Silva passing on re-match for movie?

Is Anderson Silva going to Hollywood?

The impossible happened last night. Anderson Silva, the longest reigning UFC champion of all-time, was knocked out by Chris Weidman in an incredible upset at UFC 162.

The question arises, who will Anderson fight next? Will he take his re-match with Weidman?

Maybe not. Silva might be going Hollywood on us.

Silva will be playing a pivotal role in a new movie called Monday Nights At Seven, a project from Marty Sader and Laura Keys. Sader wrote the part specifically with Silva in mind.

According to Sader, Monday Nights At Seven is "far from being a fight movie," and it is primarily a love story. The plot is about an everyday guy, his relationship with his eight-year-old daughter, the regrets and heartbreaks he can’t shake from his past, a fresh chance to pursue a dream, and the new woman he meets who finally offers him hope for…a LIFE at the end of the tunnel.

Silva will be starring alongside veteran actor Edward James Olmos, who is listed as a producer for the film. The film has other MMA connections, one with former UFC champion Frank Shamrock, who will be an Executive Producer on the project.

MMA manager and Resurrection Fighting Alliance owner Ed Soares will also be a part of the project as his RFA promotion will host a live event that will be featured in the film, and a key part of the movie will be filmed during the event, and the audience will be involved in the film.

Monday Nights At Seven is a project being backed by Kickstarter. It has a goal of $500,000, and it has until the end of July to reach that goal, with a stretch goal of being $2.2 million.

You can visit the Kickstarter page for Monday Nights At Seven here.

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