Browne vs. Bigfoot fight-by-fight recap

Browne vs. Bigfoot Silva

Round 1: Right hand barely misses for Hapa. Right hand comes down the pipe from Bigfoot as Browne misses a kick. Leg kick lands for Silva. Right hand from Hapa is blocked. Silva comes forward for the takedown and he eats a big knee to the stomach. Thai clinch from Browne but Bigfoot slips free. Both men land big lead hooks. Two punches from Travis Browne miss and Bigfoot Silva lands a huge strike, putting Hapa facedown on the mat. Several punches later, referee Herb Dean stops the fight and we are all done. Good fights, good night. Watch The Ultimate Fighter at 10 on FX.

Winner: Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva by TKO (R1, punches, 3:27)

Ellenberger vs. Hieron

Round 3: Both fighters miss big hooks to start the round. Accidental kick to the groin from Hieron stops the fight momentarily. On the restart, Hieron is back on the attack with kicks and punches, but Ellenberger gets through on a double leg takedown. Hieron pops right back up. Hieron and Ellenberger both duck big hooks. Leg kick from Jake Ellenberger as Hieron drops his gloves. High kick blocked by Ellenberger. Takedown attempt by Ellenberger is stuffed. High kick from Hieron misses. He has gone with that technique numerous times to no avail. The fight ends with Hieron going backwards and slipping to the cage.

Score: 10-9 Ellenberger

Score total: 29-28 Ellenberger

Result: Jake Ellenberger by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Round 2: Leg kick from Ellenberger. Hieron lands a left hook as Ellenberger comes in. Left jab lands for Hieron. Head kick is checked by Ellenberger. Hieron comes in for a left hook and Ellenberger gets a big takedown into guard. Short elbows from Ellenberger. Hieron scrambles back to his feet but he’s bleeding from those shots. High kick from Hieron again. Front kick from Hieron misses wide. Jab from Hieron as Ellenberger comes in. Spinning backfist misses again from Jay Hieron. High kick from Ellenberger misses and Hieron comes back with one of his own.


Score: 10-9 Ellenberger

Score so far: 19-19, even

Round 1: Left kick misses from Hieron. Lunging left misses from Hieron. Inside leg kick from Hieron. Spinning body kick from Jay Hieron. Left hand misses from Ellenberger as Hieron slips under. Left hook counter lands for Hieron. Short uppercut from Ellenberger stuns Hieron, but he recovers quickly. Hieron misses a spinning kick to the body. Hieron keeps Ellenberger at bay. Hieron goes for the takedown, Ellenberger jumps to avoid the takedown, delivers a knee and slips free of Hieron’s grasp. Spinning backfist misses from Hieron. Ellenberger comes forward with a punch that misses as the round ends.

Score: 10-9 Hieron

Formiga vs. Dodson

Round 2: Same tactics to start the second round. Lots of boxing for a minute. Leg kick from Dodson. Outside leg kick from Dodson, who is very flat footed. Right hand from Formiga misses. Two uppercuts from Dodson are nowhere near the mark. Combination from Dodson lands and Formiga shoots to no avail. Big left hand from Dodson drops Formiga. Formiga is rolling around like a man possessed to avoid the TKO finish and gets back to his feet. Body shot is followed by a big left hand that puts Formiga down on his back. Formiga promptly rolls to his stomach as the blows rain down. The fight is stopped with Formiga lying face down on the mat.

Result: Dodson via KO (R2, punches, 4:35)

Round 1: Left hand lands for Dodson. Left to the body connects on Formiga. Both fighters step in, but they separate with not much damage done. Dodson ducks a big hook. Right hand from Dodson misses. Formiga connects with a left hand. Combination by Dodson is countered by Formiga. Two rights from Formiga. Formiga shoots for a double leg takedown, but Dodson stuffs it. Uppercut misses from Dodson. Right hand lands for Formiga. The crowd begins to boo as the fighters mainly box through the first stanza. A clash of heads occurs as Formiga shoots.

Score: 10-9 Dodson

Edwards vs. Neer

Round 1: Two men enter, one man leaves. Maybe not quite but they do open the fight with some standard jabbing. then standard goes out the window. Edwards aggresses and gets into Neer’s body with a few punches. Then, Edwards climbs the tower that is Josh Neer and latches onto his neck while he’s standing. Edwards cranks up to a guillotine with his arm in and then the Neer tower comes tumbling down. Neer is out and stays out for 15 seconds after the guillotine is released. A super swift and impressive win for Edwards.

Result: Edwards wins via submission in round 1

Castillo vs. Johnson

Round 2: Johnson’s best friends is officially the horn from round 1. After all, it’s the only reason that Johnson is back on his feet. He takes advantage, becoming a little more active and forcing Castillo to backpedal a bit. In fact, we have another fight of EXTREME polar opposites. 1 minute in, Johnson lands a short left onto an incoming Castillo and the lights in Castillo’s head went out. 3 punches on the ground later, the ref has to stop the fight. What a devastating turn of events for Castillo (and exhilarating for Johnson)!

Result: Johnson wins via KO in round 2

Round 1: Castillo and Johnson are both coming out on fast feet. They are bouncing around the Octagon keeping a quick pace. 1 minute in, Castillo lands a BIG right hand and Johnson gets splattered on the canvas. Castillo pounces and beats Johnson’s face in for about 30 seconds before transitioning to an arm triangle. He keeps making it tighter, but not quite tight enough. Johnson survives and Castillo takes side guard. The fight slows, but Castillo maintains control and keeps throwing the occasional punch. With a little over a minute to go, Johnson struggles to get out from under Castillo, but to no avail. Johnson delivers a couple short elbows, but this round was all Castillo.

Score: 10-9 Castillo

Pierce vs. Simpson

Round 2: Jared Allen clearly approves of the action as we get a quick shot of the Viking entering round 2. Wanna know what is quicker? All of round 2. Not kidding. Pierce utterly blasts Simpson with a single short right in the opening seconds. Simpson walked right into it and collapsed like a sack of potatoes. This fight is over.

Result: Pierce wins via KO

Round 1: Pierce and Simpson come out tryign to entertain a little bit more than the last fight.They choose to stand and bang early, then Pierce throws Simpson to the ground. They aren’t on the mat for long though as they rise up with Pierce pressuring Simpson agains the fence. Simpson moves away from the cage but continues to delivers knees in the clinch and some kicks as they separate. Then Simpson lands a stiff right forcing Pierce to grab a hold of Simpson’s right leg in order to slow the action. Simpson continues to make Pierce pay, grabbing a thai clinch and blasting him with a knee. Then Simpson takes Pierce airborne and slams him down. Now Simpson takes his back and briefly attempts a choke before Pierce escapes and the round ends. Simpson is serious.

Score: 10-9 Simpson

Prater vs. LeVesseur

Round 3: After 2 rounds, we get the story. LeVesseur is the tiger that you ahve to keep on a leash. That’s why Prater has been keeping this fight in the clinch. Fortunately for the crowd, in round 3, LeVessuer escaped the clinch early and comes out striking. He lands a few blows, then Prater locks it up. Then the ref gets bored and breaks it up. LeVesseur tries again and Prater (shocker) tries for yet another guillotine choke. LeVesseur escapes it and has top position and 1 minute to work. He lands some body shots, but doesn’t amount to much. Prater tries for a final guillotine, but the horn sounds… and the crowd boos.

Result: LeVesseur wins by split decision

Round 2: Prater has spent the first 3 mintues of this round trying to control LeVesseur. Keeping the fight in close posiiton. The fight has remainined standing and sadder yet, the striking has been extremely limited. Finall at the 2 minute mark, Prater takes it to the ground and he has LeVesseur in a guillotine choke. This doens’t mean we get more action, it just means LeVesseur will spend the next 45 seconds smarlty exscaping. With one minute to go, LeVesseur goes for and gets a 2 legged takedown, but Prater grabs his neck again and mercifully the horn sounds.

Score: 10-9 Prater (but could go either way)

Score So Far: 20-18 Prater

Round 1: LeVesseur open this fight big, gunning for a huge left hook. He fails and Prater moves into a body lock on the whiff. From there the fight slows, Prater trying to take advantage of his position but only being able to land a few body blows. LeVesseur turns the tables, executing a trip and landing on top of Prater. Then the fight takes a nap. The ref stands them up due to a lack of action and in the next few, Prater mounts a standing LeVesseur taking both triangle and guillotine positions on LeVesseur. LeVesseur doesn’t seem sure what to do, but with 2 min on the clock he will have to make a decision. Prater lets go, LeVesseur gets his head out and the crowd is denied the slam it wanted. Should get interesting in the coming rounds.

Score: 10-9 Prater

Roller vs. Volkmann

Round 1: Volkmann has been vocal sayiing that Roller can’t hang with him on the ground. Understandable, Volkman triss to take this fight south and ends up latching on to little more than a heel. Roller drags Volkmann across the cage by that ankle, but eventually breaks free. Against the cage wall, Volkmann has shifted to Roller’s back and is trying to sink in a rear naked choke. He locks his left leg around Roller’s abdomen and softens him up with a few punches. After about a minute, they roll backward and Volkmann is somewhere between a face lock and rear naked choke. All you need to know is that he cranked it and Roller tapped.

Result: Volkmann wins via submission in Round 1

Nunes vs. Palaszewski

Round 3: Palaszewski has to end this if he wants to win. Looks like Palaszewski knows it. He starts wailing and manages to land a solid left. Nunes is dazed and for a good 30 seconds seems unable to maintain his balance. Palaszewski chases Nunes and throws more bombs but seems unable to close the deal. After about 2 minutes the fight has slowed and Nunes is definitely being a step more cautious. Palaszewski does not look gassed. Yet, he is controlling the Octagon. Nunes is directing the action and that is the last thing Palaszewski can afford. Nunes throws in some roundhouse kicks, takes Palaszewski down and spends the last 15 seconds bringing the pain. Hell, he probably stole round 3 for good measure. An impressive performance from Nunes.

Score: 10-9 Nunes

Result: Nunes wins by unanimous decision.

Round 2: Nunes is clearly annoyed he didn’t finish in round 1. He comes out aggressive again, but Palaszewski is a doing a little beter metering the distance, keeping Nunes at bay with a few kicks. Mind you, we said a "little" better. A minute in, Nunes lands two fierce rights and trips Palaszewski taking it to the ground again. Against the cage, Nunes is raising up and dropping elbows, with limited success. Palaszewski scrambles to his feet. With only 3 rounds slated, he is WAY behind. Palaszewski is going to have 1 round to find a miracle.

Score: 10-9 Nunes

Score so far: 20-18 Nunes

Round 1: Nunes is out the gate firing quick. It’s like he has a dinner reservation to get to. He gashes Palaszewskis left eye open. It’s dripping blood, but, he does jump on Nunes and land a guillotine choke. Maintaining the choke, Palaszewski takes the fight to the ground and sadly for him fails to convert. Nunes pops his head out and is now working from top position. After a minute of struggling, Nunes starts dropping some heavy left elbows looking to open up the other side fo Palaszewski’s face. Nunes stands to get some leverage on his next shot, but Palaszewski gets up. Who knew that would be a mistake? Nunes lands a BOMB of a right flattening Palaszewski to the mat. Palaszeski’s chin is decent though and he survives until the end of the round.

Score: 10-9 Nunes

Uyenoyama vs. Harris

Round 2: Harris is coming out a bit more aggressive in the second round amassing a few combinations. Uyenoyama puts the fight against the cage once again. As the fight moves to the ground, Uyenoyama goes into overdrive on the submissions. He puts Harris in a Kimura and after Harris counters, Uyenoyama shifts to Harris’ back. The crowd can smell trouble. after a few punches, Harris gives up his neck and Uyenoyama sinks in the rear naked choke. Harris is forced to tap.

Result: Uyenoyama wins via submission in Round 2

Round 1: Uyenoyama comes out a the aggressor, jabbing and eventually engaging in the clinch. He tries to take Harris to the canvas but has to settle for driving him agains the cage. Harris absorbs a knee to the midsection before using his judo to take Uyenoyama to the mat. With Harris in control, they rise an fall, with Harris shifting from having Uyenoyama’s back to struggling in full guard. Uyneoyama takes the opportunity to execute a triangle and Harris fights his way out. The fight goes back upright and Uyenoyama throws a somersault kick. Seriously. These flyweights are moving fast and furious. Uyenoyama takes control of thestriking in the closing minute. Can only expect more in round two, but a back and forth round 1.


Score: 10-9 Harris  


Prelims on Fuel TV (Fights begin at 5 p.m. EST)

Flyweight Bout 3 Rounds – Phil Harris vs. Darren Uyenoyama

Featherweight Bout 3 Rounds – Diego Nunes vs. Bart Palaszewski

Lightweight Bout 3 Rounds – Shane Roller vs. Jacob Volkmann

Lightweight Bout 3 Rounds – Carlo Prater vs. Marcus LeVesseur

Welterweight Bout 3 Rounds – Mike Pierce vs. Aaron Simpson

Lightweight Bout 3 Rounds – Danny Castillo vs. Michael Johnson


Main card on FX Networks (FX coverage begins at 8 p.m. EST)

Welterweight Bout 3 Rounds – Justin Edwards vs. Josh Neer

Flyweight Bout 3 Rounds – Jussier Formiga vs. John Dodson

Welterweight Bout 3 Rounds – Jay Hieron vs. Jake Ellenberger

Heavyweight Bout 5 Rounds – Travis Browne vs. Antonio Silva

Also, immediately after Browne vs. Silva, watch "The Ultimate Fighter Fridays" on FX.