Jay Glazer

The NFL's No. 1 information man is FOX Sports' Jay Glazer.

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Kevin Lynch

The NFL's No. 1 information man is FOX Sports' Jay Glazer.

Glazer's resume of breaking news is unparalleled which earned him the title of Sports Illustrated's "2007 Media Person of the Year." Latest examples of his impressive connections include breaking the biggest story in the NFL offseason that the NFLPA and NFL owners came to a CBA agreement saving the 2011 NFL season.  In 2013, Glazer broke that Super Bowl XLVII MVP Joe Flacco agreed to a new multi-year deal to stay with the Baltimore Ravens and that perhaps the game's greatest tight end of all time, Tony Gonzalez, would in fact return for a final season.  

In 2010, Glazer broke the news that the Patriots were trading Randy Moss back to the Vikings and broke the news of the NFL changing rules due to concussions. He also revealed that Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels admitted to SpyGate practices while in New England and admitted it "was coached, was worked on," during his time there. The previous year Glazer broke the news that the Vikings were signing Brett Favre.

Glazer broke the news that Plaxico Burress had shot himself in the leg at a nightclub in 2008, Tony Dungy'€™s decision to step down as the Colts head coach, the firing of Lions GM Matt Millen and an exclusive one-on-one interview with then Broncos QB Jay Cutler (when his own head coach and owner couldn'€™t get a hold of him) on his wanting out of Denver. 

In addition Glazer reported Brett Favre's trade to the New York Jets, obtained an exclusive copy of the actual "Spygate" tape that was later confiscated by the NFL of the Patriots'€™ stealing the Jets' defensive signals in 2007 and acquiring video surveillance tapes of a brawl at the Palms casino between Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter and Bengals lineman Levi Jones in March 2007.  Glazer reported Brett Favre'€™s initial decision to retire in March.

Glazer also broke the news that Joe Gibbs was returning to the NFL to take over as coach of the Redskins in 2004 and that 10 NFL players were subpoenaed as part of the BALCO investigation while secretly tested by the league in 2003.  Weeks later, it was Glazer who revealed the names of the four Oakland Raiders who tested positive for the controversial drug THG.  Glazer was also the first to report the disappearance and suspension of former Oakland Raiders center Barrett Robbins the day prior to Super Bowl XXXVII.  

Prior to joining the FOX Sports family in 2004, Glazer covered the NFL for CBS SportsLine and was an insider on CBS Sports' The NFL Today program. He made his name as an NFL writer for the New York Post and gained large market television experience as an on-air commentator for WCBS-TV in New York, as a host of Unnecessary Roughness on the MSG network.

Outside of football, Glazer has also become a big name in the world of mixed martial arts as a trainer and broadcaster. He  hosts the live FUEL TV pre and post specials breaking down the matchups, fighter profiles, expert analysis, as well as celebrities from the red carpet, all leading up to the fight.