Dana White on Conor McGregor’s boxing performance: ‘I couldn’t be more proud of him’

Dana White shares his thoughts on Mayweather vs. McGregor.

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- Dan, I just heard you tell Demi Lovato who sang the national anthem that 0 and 0 in boxing. He had 10 great rounds. Tell me your assessment of this fight.

- Yeah, I know. It's obviously not the fight that I was expecting. I thought Conor would be chasing him around, and he would eventually catch him with some shots. He hit him with a lot of shots. He looked fantastic tonight, and I couldn't be more proud of him.

- Do you think he's proud of his performance? I know that you were in there speaking with him.

- He's not. He's very upset with himself. He feels like that fight was there for the taking, and he thinks that the fight was stopped early. I was good with the stoppage. He's not a professional boxer.

He stepped in there to fight arguably the greatest of all time, and he looked damn good doing it. I was OK with 10 rounds.

- What do you think this message sends to the boxing community? There were people who were saying he's not even going to be able to land a single punch. Floyd is going to knock him out in one round. He has no business being in their.

- Max Kellerman. Yeah, some of the guys-- I haven't had a chance to talk to Max. But I talked to Stephen A. Smith. And he said, wow, OK, I'm impressed. Great fight. And I'm sure that's how everybody feels.

Conor McGregor went in tonight, and it wasn't the tip of Floyd running around. Conor hit him and hit him a lot-- hit him with some big shots, hit him to the body. It was a great showing.

- Do you believe that had his cardio kept up he would have come out victorious in this?

- Well, I think if his cardio kept up it would have went 12 rounds, and then it would have gone to the judges' scorecards. I think Showtime had it even going into 10. But the judges did not.

- So what is Conor McGregor's future? He said inside the ring he will certainly be back in the UFC. He's somebody who once he takes a loss he wants to get right back into competition. So what are you expecting from him?

- I don't know. I've been in there with him for a while tonight. We're not talking fighting tonight. So we'll see. I agree with you. He is that guy. That is what he usually does, and we'll see what happens.

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