Soa Palelei crushes Pat Barry in first-round knockout

After making his UFC return with a much criticized performance,
Soa Palelei can bask in the rays of celebration after his second
effort. Utilizing the ground and pound style that has marked most
of his wins, Palelei smashed Pat Barry, earning a first-round
knockout at UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Bigfoot.

The end came in just 2:09.

Palelei scored a takedown just one minute into the round. Barry
briefly threatened with a pair of kimuras, but after Palelei pulled
his arm free, the rest was all him. He moved to full mount,
postured up and landed a hail of power punches from the top. After
one, Barry’s head bounced off the mat and referee Steve
Perceval stopped him.

As Palelei celebrated, Barry got off the mat, walked about 10
feet and fell down face-first into the mat and cage. He was
immediately helped up and he eventually left the cage under his own

Still, it was a disappointing second straight KO loss, and third
in his last four fights for Barry, a crowd favorite who has
struggled to find any sustained consistency. Prior to the event, he
said his goal was to cobble together a modest two-fight win streak.
After this, his UFC run may be in jeopardy.

Barry is now 8-7 overall.

The victory was the 10th straight for Palelei, an
Australian-based fighter who moved to 20-3.