Wand sends a message to Chael

After defeating Shogun Rua by guillotine choke at UFC Fight Night on FOX Sports 1, Chael Sonnen got on the microphone for his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. What followed was another brilliant entry in the ‘Chael Sonnen Trash Talk Hall of Fame’ in which he called out longtime rival Wanderlei Silva.

In the least surprising news of the century, this did not resonate well with the UFC’s resident Axe Murderer.

Wanderlei posted a video response to Chael’s on-air call-out on the Wand Fight Team YouTube page and in typical Wanderlei Silva fashion, he’s pretty intense.

To summarize: Wanderlei wants to break Chael’s nose, beat him mercilessly for five full rounds and knee him so hard he swallows his teeth.