinking the same thing… Naw man you win the fights, then you get the money, then you get the power then you get the….. So there’s at least one d-bag out there that didn’t know that watching Scarface was a DB prerequisite.

The fight Baszler vs Pena is on after a few beauty tips from Pena. And then a very quick weigh-in where Pena lets Basley put acard on her and then puts her fist in Penas face. You can read too much in to weigh-ins but never let your opponent touch you or act like they are going to hit you, even if you don’t care you have allowed them to think you’re docile!

Then the guy that will not be submitted by a girl gets submitted a doctor but shows great heart and more importantly stubbornness. Hopefully he will be back.

We find out what I’ve long suspected… that it is a pain in the ass to get yo hair did before a fight.

Oh and please will everybody quit this she doesn’t deserve to be on the same planet with me shit.

Pena chooses to fight in a 1930s bathing suit, good choice, in my opinion.

The fight appears to be the typical youth and athleticism versus experience scenario. In this instance, youth wins. I see this fight as good for the show. Why? Because I was afraid that team Rousey would take over and make the show one-sided.

Really we all should have seen the upset coming the way they portrayed Pena as such a fearful underdog.

In the next matchup, Tate’s team calls out aninjured fighter which seems shady or pussy ass as Rhonda says. But it’s kind of the smart move if your goal is to win the fight.

Then we see Rousey tell Tate she’s getting fucked up. Tate responds with the typical fighter response… Wait, no, she says, ‘what I was just happy for my friend’…. So you really don’t want to be friends huh? Ok, not typical fighters response but that’s how I would have responded.


You probably noticed that tonight’s fight was a good one. Forrest what do you think of women’s MMA. Wow I’m so glad you asked… I didn’t like two things about it in the beginning… One, women mean mugging when I did not believe they could back it up and two, the level of skill involved. Well the level of skill has greatly improved as we saw by tonight’s fight and women can back the mean mugging up as we also saw in tonight’s fight. And another thing that made me like women’s fighting is a move called Shadow Boxers about Lucia Rijker. Check it out or don’t but say you did and that it was great!