Rousey vs. Kaufman: Round-by-round

In earlier action, Ovince St. Preux won via knockout and Anthony
Smith submitted Lumumba Sayers via triangle choke in the first

Most notably, Miesha Tate made an amazing return to Strikeforce,
ironically finishing Julie Kedzie with a last round armbar. Not bad
for Tate who was taken out of action by Ronda Rousey just 5 months
ago via the same submission.

Ronda Rousey vs. Sarah Kaufman

Winner: Rousey via armbar submission (Round 1 – 0:54)

Round 1 – It’s officially Showtime! Jimmy Lennon Jr. makes
the introductions and this fight is on! The ladies look mean out of
the gate with Rousey pressing the action. We’re grappling out of
the gate and on the ground. Rousey takes full mount immediately and
the assassin is tugging on Kaufman’s arm. They’re rolling around
the cage like a snowball, but doom is coming. Fast. After about 1
minute, Kaufman can no longer keep her arm against her chest. The
arm straightens. The arm starts to bend the wrong way. Sarah
Kaufman taps.



Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza vs. Derek Brunson

Winner: ‘Jacare’ Souze via Knockout

Round 1 – Nuff said. Jacare really must have had an
appointment somewhere because he dropped Brunson like a sack of
potatoes. Less than a minute into the first round Jacare clocked
Brunson with a right hook that hit Brunson like a train. Lights
out! It’s time for the title fight.

Roger Bowling vs. Tarec Saffiedine

Winner: Tarec Saffiedine by unanimous decision

Round 3 – The stats are dead even but this fight is coming
down to heart. Everytime Bowling comes at Saffiedine with a
combination, Saffiedine punishes Bowling with a knee or kick.
Saffiedine definitely is coming across as the tactician, but
Bowling’s gutting it out despite his clear exhaustion. With the
fight so close it’s coming down to the wire and each fighter is
looking for their 3rd consecutive win. Bowling attempts another
takedown and Saffiedine defends it again. Saffiedine gets some
underhooks in the clinch and delivers some nice knees showing
strong control toward the end of this fight. The ref wants more
action and Saffiedine delivers punching his way out. A late
takedown attempt from Bowling may tell the story as his failure
yields his back to Saffiedine and now with 2 hooks in, Saffiedine
attempts a rear naked choke to finish it all. The horn sounds and
Bowling survives, but Saffiedine easily gets the round.
Saffiedine 10-9

Round 2 – Round starts out in the worst possible way with
Bowling taking an eye poke. When is the gauging going to stop. It
wasn’t purposeful, but the second round goes into a heavy delay.
When the fight resumes, Bowling seems to have some extra energy and
spends it delivering some haymaker hooks to Saffiedine’s body. He’s
trying for more takedowns, but has not been succeessful, but
eventually gets a hold of Saffiedine’s head. Again, Bowling can’t
seem to convert the few opportunities that he’s getting. Saffiedine
isn’t showing much aggression this round and although a few of the
kick and uppercut from Saffiedine are finding their places, it just
isn’t enough to take this round.
Bowling 10-9

Round 1 – Bowling is looking to do some serious damage
delivering punishing blow early in the round. Numerous punches to
the liver land and Saffiedine needs to turn things around. He does.
Saffiedine returns the favor dealing some nice combinations of his
own. After some well delivered knees, Bowling decides it’s time to
get more aggressive and engages Saffiedine against the cage in the
clinch. Bowling clearly wants the takedown, but Saffiedine defends
it very well and even delivers an elbow as they separate. Bowling’s
delivering damage but spending a lot of gas to do it. And you can’t
be sure that all the judges will give him this round.
Bowling 10-9