Teen fights off shark attack with MMA

As it turns out,
not only happen in the cage, but in the Atlantic Ocean
as well. 14-year-old Joshua Watson was swimming at Kiawah Island’s
Beachwalker Park in South Carolina when a 5-foot shark began
tearing away at his ankle.

Watson, a 2nd-degree black belt in karate, kept his cool and
countered the attack with a crisp punch to shark’s nose. “I think
it did scare it,”
Watson told WCSC News in Charleston, SC.

Poor visibility in the water is a possible reason for the
attack, believes Arnold Postell, a Senior Biologist at the South
Carolina Aquarium. Postell has narrowed down the suspects to the
Atlantic sharpnose, sandbark, blacktip, blacknose, lemon, or bull
shark. “We have a wide variety of shark species that could be in
the shallows,” said Postell.

As for Watson, his future in MMA is safe: The teen is expected
to make a full recovery.


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