Dana White to appear on 'The League'

After years of saying he’d never--ever--do it, the UFC president has filmed a guest star spot on FXX's “The League” scheduled to air on September 25th.

UFC president Dana White is on the record saying he doesn’t want to act, ever, despite the many opportunities that run by his desk. Time after time, he’s turned down opportunities. Finally, someone has worn him down.

After becoming friendly with the creative team behind FXX’s hit comedy “The League,” White finally said yes to an offer, even though it took FX Networks executive Chuck Saftler “terrorizing” White about taking the role for him to say yes. White recently went to New York to film his guest starring spot, where he’ll be playing “The Goon,” a “henchman and a killer,” as he described it during a Thursday Google+ Hangout with FOX Sports.

Suffice it to say, he’s not too excited about showing off his thespian skills to the world when the episode — which also guest stars Seth Rogen— airs later this month.

“I went out there and it took three days to shoot this thing,” he said. “And I am horrified, horrified for this to come and air on the 25th. Horrified.”

White’s previous acting experience consists of exactly one credit: a role in a UFC-themed Bud Light commercial alongside Jon Jones. Sometime later, he was asked by actor Kevin James to play a part in his mixed martial arts themed movie “Here Comes The Boom,” but turned it down, citing the uncomfortableness of his previous experience. That role was eventually taken by Joe Rogan. And since that time, White has insisted that he’d stay away from everything Hollywood threw his way.

While White said this latest experience was enjoyable, it sounds like he would have preferred to stick to his pledge.

“I goofed around for a little bit there in television, and it takes your focus off what you really do. What we really do is fights,” he said. “Even this role in ‘The League,’ I was gone for three days. When you’re shooting this thing, I was on set for hours filming. You do takes and retakes and retakes. It was fun. I’ll admit it was fun. It was pretty cool. I met some really cool people. But I’m horrified, like I said, for this thing to air. Yeah, I’m not an actor.”

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