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Struve vs. Miocic

Round 2: Miocic starts round two by absorbing a kick to the

groin. The stoppage is brief. Struve begins to establish his

striking game, landing hooks. Miocic takes one to the temple and is

visibly hurt. Miocic dashes away and Struve literally chases him

around the Octagon in a half sprint. Struve catches Miocic with a

few uppercuts, only to eventually be stunned by a right from

Miocic. Both guys are taking and dishing some heavy shots. Struve

takes the advantage again throwing 4 consecutive rights to Miocic’s

jaw. Miocic stumbles and 20 seconds later Struve smells blood. He

targets the newly formed cut on Miocic’s right eye and follow up a

stiff cross with a series of uppercuts. After about 5 shots,

gravity does its job and Miocic collapses to the ground. Herb Dean

mercifully stops the fight.

Result: Struve wins via KO in Rd. 2

Round 1: The heavyweight main event clash is on! A hearty

handshake and the good will is over. Struve at 7 feet tall poses a

big reach problem for Miocic, but Miocic is successfuly early

sneaking into the reach and landing a few blows. Struve begins to

throw some kicks, but not really doing much damage. Struve starts

throwing some hooks and lands a nice left.Miocic is being very

conscious of the distance between he and Struve. Miocic lands a

solid right, but 5 seconds later Struve lands a strong kick and

follow it with a flying knee. Miocic returns that favor with a

right to Struve’s jaw. Sturve comes forward and Miocic scrambles

away using the ground. 1 minute to go and Miocic starts delivering

some body blows. Struve lands some leg kicks, but Miocic seems to

be the main agressor as the round ends.

Score: 10-9 Miocic

Hardy vs. Sadollah

Round 3: Sadollah is going to have to make some major moves

if he wants to take this fight. Hardy drives him against the cage

and Sadollah tries to work double underhooks to manipulate Hardy to

the ground. It ain’t happening. They break only to have Hardy drive

the fight back onto the cage wall. Sadollah goes for a high kick

and loses his balance. Hardy takes advantage and scores the

takedown. SAdollah is bleeding a bit from under his eye and Hardy

is grinding his face against the cage wall. Now the right elbow

gets in on the act and Sadollah is swallowing Hardy’s punishment.

Now Sadollah is cut beneath both eyes and is gushing. Hardy has

sadollah pretzeled against the wall. He lets him up in the last 20

seconds and lands a final combination. This fight is over. Hardy

mounts the Octagon wall in celebration.

Result: Hardy wins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28,


Round 2: Hardy leads off round 2 thorwing some tight hooks.

He’s becoming the lead agressor and he scores a double leg

takedown. Sadollah makes sure the takedown doens’t amount to much

and they’re both back on their feet quickly. Sadollah has a body

lock on Hardy and they rumble against the cage. They break and

Sadollah goes back to relying on his kick to keep a bit of distance

from Hardy. Hardy shoots and gets another doule leg takedown

landing on top of Sadollah who keeps him in full guard. Hardy

starts the ground and pound dropping some left elbows on Sadollah

forehead. Sadollah goes to lock up Hardy’s arm but Hardy quickly

avoids the sub. Progress is halted by the horn.


Score: 10-9 Hardy

Score so far: 20-18 Hardy

Round 1: Hardy could not have a louder crowd behind him,

being the hometown boy. The chants of Hardy rain from the rafters.

Sadollah lands some side kicks while Hardy is working his hooks.

Hardy lands a solid left hook and he grins with satisfaction. Hardy

seems to be finding his range against Sadollah, but Sadollah is

still controlling the center of the Octagon. Half the round down

and Hardy is becoming a little more aggressive. He lands a few more

punches before Sadollah charges in and grabs a body lock. Sadollah

fails to convert it and Hardy flips the script pushing Sadollah

against the cage. Sadollah is looking for a trip with no success

and the fighter break. They clinch and throw some knees. With 30

seconds to go, Hardy pushes Sadollah against the cage again and

Sadollah brawls back with some quick fists. Both men collapse to

the ground in a late takedown and the horn sounds.

Score: 10-9 Hardy 

Pickett vs. Jabouin

Round 1: The fight begins with an early eye poke

to Pickett. Pickett takes a ten second break and we’re back at it.

Jabouin is keeping his distance, but ripping a few kicks to

Pickett’s head and body. Pickett is trying to establish his boxing

game, but only having moderate success. Every strike from both

fighters is being thrown with ill intent. They keep trading blows

at a swift pace and Pickett is slowly landing more shots. Jabouin

launches a spinning back kick, but Pickett catches it and drives

him to the cage. Jabouin blocks the takedown. 30 seconds later,

Pickett is looking for a clean shot and starts throwing bombs. He

lands a HUGE uppercut and Jabouin collpases to the canvas. Lights

out! The ref stops the fight. Pickett very well may be looking at

KO of the night honors!

Result: Pickett wins by KO in Rd. 1

Sass vs Wiman

Round 1: Sass drives the fight to the grounds within the

first 3 seconds! Wiman briefly hooks Sass’ head, but remains on the

defensive. sass being held back in closed guard torques against

Wiman’s neck and a scuffle ensues. Fists fly furiously and then

Sass tries a leg lock and fails. A seconds submission attempt also

fails and Wiman takes control going for a guillotine. He abandons

that and goes for a triangle. He has to abandon that as well and

with no subs working for either guy, Sass decides to lay in with

some serious strikes. Wiman eats a few and then pulls a Russian

armbar, but the fence is making things difficult. Sass is clutching

his arm, and Wiman is yanking. He gets it! 3 seconds later, Sass is

tapping and Dana White is giving a standing “O”. Hell of a fight

jam packed with action.

Result: Wiman wins via armbar submission in Rd. 1

Hathaway vs Maguire

Round 3: Maguire must know that he is losing this fight. He

will need a gargantuan effort to take this away from Hathaway. But

Hathaway is still the one acting as the aggressor. For one of the

few times in what has been an exciting night, you hear a few boos

from the crowd. Half the round passes and Hathaway knows that he

just needs to stay out of trouble. And he’s fighting like it. With

1:40 to go, Maguire shoots and gets a single leg takedown. He’s got

90 seconds to steal this fight. It’s going to have to be a

submission, but Hathaway is controlling Maguire well in closed

guard. Hathaway makes a quick shift, almost as if he was going to

go for an armbar, but instead he lands a few upkicks as the horn

blows. Fight over.

Result: Hathaway wins by unanimous decision (All 3 judges,


Round 2: Hathaway’s movement continues to be impressive adn

early in round two he takes advantage of it working into Maguire’s

body and scoring an early takedown. Hathaway shifts that takedown

into half guard and Maguire latches onto his head to prevent

Hathaway from throwing any power shots. Hathaway abandons the

position briefly in an effort to do more damage but ends up coming

back down on top of Maguire, again in half guard. Hathaway is

absolutely frustrating Maguire. with 2 minutes to go, Hathaway

stands but Maguire stay on his back, seemingly preferring to keep

the fight on the ground. Hathaway obliges and from full guard

delivers a few shots to the body. This round has been all Hathaway,

as during the final seconds, Maguire’s looking like a punching


Score: 10-9 Hathaway

Score so far: 20-18 Hathaway

Round 1: The battle of Britain begins with Maguire taking

the center of the Octagon. A little jabbing back and forth, but

nothing too aggressive. Hathaway is the biggest favorite on the

main card tonight so Maguire has his work cut out for him. 1 minute

into the round Hathaway shifts into being the aggressor driving

Maguire into the cage with flurries of punches.Not much damage from

either side, but Hathaway is establishing Octagon control. With one

minute to go, Hathaway lunges forward and Maguire falls to his

back. Hathaway tumbles past Maguire though and both guys are back

to their feet. In the trailing moments, Maguire lands a few nice

blows, but this fight is just warming up.

Score: 10-9 Hathaway

Mills vs Ludwig

Round 1: We’re underway in Nottingham and Che Mills comes

out early making the home crowd proud. Mills makes an early take

down and establishes side control. Ludwig scrambles well, but Mills

does better, keeping control and landing some elbows. The elbows do

their job cutting Ludwig above the eye. Ludwig improves his

situation, shifting Mills into guard. Then Ludwig fights and kicks

his way back to his feet only to fall back down and wince with a

serious left leg injury. The fight stops well before anyone wanted

it to.

Result: Mills wins by stoppage due to injury in Rd. 1


Main Card

Struve vs Miocic

Hardy vs Sadollah

Pickett vs Jabouin

Sass vs Wiman

Hathaway vs Maguire

Mills vs Ludwig