UFC 152: Fight-by-fight recap

UFC Light Heavyweight Title Fight: Jones vs

Round 4: Jones comes out with some nice jabs
leading with his left and then a head kick from the right. Vitor
pulls guard again and Vitor is in side control. Jones is looking
for a kimura, converts to an Americana and Vitor taps.

Official result: Jon Jones wins via submission
(americana) at 0:52 of the fourth round

Round 3: Jones is walking him down again and
throws out some beautiful leg kicks. Superman punch lands and Vitor
shows some life with a leg kick of his own. Vitor is letting Jones
dictate the pace and a body kick plants Vitor down. Jones follows
him to the ground and lands in his guard, landing some short
elbows. Vitor goes for an omaplata but can’t secure it, both
fighters back on their feet. Vitor with a nice counter left and
Jones is using his right much more now; the effects of that armbar
have worn off temporarily, it seems. Belfort goes for the clinch
and gets Jones against the cage, then pulls guard. Vitor is
clinging to Jones and not doing much, as Jones is using some short
elbows and punches to the body. Jones moves into half guard with 40
seconds left in the round and Jones starts with some beautiful
elbows out of it. Round ends with Vitor back in full guard.

Score: 10-9 Jones

Score so far: 30-27 Jones

Round 2: Doctor checks Vitor’s eye but Vitor wants
to go. Another high kick from Vitor as Jones is just stalking him
at this point. A front kick misses but a side kick doesn’t;
Jones is waiting for an opening and a spinning elbow misses. Vitor
tries some nice strikes but can’t connect. The Jones punishes
Vitor with a number of nice side kicks. Vitor’s front leg must be
feeling it. Jones is throwing some beautiful kicks that Vitor
isn’t checking or defending well. Some wild punches from
Jones miss but Belfort isn’t moving or doing anything;
he’s letting Jones dictate the fight and eats a side kick to
the thigh after a front kick to the chin. Nice combinations from
Jones continue and Belfort only musters one of his own. Jones grabs
the clinch and throws Belfort to the ground. Belfort is in an open
guard and Jones is using some solid ground and pound and some nice
elbows to the side of the face. Jones is pounding him out at this
point and the round mercifully ends.

Score: Jones 10-9

Score so far: 20-18

Round 1: Jones comes out on all fours and Belfort
throws a kick to his face as he’s standing back up that
nearly connects. Jones comes in with a single and pulls Belfort to
the ground. Belfort in an open full guard, grabs onto Jones in what
looks like defense but turns into a vicious armbar! Jones slams him
down on his head, eventually escaping. Jones thanks Vitor for the
armbar with a big elbow to his head in full guard. Jones is taking
his time with some small elbows and Vitor is bleeding. Vitor is
looking to grab that right arm in an armbar again; he’s
obviously trained off his back to go for it. Jones instead is
brutalizing him on the ground and Vitor is a mess right now. That
armbar has made Jones a bit leery as he’s not posturing or
giving him any space; he’s content to go with short elbows
doing not nearly as much damage as he could do. Vitor is working
his hips from the bottom but Jones is grinding him out right now.
Now, a lot of posturing from Jones but he’s using his length
to generate power. Vitor rolls for it again and Jones stands up.
Vitor with lands an axe kick to the body and round ends with Jones
attacking Vitoe some more.

Score: 10-9 Jones

UFC Flyweight Title Fight: Benavidez vs

Round 5: Johnson opens with a leg kick
that’s partially caught by Benavidez, who responds with a big
right. Johnson comes out aggressive again in this round; both
fighters think the fight is tied and think this is sudden death.
Johnson responds with an amazingly fast takedown and slams
Benavidez to the ground. Benavidez pops right back up and Johnson
throws him back to the ground. Benavidez back up and gets away.
Johnson is now the aggressor as Benavidez is looking to counter.
Johnson grabs another takedown and lands into side control on
Benavidez. A scramble ensues and Benavidez backs his way up making
Johnson release and we return to the center of the cage. Benavidez
wades forward and lands a nice left. The pace they’re setting
is amazing; this is as fast as they were in the first round.
Benavidez is going for the takedown, but can’t quite finish
it. Benavidez gets a nice counter at the minute mark and he starts
going after Johnson for that final takedown. He can’t finish
again, as has become the story of this fight and the fighters end
up against the cage. Benavidez misses a spinning elbow but a nice
flurry at the end of the fight ends with Johnson failing on a
takedown attempt.

Score: 10-9 Johnson

Score so far: 48-47 Johnson

Official result: Johnson by split decision: 48-47
, 48-47 Benavidez, 49-46 Johnson

Demetrious Johnson is the inaugural flyweight champion.


Round 4: Johnson comes out more aggressive this
round as he’s throwing more. Benavidez catches him with a big
right hand and Johnson goes for a single. Benavidez goes for a
guillotine and grabs mount. He has it deep and Johnson is fighting
it off. Johnson is fighting hard to escape what could be a tragic
end for him and Benavidez can’t connect his hands on the
guillotine. He’s got mount and he’s got it in deep, but
he loses it and Johnson grabs for a heel hook. Johnson can’t
finish and lands in half guard. Benavidez spins into side control
and Johnson spins back up as Benavidez goes for north/south.
Johnson is back into the cage and Benavidez goes for a lateral
drop, but can’t finish. The round 4 dominance continues as
Benavidez has back control. On their feet in a scramble Benavidez
and Johnson struggle before Johnson takes back control with
Benavidez against the cage. Some knees are exchanged and it’s
back to the middle of the cage. Johnson goes for a takedown and
scramble leads to an exchange between the two. Johnson with a
beautiful takedown at the end of the round and into side control,
some nice short elbows to the body as the round ends before he can
finish a kimura.

Score: Benavidez 10-9

Score so far: 38-38, even

Round 3: Benavidez comes out and it starts out the
same as the first two rounds. Johnson is moving quickly and
Benavidez is being remarkably aggressive; he’s either
telegraphing more or Johnson has figured out his movement.
Benavidez is throwing wild, not connecting with a lot, and Johnson
is connecting on counters regularly. Benavidez is getting wild and
becoming less technical as Johnson is becoming much more technical
in his striking. Benavidez is bleeding and Johnson is avoiding his
strikes consistently Benavidez gets a takedown but Johnson like a
rocket shoots back up to his feet. Benavidez lands a nice knee on
the break and delivers a strong right with 70 seconds left. Johnson
returns the favor with a nice right and Benavidez stuffs a final
takedown attempt.

Score: 10-9 Johnson

Score so far: 29-28 Johnson

Round 2: Johnson brings more of the same with
rapid movement but Benavidez is adjusting well and closing the cage
on him. He’s loading up with power shots as Johnson is
looking to counter. Benavidez is landing solid shots but he’s
throwing a lot more and having to move because Johnson is moving so
quickly. Benavidez is chasing down Johnson and catching him,
landing some solid work, but Johnson is so fast that he’s
getting away with ease. Benavidez goes for a takedown and Johnson
still manages to escape. Benavidez spends most of the round setting
up for the takedown and not getting it but he’s cornering
Johnson much more than he did in the first round. Johnson counters
a miss from Benavidez and gets takes back standing but Benavidez
moves out quickly before Johnson can do anything. Benavidez ends
the round with a couple of nice overhands.

Score: Benavidez 10-9

Score so far: 19-19, even

Round 1: Benavidez catches him with a nice left
early and Johnson stumbles into the cage but doesn’t follow
as Johnson bounces out rapidly. Johnson goes for the clinch and
Benavidez delivers some nice knees to the body as they play against
the cage for a while. Benavidez throws some strikes and goes for
the body clinch; then converts to a hip toss, but can’t
finish. Johnson rolls out back to the middle of the cage. A lot of
stick and move from these guys as neither is connecting with big
shots. After a lot more movement, we’re back to the clinch and
Johnson is against the cage but landing some nice knees to
Benavidez’s rib cage. Benavidez is throwing some big shots but
Johnson is dodging all of them; his foot speed is making Benavidez
look slow on occasion. Johnson’s not throwing a lot but he’s
landing a lot. Benavidez is playing the aggressor but Johnson is
using his speed to make him miss. Benavidez rolls for a knee bar to
end the round but can’t quite finish it as Johnson gains
dominant position as the round ends.

Score: Johnson 10-9

Bisping vs Stann

Round 3: Bisping grabs a single and gets Stann
down to the mat again but Stann’s quickly rises back to his
feet. Bisping backs off and eats a big left for his efforts.
Bisping is setting up his combinations really effectively;
he’s looking much better now than he did in round one.
Bisping is using his footwork to keep Stann’s right hand
away. He goes for another takedown and Stann defends well. Another
exchange and Bisping goes for the takedown again; Stann defends but
Bisping has underhooks against the cage. Stann gets the thai clinch
and lands some solid knees as Bisping backs off. Another exchange
and Stann hits a right that doesn’t connect fully.
Bisping’s footwork and movement is superb right now. Another
takedown attempt by Bisping is defended by Stann but the follow-up
gets him down. When they get back up, they start swinging; Bisping
ends the round trying to take him down again.

Score: 10-9 Bisping

Score so far: 29-28 Bisping

Official result: 29-28 Bisping by UD

Round 2: Bisping comes out with nice jabs and
Stann is looking for that big right. Bisping grabs a double and
slams Stann beautifully into side control. Stann reverses him with
more muscle than technique and Bisping into full guard with his
legs open. Stann presses him against the cage as Bisping is using
hand control to prevent him from throwing hands. He’s setting
up a triangle and Stann is moving his hips to avoid. Bisping sets
up the scramble and Stann gets thumbed in the eye as Bisping takes
advantage by pressing him against the cage. Bisping is looking to
go for the takedown again and Stann is doing a good job keeping him
away. Bisping backs off, moving back to the center of the cage.
Bisping is moving away from Stann’s right much better this
round; Stann’s keeps trying to set it up but there
isn’t as much on it. Last minute and Bisping goes for the
double and with another big takedown into side control. Bisping is
working on a kimura and a scramble by Stann is stopped midway as
the round ends.

Score: 10-9 Bisping

Round 1: Stann comes out looking for an overhand
right and Bisping is using his footwork to stay away. Stann gets
him against the cage and it’s time to play the cage game for
a little bit. Bisping backs off and now back to the center of the
cage. Stann is looking to set up that right and Bisping is staying
away fairly successfully. Stann connects with a nice right down the
middle and Bisping with a nice counter jab. Stann is setting
everything up for his right and Bisping goes for the double and
Stann fights it off, Bisping goes for a trip and Stann defends it
well. Back against the cage for Stann and Bisping goes to work with
some nice dirty boxing. Bisping goes for an inside leg kick and he
connects below the belt, Stann doesn’t take any time. Stann
is setting his right up well and Bisping gets caught low but walks
it off as well. He ends up taking some time but not much. Back to
the middle and they’re throwing down as Stann is throwing leg
kicks to the body well and Bisping’s counter game is working
well. Another takedown attempt fails and Stann lands a big right,
likely securing this round. Bisping is hurt but he grabs the clinch
to ride it out.

Score: 10-9 Stann

Hamill vs Hollett

Round 3: Neither guy really wants it as they come
out. Both guys look gassed, almost like a couple of drunks fighting
outside a bar at this point. Sloppy punches without much on them
are thrown until Hamill with a beautiful double takes Hollett to
the ground yet again. He postures up and starts throwing down.
Hollett scrambles but gives up his back against the cage. Hamill is
throwing some light strikes as Hollett is just covering up. All in
all, no one is doing much. Hollett keeps trying to stand and Hamill
is doing a good job of keeping the pressure on with strikes (that
aren’t doing much in noticeable damage). Hollett tries a roll
and winds up in half guard, with Hamill still on him with strikes.
Hollett finally manages to get away right around the two minute
mark and jsut when you think we might see some standing striking,
Hamill uses another power double to take it to the ground. Hollett
pulls full guard at this point and Hamill is content to ride out
the rest of the round in strikes. At the minute mark there’s
a standup and both guys look beyond gassed. Hamill presses Hollett
against the cage. Another takedown. Fight’s over.

Score: 10-9 Hamill

Score so far: 30-27 Hamill

Official Result: 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 UD for

Round 2: Hamill comes out aggressive this round
again as he’s walking him down; Hollett tries a nice spinning
back kick but he’s bracing for the takedown in his stance.
Hamill goes for a single but can’t connect. All Hamill seems
to be looking for is the takedown. Hollett throws a leg kick that
gets caught and Hamill power doubles him down. Hamill starts some
ground and pound as Hollett is playing wrist control to keep him
from striking. Hamill postures and then lets Hollett back up.
Hollett needs to make a move and is looking for body shots and leg
kicks while Hamill looks to be tentative. The first round may have
taken out everything Hamill has left. Another takedown attempt
that’s mainly a Hamill reach and Hollett pushes his arm off.
The round ends with both not doing much until Hamill slams Hollett
down in the closing seconds.

Score: 10-9 Hamill

Score so far: 20-18 Hamill

Round 1: Hamill comes out super aggressive and is
stalking down Hollett. It’s interesting to see because Hamill
ever is this aggressive. Hamill is working his striking early to
find his range and both guys are throwing power shots pretty early.
Hollett is countering fairly effectively as Hamill is throwing a
lot of leg kicks and straight strikes; not a lot of setups from the
wrestler as he’s throwing down the pipe fairly often.
He’s looking like a kickboxer and not even going for his
wrestling at this point. He kind of looks like Nick Diaz as
he’s taunting Hollett by dropping his hands. A double leg
from Hamill goes to a single, but it works. Hamill is unloading on
a prone Hollett, who isn’t doing much but covering up at this
point. This goes on for over 2 minutes. Hamill is teeing off on him
right now with punches; it’s shocking this hasn’t been
stopped as of yet. Hollett does manage to get back up and he lands
some strikes as the round ends.

Score: 10-9 Hamill

Swanson vs Oliveira

Round 1: Swanson is working his feet early dancing
around the cage, but 1 minute in Oliveira dives in and takes things
to the ground. From top position, Oliveira delviers a few right
elbows before Swanson escapes biring the battle back to standing.
Oliveira keeps the momentum acting as the aggressor through the
midpoint of the first round. Swason lands a body blow and then we
witness perfection swason throws a massiv right straight to the
temple of Oliveira and you can literally see the lights got out in
Oliveira’s head. He collapses like a tower of Jenga bricks and the
fight is stopped.

Official result: Swanson by KO in the 1st

Pokrajac vs Magalhaes

Just when you thought the excitement was over, Vinny and Igor
keep bringing it, but this round is doomed to end much faster than
the last. Both fighters come out striking, but Vinny is clearly
looking for an opening, he finds one and takes Igor to the mat.
Like a laser, Vinny targets Igor’s arm and everyone in the Air
Canada Centre is smelling trouble. Igor tries to maintain top
position but arm in tow, Vinny expertly rolls Igor over and you
bettter tap before it snaps.  Igor does and it’s over.

Official Result: Magelhaes wins by armbar
submission in the 2nd round.

Round 1: Vinny grabs the clinch early to go for the takedown
and Igor pushes him up against the cage to stop. Tied up against
the cage, some knees are exchanged between the two. Vinny executes
a nice foot sweep throw and lands in side control. Vinny moves
inside full guard and lands some ground and pound. Igor tries to
use wrist control and Vinny continues slowly working. Vinny is
looking to pass and eats some elbows for his trouble. Thens the
submission attempts come. Vinny with a kimura, rolls into an armbar
and Igor fights his way back to his feet. Vinny lets him go and
into guard on his back. Igor tries ground and pound and misses.
Vinny looking to move into mission control in rubber guard and
lands some elbows from the bottom. Igor is holding and praying
right now, it seems, and then lets him up. Igor presses him against
the cage and back to what started the round out as it ends.

Score: Magalhaes 10-9

Score So Far: Magalhaes 10-9

Grant vs Dunham

Round 3: Round begins and, shocker, they’re throwing
down. Hard. Dunham is pushing the pace more and controlling the
cage better.  He’s come out trying to win. Dunham looks
like he put more gas in the tank as he’s landing more this
round. Midway through the round Grant to pushes the pace and claims
control of the middle. A double leg from Dunham is for naught.
These guys start throwing again as Dunham is a bloody mess. Dunham
taunts Grant and they seem to be inclined to just stand and trade
until Dunham goes for another double, again to no avail. With 30
seconds left, thirs time is the charm and Dunham gets the double,
but Grant works into guard. The round ends with Dunham trying to
work some ground and pound but not setting up anything to

Score: 10-9 Dunham

Score So Far: 29-28 Grant

Official Result: 29-28, 30-27, 29-28 for TJ Grant by UD

Round 2: Dunham comes out wild and Grant obliges as the
second round starts off resembling the first. Nice exchange of
combinations from both guys. Both guys are throwing as Dunham is
moving away from Grant, who is cornering him with his footwork very
well. Both guys are just throwing haymakers; this is a brawl. Grant
is winning the exchanges and Dunham is a bit of a bloody mess, as a
couple of Grant’s knees have cut him open. Dunham goes for the
double late and gets it, Grant wall walks as Dunham goes for the
back, but Grant gets up and back to the middle of the cage. The
round ends in with more awesome brawling.

Score: 10-9 Grant

Score So Far: 20-18 Grant

Round 1: Dunham comes out with some nice combinations on
counter strikes; Grant is coming in but not throwing, eating some
punishment in the process. After a little bit Grant starts throwing
and is looking really crisp; both guys are bloodied up a little bit
early. Grant lands a nice knee and he’s dictating the place.
Dunham is moving away and Grant is using his footwork to trap him
in corners. These guys are really throwing when they exchange.
Grant is looking to grab the clinch and Dunham is countering with
some nice uppercuts to make him pay. These guys are really laying
into each other as they are throwing wildly and connecting. This is
a bit of a sloppy brawl as they’re throwing down. Grant gets
him next to the cage and lands some nice short elbows; nice
combination as he moves away from the cage. Dunham with a double
leg and gets the takedown; Grant is in full guard moving to
butterfly, Dunham lets him up to dive back into this guard. Round
ends as they battle for position on the ground.

Score So Far: 10-9 Grant

Pierson vs Benoist

Round 3: Benoist comes out throwing more wild, rangy strikes
and Pierson is doing a terrific job on the counter-striking
perspective. Benoist keeps throwing but Pierson is connecting more
and better. Pierson’s head movement is getting him out of
strikes as he’s trying to land the straight left, which isn’t
connecting; everything else seems to though. An eye poke occurs but
no stoppage for time. Pierson keeps countering with hooks and jabs
but isn’t landing flush; Benoist is doing a good job avoiding
getting tagged. Benoist goes for a takedown unsuccessfully. Thenwe
get the biggest blow of the fight. A left from Benoist catches
Pierson’s jaw and he’s in serious trouble. Pierson is down and
Benoist is unloading on the ground. Benoist lands elbows from side
control but Pierson is hanging on. A back mount and rear naked
choke fail. And the round ends before Benoist can finish.

Score: 10-9 Benoist

Score So Far:, 29-28 Pierson

Official Result: 29-28 Sean Pierson by UD

Round 2: Some striking exchanges and it’s back to the
cage. The round starts slow as the fighters circle back to the
middle of the cage. Benoist turns more aggressive but he’s
getting caught by counters from Pierson. Benoist goes for the
takedown but can’t finish as Pierson sprawls and goes for the
front headlock. Benoist is doing a good job of keeping him from
grabbing the back and he gets up, eating a knee on the way out.
Benoist delivers a straight left but he’s slowing, becoming
decidedly less aggressive as Pierson is pushing the pace. Benoist
wants nothing to do with Pierson’s power and it shows.
Pierson’s boxing looks really good right now. Benoist tries a
last charge, throwing wildly, but Pierson is countering him all

Score: 10-9 PIerson

Score So Far: 20-18 Pierson

Round 1: Both guys come swinging and Benoist goes for a
throw. Pierson counters and they’re up against the cage.
Benoist circles away and the fight slows down a little bit. Benoist
is using kicks as he’s moving backward to counter and then
Pierson throws a big right that catches Benoist. Defensively,
Benoist grabs him and pulls him against the cage. They release and
they’re back against the cage on the other side. Benoist
circles away and follows up with a nice leg kick, Pierson catches a
kick and knocks him down. It goes down to the mat and Benoist grabs
an armbar off the bottom, Pierson gets out and we’re in full closed
guard. Benoist grabs another armbar and then into a shoulder lock,
but Pierson scrambles out and back to his feet. A nice exchange
occurs and Pierson lands some body shots and a nice left hook.
Pierson goes inside and grabs the clinch, back against the cage,
and now it’s a battle to get a takedown. Benoist with a nice
knee sends Pierson back to the center. Some nice lefts from Pierson
end the round.

Score: Pierson 10-9

Hettes vs Brimage

Official Result: 29-28 Brimage by Unanimous

Round 3: Brimage comes out looking for some more body shots
followed by a left hook; his combinations are starting low and
he’s trying to get Hettes to drop his hands and get a head
strike. Hettes is circling away and making Hettes come in;
he’s hitting some nice left hooks that don’t have a lot
of power behind them. They don’t have the zip to them he had
in the first. Hettes is controlling the center but he’s
taking a lot of punishment to do so. It’s not doing a lot of
damage though. Hettes goes to grab the clinch and the takedown, but
Brimage is keeping away. Hettes keeps chasing and Brimage is
catching him with overhand lefts every time; it’s like a
broken record to Hettes’ body and face. Single leg from Hettes
doesn’t go through. Round ends as Brimage keeps his

Score: 10-9 Brimage

Score So Far: 29-28, Brimage

Round 2: Brimage comes out and tees off on Hettes as
he’s standing in front and eating it. Hattes eats this and
grabs a body lock, dragging Brimage down with a foot sweep. Brimage
pulls guard and Hettes tries to grab back, but Brimage gets up
fairly quickly. A jumping knee from Hettes connects and he grabs a
body lock and side control. Hettes brings a guillotine that
can’t connect but scrambles to get Brimage on his back.
Hettes is setting up for a rear naked choke but Brimage is hand
fighting it away. Brimage is using his feet well to keep Hettes
from getting a body lock. Brimage rolls to his knees and Hettes
grapples again to get a body triangle this time. Brimage is
fighting off Hettes’ hands well, though. They hand fight for
a while until Brimage succeeds and gets back up to his feet. Late
in the round, Brimage comes back with some nice strikes, including
a nice left to the body. Hettes goes for a third takedown but
can’t finish it and Brimage makes him pay with solid punches.
Hettes gets one final takedown as the round ends with some wild

Score: 10-9 Hettes

Score So Far: 19-19, even

Round 1: Brimage comes off throwing straights and
clips Hettes a couple times. Hettes is looking to get the clinch
and is trying to get him to open himself up but Brimage is landing
big shots. Brimage’s game plan is to keep it standing and
he’s doing a great job of throwing big shots but not exposing
himself to being taken down. Hettes lands low but Brimage kind of
shrugs it off. Brimage’s footwork is remarkable; he’s
moving really well and keeping Hettes from setting up a takedown so
far. Hettes comes in with a kick and Brimage hits a body shot/sweep
that lands him down. Brimage catches him with a big punch and
Hettes is down. Brimage goes for the kill but Hettes pulls guard;
it’s loose and Brimage backs off as soon as Hettes recovers.
His striking looks so sharp right now; Hettes is calm but
he’s getting tagged regularly. Brimage is landing body shots
regularly and it’s opening up some big hooks that he’s
connecting with. Brimage slows down as the round ends and Hettes is
looking better but Brimage is landing some big strikes on him.
Round ends with Brimage landing some nice strikes to end.

Score: 10-9 Brimage

Score So Far: 10-9 Brimage

Baczynski vs Thoresen

Round 1: Both fighters are tentative and come out
with some light combinations, not throwing with power but to
measure distance. Neither fighter is connecting with any power as
this looks more like a light sparring match than a fight so far.
Some wild striking but nothing really connects for either man.
Thoresen’s punches are really tight, though, as he’s
aiming for and connecting with ease. Baczynski keeps looking to
grab the clinch, and Thoresen is fighting it off consistently and
circling away. Baczynski lands some nice strikes, and then an
accidental eye poke leads to a quick break from John McCarthy. Not
a whole lot of action as Thoresen is working a counter game. Then
Baczynski catches him with a MONSTER left hook, probably the only
clean strike he landed all fight, and Thoresen is out. McCarthy
jumps in shortly thereafter.

Official result: Baczynski wins via KO at 4:10 of
the first round

Gagnon vs Watson

Round 1: Both guys come out in the opening minute doing more
stalking than throwing until Gagnon catches Watson coming in on a
superman punch with a monster left of his own. Watson crumbles and
after an attempt to finish with strikes Gagnon grabs his back and a
rear naked choke that Watson fights off for a while until Gagnon
locks it in and gets the submission win.

Official Result: Gagnon wins via submission (rear
naked choke) at 1:09 of the first round

Noke vs Brenneman

Round 1: Some light combinations to start the fight, and
Noke catches him with a big right and pounces, teeing off until the
ref stops the fight. Yes, it was that fast, folks.

Official Result: Kyle Noke wins via TKO at :45 of
the first round.


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