Cat Zingano arm-wrestles Sonnen

Cat Zingano took on Chael Sonnen in an arm wrestling match at UFC Tonight.

While it wasn't exactly Billie Jean King against Bobby Riggs in the Battle of the Sexes, UFC Tonight co-host Chael Sonnen decided to pit his power against top ranked women's bantamweight fighter Cat Zingano on Wednesday night in an arm wrestling contest.

Now to give the statistics for both of these competitors, Sonnen is currently competing at light heavyweight where he routinely walks around at well over 205 pounds.

Meanwhile, Zingano fights at 135 pounds, and like most competitors probably walks around a little heavier, but probably gave up at least 50 pounds to her opponent.

With special referee Kenny Florian overseeing the proceedings, Sonnen matched up against Zingano in a battle of wills and strength. According to Florian, Sonnen was also holding the hopes and dreams of UFC Tonight on his shoulders as well.

Sometimes dreams aren't meant to come true.

Zingano seemed to get the better of Sonnen, and she took home at least a little piece of his arm (and possibly his pride) this time around.

Maybe that will serve her well when she finally gets a chance to face the arm bar queen Ronda Rousey with the UFC women's bantamweight title on the line when she returns from her knee injury in 2014.

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