Tim Kennedy: Nick Diaz, I have your weed

The latest
MMA Roasted is stacked! Fresh off his
Twitter tirade, UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy,
who calls out Brock Lesnar and claims to have stolen Nick Diaz’s
stash. Then, Jake Shields stops by to chat about his upcoming
UFC Fight Night matchup with Damian Maia.
Following that up is the New York Bad*ss Phill Baroni, for his
“That Story Is So Baroni” looking back at his
colorful past.

The train rolls on when Danny Castillo and Adam bury the hatchet
and closing out with Cody Bollinger from season 18 of
“The Ultimate Fighter” who talks
about what he and his wife did in the bathroom of the TUF gym.

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takes a look at the lighter side of life and mixed martial arts.
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