Forrest talks about ladies night

The Ultimate Writer riffs on the last episode and explains what is commonly known in fighting circles as the "Semmy Schilt" technique.

The first thing I notice is Anthony didn't see TUF until season five when he was 15 years old which makes him about 12 by my math.

I'm sensing this episode is about cutting weight, which means I'm gonna have to see a lot of naked dudes. Anthony has a good weight-cut strategy or at least has a strategy. This is like an episode of Biggest Loser well I assume it is. I have never seen it.

Tate throws Cody some actual wisdom about life and self-hate. Then, though unintentionally, one of the funniest things I've seen on this show, Miesha says, "If you're crying you still got water... it's a good thing".

Raquel goes to give Cody a pep talk, but it's too late: he just ingested a sh*t load of fluids and salt and is now f*cked. Dana has to give the Gabe Ruediger speech again. I was at a fight where the audience threw donuts at Gabe on the way to the cage, true story.

Anyway don't worry we still get one fight, the ladies. Peggy talks about her son, which is a pretty cool thing. You realize some of these professional fighters are mothers. Which makes sense ‘cause everybody knows Moms are tough.

On to the's ladies night!

Sarah gives an interview like a serial killer: you can't tell is she's mad or sad or happy or other having any other emotions.

I think Peggy should adopt the Semmy Schilt game plan, you know, all jabs and taps to the face. Too late, Sarah goes for a nice arm bar and gets it.

To the match ups where people pretend to agree. Oh and then the fights are listed. Which means there are a lot of fights to come.

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