UFC 153: Silva vs. Bonnar fight blog

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Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar

Bonnar comes out throwing wild and Silva moves away but slips. Bonnar capitalizes and grabs a single leg but he can’t get Silva down. Not for lack of effort as he Silva has a good whizzer in. Silva throws a knee at his head as he’s controlling Bonnar. Bonnar has double underhooks but he can’t get him down. Bonnar is connecting with some big shots against the cage but Silva adjusts to double underhooks of his own. Silva grabs the Thai plum and Bonnar drops for a takedown, Silva nearly gets a takedown of his own and it’s back to the cage game. Bonnar backs off and SIlva walks right back to the cage. Bonnar is throwing and Silva is just staying there and letting Silva attack him with his back against the cage. Bonnar goes for a single but Silva battles it off and Silva with some nice short punches. Bonnar with a nice combination and then Silva just weaves out of his way. Bonnar has a prime position and Silva is making him look like a chump. Silva takes Bonnar down, drops him with a knee to the sternum and swarms him. Bonnar’s hurt and hurt bad. Silva on top and finishes him with strikes.

Official Result: Anderson Silva wins via TKO at 4:39 of the first round

Antonio Minotauro Nogueira vs Dave Herman

Round 2: Big Nog with a big combination to start and Herman goes down, Big Nog tackles him down and moves into side control. Herman is holding on for dear life right now. Big Nog grabs an Americana, grabs mount but loses it. Herman rolls to his back but Big Nog is high on him, Herman rolls out and Big Nog grabs an arm. Herman is defending with his foot. Big Nog goes for the arm bar and can’t finish still, Herman with a scramble through north/south and up to their feet. Big Nog goes for the takedown and gets tossed again, Big Nog in 50/50 guard. Nog tries to sweep up and Herman wants back on his feet. Nog with another nice combination as Herman is eating some big shots. Big Nog gets the takedown and rolls into mount, then grabs and armbar. Herman defends well and Nog goes belly down, Herman rolls through again and then Herman TAPS!!!

Official Result: Nogueira wins via armbar submission at 4:31 of the second round

Round 1: Big Nog eats a big kick to the stomach early as Big Nog goes to the ground. Herman with a big hip toss and Big Nog is going for a sub. Herman stands up and walks away. Big Nog with a nice combination as Herman makes Nog pay for some clinch work. Nog catches the leg and goes for the clinch, Herman’s back to the cage. Herman circles away and Big Nog with a big overhand right. Herman is getting close and Nog is clipping him with some nice straights; back to the clinch and against the cage. Nog wants the takedown and Herman is keeping him away with a whizzer. Nog with another nice combination after Herman circles away. Nog with another nice combination turned clinch grab, goes for the takedown but Herman whizzers his way into prevention. Herman with a nice body kick and Nog grabs the clinch as the round ends.

Score: 10-9 Big Nog

Glover Teixeira vs Fabio Maldonado

Round 2: Glover comes back and immediately gets a double, Fabio rolls out and Glover wins the scramble and grabs back. Fabio back up and we’re standing. Glover back to the double and he grabs full back mount, Fabio onto his back. Glover looks exhausted and goes back to the elbows. Apparently only making half his face look like Sloth isn’t enough. Glover into half guard as Fabio is just holding on right now. Glover into side control and not a lot of action as Fabio is holding on right now. Glover with some big shots and a standup after a while. Brief visit by the doctor and we’re back on. Glover with a nice combination and Fabio is eating some monster shots right now. Rough ends as Glover just can’t put this guy down.

Score: Glover 10-9, 20-18

Official Result: Doctor is stopping the fight due to Fabio's vision. Glover Teixiera wins via TKO at 5:00 of the second round.

Round 1: Glover with a nice combination early and he catches him with a left hook. Fabio goes down and Glover grabs mount as he’s uncorking from a postured up position. Fabio is trying to get out but Glover is looking to either hit him or grab an arm triangle. So far just strikes and he’s teeing off on him. Glover is switching to elbows and it’s just brutal right now. Glover with an arm triangle in the mount, moves to the cage and it’s almost academic at this point. It’s deep but Fabio answers the phone and Glover gets back into mount. Glover is just out-classing him at this point and Fabio is just covering up at this point. Fabio gets the scramble and we’re back to the feet as Fabio looks rocked. He also looks like Sloth from “The Goonies” as well and this fight should almost be stopped as this is beating. Fabio with a big left and both guys are wobbling right now. Glover grabs a double to the ground and the round ends.

Score: 10-9 Glover

Jon Fitch vs Erick Silva

Round 3: Fitch comes out all fired up as Silva looks like he’s gassed. Grabs the clinch and then drags Silva to the ground. He looks done as Fitch is pouring it on right now. Fitch wanted to entertain and not grind and he’s doing that. Gets the mount and is just unloading on him, looking for the choke. Fitch rolls for the armbar and scramble as Silva grabs an arm in guillotine with full guard. Fitch is out and in full guard unloading some elbow. Silva spins for an armbar and Fitch sees it coming, beating on him as he grabs his back again. He has the left hook in but can’t get the other. Fitch is on the chin and can’t complete the choke right now. Silva up to his feet and Fitch drags him right to the ground again. Fitch looking for the RNC again and he flattens him out. Silva is done at this point; look for Fitch to finish him soon. He’s getting MAULED right as Fitch is landing some big elbows to the face. Fitch postures up and is just teeing off on him right now. Forty seconds left and Fitch is relentless; shocked this hasn’t been stopped. Silva tries rolling out the backdoor and Fitch is still on him, round ends with him going for a front choke.

Score: 10-8 Fitch. 29-27 Fitch

Official Result: Fitch via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Round 2: Silva comes out more traditionally and Silva eats a big uppercut from Finch. Wild exchange and Silva ends up dropping Fitch, who grabs a leg and drags him down. Fitch gives up his back and Silva gladly takes it, throwing strikes. Fitch stands up and Silva can’t get him down, Fitch gets away and back to the center. Nice knee and Fitch grabs the clinch to the cage. Drops for a double and Silva is fighting it off well, can’t complete it. Fitch goes for a hip toss and Silva blocks it, then drags Fitch down. Silva grabs his back and grabs a rear naked choke, has it in deep and Fitch is in trouble. Fitch is fighting it off but Silva is going for it. Fitch gets out of it but he’s in a bad spot right now. Silva is defending well and Fitch rolls onto top and Fitch grabs his back with less than 30 seconds left. Fitch grabs and armbar and can’t finish, turns it into an omaplata and can’t finish.

Score: 10-9 Silva, 19-19 even

Round 1: Silva is coming out in an aggressive version of Lyoto Machida’s horse stance as Fitch is the one moving back. Silva with a big knee to the body, Fitch grabs the takedown and brings him to the ground. Fitch goes for the back and tries for a hook; he’s going for the kill right now. He locks in the right hook as Silva stands up with Fitch on his back. Fitch doesn’t have the other leg in though as Fitch goes to his standard uppercuts on the ground. Silva is blocking most but a couple did get through. Silva drags him down and hooks on the left side and grabs a standing arm triangle that he can’t finish. Silva gets away quickly and back standing. Silva back in that horse stance and he catches Fitch with a big overhand right, going to the clinch but Fitch grabs him as he’s running away and it’s back to the other side of the cage. Fitch with a big uppercut that connects. Silva with a spin kick that Fitch nearly catches; he’s telegraphing it and Fitch has done his homework coming in. Grabs a single and tries to run the pipe, can’t finish that but finishes a double. Silva right back up and Fitch drags him down, hooks in. Round ends with Fitch with some strikes.

Score: Fitch 10-9

Phil Davis vs Wagner Prado

Round 2: Davis with a nice right kick to open up as he’s looking to counter. The wrestling is a factor now as he wants to keep away from Davis. Davis goes for a double lazily and Prado avoids it, and then throws a flying knee into another takedown attempt that misses. Double leg from the clinch and uses an ankle pick to get on top. Prado is sacrificing position again for that kimura with his back to the cage; he’s up and Davis is mauling him some more. Davis is relentless right now as Prado looks significantly more tired. Back to their feet and Davis is relaxed; grabs another wild double from far away but is fast enough to catch him. Davis in side control and is unloading with some elbows. Davis is looking for the mount at this point and Davis is just holding on. Davis locks an arm triangle and it’s tight. Prado rolls out of it but Davis gator rolls into an anaconda choke for the submission. Just an absolutely beautiful transition.

Official Result: Davis via submission at 4:29 of the second round.

Round 1: Both guys coming out tentative as Prado throws a wild high kick. Davis comes out with some long jabs and Prado is backing up as soon as Davis throws them; he’s thinking Davis is going to shoot as soon as he wades in with a jab. Prado goes wild and Davis with a brilliant double to the ground. Davis is looking to advance as Prado is looking to attack off his back. Prado is wall walking but Davis is using his size to keep him there. Prado gets up but Davis grabs his back and is looking to drag him to the mat. Prado is hand fighting really well right and Davis is going back to his wrestling with some leg riding. Prado manages to get up but runs him right back down with a double leg. Davis with some big shots as Prado uses a whizzer to get up. Davis drags him right back down; he is a ground machine right now. Davis with some really big shots as Prado is sacrificing position for a kimura attempt that isn’t going anywhere. Prado back to his feet but he’s eating a lot. Davis slams him right back down and the round ends as he’s trying to advance position.

Score: Davis 10-9

Demian Maia vs Rick Story

Round 1: Story comes out swinging and Maia grabs the single leg. Maia lifts him up and slams him to the ground against the cage. Maia is looking to grab back here and Story has to watch it out or Maia is going to get his back. Story stands up and Maia drags him back down and is looking for side control. Story keeps coming up and Maia is going for the kill. Story is in a bad place as the crowd starts chanting “you’re going to die,” Maia looking for the rear naked choke on the back. Story is defending well but Maia locks it in palm to palm. Turning it into a neck crank and Story taps at 2:30 of the first round.

Official Result: Maia wins via submission (neck crank)

Rony Jason vs Sam Sicilia

Round 2: Much slower pace to the opening of this round. Both guys respect the other’s power a bit more than they do. Sam is coming out and Jason is looking to counter much more than he did in the first. Neither guy is throwing kicks all that often, either. Jason is looking to work the body more this round and Sam is looking to set up a big overhand kill shot with everything he’s throwing. Both guys are looking for body shots to set up big wild killshot overhands. Jason with a nice knee that has caught him but Sam catches him with a nice uppercut in return. Sam is chasing him down and throwing wild but he isn’t hitting all that much with it. With a minute left both throwing big. Sam with a kick that gets caught and Jason takes him down. Jason unloads with hammerfists and we’re stopped at 4:16 of the second round.

Official Result: Rony Jason by TKO.

Round 1: Not a lot of action in the opening 30 seconds. Jason with a big head kick that misses and a wild shot from Sicilia that misses as well. Flying knee from Jason that ROCKS Sam but he can’t quite capitalize. Both guys are throwing wild; Sicilia has his hands really low and he eats a number of knees to the ground to get it. Jason is in full guard and is looking for an armbar that Sicilia defends well. Sicilia with a nice right hand as he dances in and out of guard until Jason locks it in fully. Transition into a beautiful triangle armbar as Sam is letting Jason dictate the fight off his back. Stand up remarkably quick, again. This is becoming an uncomfortable trend for the evening. Big knee gets caught by Sam but he can’t capitalize. Sam’s hands are down and Jason is catching him a lot more than he should. Both guys are swinging for the fences and round ends with the two throwing haymakers.

Score: 10-9 Jason

Gleison Tibau vs Francisco Trinaldo

Round 3: Both guys coming out throwing wildly as they aren’t leaving it out there. Tibau is connecting more and grabs a double leg and takes him down. Lands in full guard and Trinaldo is looking to get the standup. Tibau is being active enough, though, despite Trinaldo tying up his hands. Not a lot of action as Tibau is hammer fisting him as he postures up occasionally. Trinaldo holding on tight as Tibau eventually passes into half guard. Standup at 2:45 which is a bit bizarre and Tibau grabs the takedown and we’re back to where we were. Tibau moves into mount and Tibau grabs an arm triangle but not all the way in. Trinaldo is holding on with a 50/50 from the bottom. He lets it go to go back into full mount and grind him out. Round ends this way.

Score: 10-9 Tibau, 29-28 Tibau

Official Decision: 29-28 Tibau on all three scorecards

Round 2: Trinaldo out more aggressively as Tibau seems a bit leery of his power. Both guys throwing more wildly; Tibau is throwing a big overhand left to set up his takedown attempts and grabs a clinch against the cage. Wild exchange and Tibau slips from a big left from Trinaldo, Trinaldo grabs his back and he’s got a RNC with hooks deep. He’s going palm to palm and Tibau is playing the hand fighting game effectively. Scramble and Trinaldo transitions into an arm triangle, Tibau fights it off and into half guard. Trinaldo with some nice ground and pound from an open full guard. Tibau is trying to clear the cobwebs as Trinaldo is giving out a lot of punishment. Tibau looks gassed, as well, as he spends the final minute riding him out in half guard.

Score: 10-9 Trinaldo, 19-19

Round 1: Not a lot in the opening minute as both guys aren’t throwing much and nothing’s been connecting. Some light striking and Tibau with a double leg takedown. He grabs a one arm guillotine and pulls guard to try and finish it. Trinaldo fights out of it and we’re back standing, Tibau pushing him against the cage. Watch for his arms for the rest of the fight; going for an arm in guillotine that long can wear your arms out and sap some of your power. Big combination from Tibau and they are both throwing now. Tibau with a double and takedown, Trinaldo right back up. Trinaldo with a body shot followed by a nice left hook. Tibau grabs the clinch and now we’re back against the cage. Pummeling and Trinaldo with the advantage, circle away and we’re back standing. Trinaldo with a nice knee to the body and grabs the Thai plum, can’t do much with it and Tibau gets a takedown. Trinaldo in full guard, Trinalso has his left arm locked. Final seconds and nothing changes.

Score: 10-9 Tibau

Diego Brandao vs Joey Gambino

Round 3: Gambino comes out much more aggressive and quickly; Brandao looks like he has plenty of gas left. The cardio problems he had at the end of the Elkins fight have been solved, it seems, as Brandao didn’t gas. Brandao lands a big right and knocks him down, Gambino recovers and Brandao wants it standing. Back to their feet and another wild overhand right as Gambino ducks and goes for the takedown. Brandao reverses and drags him to the ground. Gambino is looking for a sweep out of a half butterfly and then pulls full guard. Brandao is content to stay inside and grind him out. Gambino rolling into an arm bar, and then a triangle, Brandao passes and into half guard. Gambino is looking to get a standup by hanging on tight and Brandao content to lay there. Stand up and back to feet with 90 seconds left. Gambino is pressing with less than 30 seconds left as he’s throwing much more in volume. Brandao lands a big overhand right and taunts Gambino for the final 20 seconds.

Score: Brandao 10-9, 30-27

Official Decision: 30-27 Brandao on all three scorecards

Round 2: Brandao comes out more aggressive as Gambino has slowed down a bit. Both guys are throwing as a Gambino lands a nice combination and then misses a jumping front kick. Brandao looks a little slower but not nearly as gassed in the second as he usually does. Big over hand right drops Gambino and he tackles him to the ground. Gambino gets mounted but scrambles into half guard. Brandao is trying to power into mount but winds up giving full guard. Gambino is looking to tie his arms as they exchange some light strikes. Brandao with a nice pair of elbows from the guard, very vintage Tito Ortiz-esque in how he threw them. Gambino rolls for an armbar and Brandao stands up, back to their feet. Nice striking exchange and Gambino goes for the takedown , Brandao reverses and he goes for a double leg. Picks him up and SLAMS him down, landing in full guard. Brandao has no qualms going to ground and pound from full guard against Gambino, who’s been deadly off his back in the past. Quick standup and back to their feet. Not much on their feet to end the round as Gambino is throwing jabs and Bradao is looking for a counter that isn’t available.

Score: Brandao 10-9, 20-18

Round 1: Head kick from Brandao is caught by Gambino and scramble nets Brandao his back. Gambino scrambles out and back to the middle of the cage. Brandao is looking for kill shots early on as he’s turning sideways and looking for momentum into his strikes. Gambino is clearly faster and Brandao is making him come to him, throwing power shots when he gets in. Brandao is much more measured and less wild then normal; he’s not as guns blazing as he normally is. Gambino with a nice combination as he’s connecting much more. He presses Brandao against the cage and Brandao slams him with his back to the cage. Down into side control with some nice short elbows is Brandao. He’s looking for a mounted crucifix and Gambino catches him into half guard in transition. Brandao is looking to power into mount and his strikes force Gambino to open up. Scramble and back to their feet. A wild striking exchange and round ends with both grappling for position to trip.

Score: Brandao 10-9

Sergio Moraes vs Renee Forte

Round 3: Forte comes out much more aggressive. Neither guy is throwing all that much, though, for the first 40 seconds. Their throwing wild hooks now as this looks like a sloppy boxing match right now. Forte is much more aggressive with his striking but Moraes gets the takedown, scramble on the ground from a Forte whizzer and Moraes grabs the back. Forte’s standing in a body triangle from Moraes as he goes for a rear naked choke. Forte is defending it well but Moraes smells blood and is going for the finish. He locks it in and Forte is defending this beautifully. Forte tries throwing him off and lands face first, then taps to the choke at 3:10 of the third round.

Official decision: Sergio Moraes via Rear Naked Choke at 3:10 of the third round.

Round 2: Forte comes out more aggressive as Moraes is looking to exchange to grab the takedown. A double leg attempt fails as Moraes is looking to throw something with a spin and is able to be seen a mile away. Double leg connects and he drags him to the ground. Forte scoots to the wall; he’s prepped really well for Moraes on the ground. As soon as gets near the ground he’s looking to escape or scramble. Wall walk back up and he’s out. Moraes with another takedown and can’t finish; very sloppy on his end and can’t finish. Another and his takedowns are getting sloppy; he’s reaching and hoping as opposed to putting his head in Forte’s chest and driving him down. He’s telegraphing his takedowns as Forte is more aggressive with his striking; he’s moving much faster than Moraes now as Moraes looks a bit gassed. Double leg attempt winds up against the cage and Mario Yamasaki breaks them up fairly quickly. Not a lot of engagement from either fighter until the final 30 seconds. Forte lands a beautiful uppercut and follows it with strikes that wobble Moraes, who falls to his back hoping Forte will dive in. Round ends with some kicks to Moraes on his back.

Score: Forte 10-9, 19-19 even

Round 1: Both guys come out a bit tentative as we get a lot of movement but no striking for most of the first minute. Forte with some big strikes that miss but Moraes takes him down. Forte right back up but Moraes won’t let go and takes him against the cage. Not a lot of movement as Moraes is working a single leg but eventually loses it and back to the center. Another double leg attempt by Moraes is blocked with a whizzer and back against the cage. Moraes drags him to the ground and lands in half guard. Moraes jumps guard and into back control but is too high and bucked off, landing on his back. Forte stand up and looks to pass standing but eventually Mario Yamasaki stands them up. Forte catches a front kick but doesn’t do much. Moraes with some nice stirkes and Forte is tentative going in. He’s looking to keep his distance as Moraes isn’t using his left arm for much. He looks hurt as he’s setting up all of his power strikes with his right.

Score: 10-9 Moraes

Chris Camozzi vs Luiz Cane

Round 3: Camozzi is throwing Cane off his game again this round as Cane is off his game. Cane’s being more aggressive but Camozzi is dictating the fight so far. Cane’s striking is crisp but his usual multiple punch combinations aren’t coming out; he’s stopping at a second strike as he’s anticipating the counter. This round he’s being more aggressive and opening up a bit more; he’s landing more than Camozzi but this feels too little too late. At about the two minute mark Camozzi is a bit more aggressive. Cane with a takedown that Camozzi sees coming and avoids. Cane with a big straight left that rocks Camozzi but he recovers quickly; he’s doing just enough to win the round but not much more. He’s much more into his groove but Camozzi is countering him well. Another takedown in the final 30 seconds goes nowhere and the round ends with the two in a flurry that Camozzi wins again. Cane with a big right in the final seconds. 

Score:10-9 Cane, 29-28 Camozzi

Official Result: Chris Camozzi by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Round 2: Both guys come out tentative to start as Cane is using his footwork to control where the fight is but Camozzi is landing more. Cane is starting to find his rhythm more but Camozzi is landing more still. His combinations aren’t nearly as prolific but he’s also throwing first more than he did in round one. The volume of striking from both fighters is down this round as both guys are picking spots more than just wading in and striking. Camozzi is throwing short elbows more and without nearly as much of a setup. A couple of nice exchanges but Camozzi is winning the fight with a quick jab followed immediately by another strike. Cane isn’t getting off and isn’t pressing the fight. Round ends with a big flurry Camozzi wins.

Score: Camozzi 10-9, Camozzi 20-18

Round 1: Cane comes out more aggressive but Camozzi with some nice double jabs and a missed leg kick. Camozzi is looking to counter as he looks really light on his feet. His gameplan seems to be to get the counter and then close the gap but Cane is darting back as soon as Cane throws. Camozzi’s being aggressive and doing some nice combinations. Leg kick from Cane gets caught and Cane switches to the back, grabs his back and slaps on a rear naked choke. Camozzi plays the hand fighting but Cane is on him with three minutes in the round. Cane has his right hook but is smartly using his other leg to put force on his hips. Camozzi stands up and the two throw some hands as he escapes. Camozzi’s striking is really effective so far; he’s throwing a jab and then a quick elbow alongside some really nice combinations. Cane can’t find his rhythm striking as Carmozzi’s combinations and aggression are throwing him off. Some nice jabs and a knee to the body from Camozzi and the round ends a nice flurry. Cane lands a beautiful shot but eats a bigger one from Camozzi as the round ends.

Score: Camozzi 10-9

Cristiano Marcello vs Reza Madadi

Round 3: Marcello comes out more aggressive and Reza connects with a big right early. Marcello is throwing more but Reza is connecting with the bigger shots. Marcello’s chin is something tonight as he’s not going down from some big strikes. Reza grabs a takedown a minute in landing in Marcello’s closed full guard. Marcello goes for a triangle and Reza stands up, ref orders a standup. Marcello is winning the octagon position game so far but Reza is out landing him. Both guys are just throwing power shots and Marcello with a spin kick that lands. Reza does a little bow right afterward which the crowd doesn’t like. Uppercut from Reza and goes for the takedown, Marcello stuffs it. 90 seconds left and Marcello is leaving it all out, throwing everything he has left. He probably thinks he’s losing the fight and is going for the kill. Both guys are gassed at this point as they spend more time circling in the last 30 seconds than they do striking. Marcello with a nice flurry to end.

Score: Marcello 10-9, 29-28 Reza

Official Result: Marcello via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Round 2: Reza comes out aggressive again but Marcello is the one throwing more early on. Reza is controlling where the fight takes place and then starts connecting more with hooks and straight punches again. Nice body kick from Marcello as he wins another flurry; Reza isn’t setting up his power shots with jabs. Marcello is keeping his chin up and Reza is tagging it. Marcello is throwing much more than he did in the first round as both are exchanging power shots, mainly. Reza gets him against the cage halfway through the round and then circles back to the center; he’s staying away from Marcello pulling guard and getting it to the ground. Reza with some nice uppercuts to walk him back to the cage; Marcello is trying to stick and move but during the stick he’s eating a lot of punishment. Both guys are bleeding now. Reza with a nice straight right and he unloads on Marcello, who’s rocked. He’s moving away, wobbled, but Reza is pressing the pace. He throws in respond and Reza grabs a double leg with a minute to go. Marcello in full guard, closed, as he’s tying up Reza’s arms. Ref stands them up quickly really quickly. Both exchange some big shots and Marcello closes the round by landing some power strikes.

Score: 10-9 Reza, 20-18 Reza

Round 1: Reza starts out aggressive as Marcello gauges distances with some leg kicks. Neither guy looks for the ground game as both guys are coming out with more emotion than tactics. Reza is controlling the pace of the fight as both guys throw more power shots as opposed to jabs and gauging shots. Reza is cut as the fans are going wild early on. This is going to be an interesting night from that perspective. Both guys are throwing wildly, and Reza lands a big left hook and Reza is landing big left hooks; Marcello is keeping his chin straight up and Reza is tagging him regularly. Reza is dictating the pace and Marcello can’t get anything started offensively; he’s landing light and anything big is being blocked. Reza grabs a double leg and gets him to the ground but stands right back up with 40 seconds left in the round. Round ends after a standup as Marcello throws some wild kicks.

Score: Reza 10-9

Main Card
Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar
Antonio Nogueira vs Dave Herman
Glover Teixeira vs Fabio Maldonado
Jon Fitch vs Erick Silva
Phil Davis vs Wagner Prado
Demian Maia vs Rick Story

Rony Jason vs Sam Sicilia
Gleison Tibau vs Francisco Trinaldo
Diego Brandao vs Joey Gambino
Sergio Moraes vs Renee Forte
Luiz Cane vs Chris Camozzi
Cristiano Marcello vs Reza Madadi

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