Jay and Dan's Podcast - Episode 13

It's the most glorious month of the year. That's right, Movember! Jay and Dan have their moustaches going in full force. Wrestling star turned yogi, Diamond Dallas Page stops by the podcast.

After hearing the story of Diamond Dallas Page's post wrestling career work, Jay and Dan knew he'd be a great guest.  DDP has an incredible story of how he worked from a life in the ring, to the yoga life.  He famously has transitioned on to mentor others, leading them to a lifesaving change of their ways.  So what can he do for Jay and Dan?  

Also, the calendar has now turned to November.  That means it's time to get on the Movember movement.  Jay and Dan have theirs in full swing.  Watch and track their progress for the month.  

To pledge, find team Stashtag #The1 and help the cause!

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