Shogun vs Sonnen: Floor Cam

If you thought the Phantom Cam highlights from
UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs Sonnen were good,
just wait until you check out the ‘Floor Cam’.

Arguably the most innovative replay tool since the
‘ref-cam’ era
, the ‘floor cam’ takes us onto the Octagon canvas
to reveal the
intricacies of details maneuvers you don’t even
know the names of

‘The Floor Cam’ is a ground n’ pound and jiu-jitsu fans’ dream
come true. The new angle we get to see of Chael Sonnen’s fight
ending guillotine choke, Urijah’s ground and pound and Mike Brown’s
monster KO are unreal.

Not to mention that the ‘Floor Cam’ gets that last shot of a
downed fighter before they put their game face back on. Look no
further than the end of Shogun vs Sonnen. You couldn’t quite see it
on the broadcast, but the ‘Floor Cam’ got the last view of Shogun
before standing up and well…he looks absolutely DEVASTATED.