UFC's Dana White defends A-Rod

The UFC president and lifelong Boston Red Sox fan explains why he's eternally grateful to Yankees third-baseman Alex Rodriguez.

UFC president and lifelong Boston Red Sox fan Dana White raised eyebrows tonight during his appearance on "FOX Sports Live," after professing his affection for Alex Rodriguez.

"I'm a friend of A-Rod's," White told Andy Roddick, defending the embattled Yankees third basemen after he was hit by Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster's 92 mph fastball on Sunday.

"How does that work, being a Boston fan and a friend of A-Rod's?", asked a puzzled Roddick. "Isn't that a conflict of interest?" White then informed the panelists of his battle against Meniere's disease, a debilitating inner-ear disorder, which he revealed last year.

After a failed surgery in January (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO BELOW), White grew increasingly desperate and sought experimental treatment. Enter Alex Rodriguez.

"I was diagnosed a couple years ago with Meniere's disease, which is damage to the nerve, and A-Rod called me and said, 'I went to this place in Dusseldorf, Germany. Kobe Bryant sent me there.' You know, you look at the list of athletes and people, Pope John Paul went there. And you have to be referred to this place to get in. He referred me to get in and completely changed my life. So for all the negative things that are on A-Rod right now, the guy has done some good things too. I like him and have a lot of respect for him."

According to White in an April interview with FOX Sports Radio's Jay Mohr, he returned from Germany "100 percent cured." And ever since, he's been eternally grateful to the star of his arch nemesis, the New York Yankees.

Watch the video clip above for White's full FOX Sports Live interview, where he also broke news of former UFC light heavyweight Lyoto Machida dropping down to middleweight to fight Tim Kennedy at UFC Fight For The Troops on FOX Sports 1 this November.

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