Scorecard breaks down Hendricks loss

The difference between Georges St-Pierre winning at UFC 167 or
Johny Hendricks being crowned champion came down to just one round
and it happened to be the first.

The official scorecard for the UFC 167 main event was released
to FOX Sports after the final horn sounded with the scores tallied
as follows:

48-47 — St-Pierre by judge Sal D’Amato

48-47 — Hendricks by judge Glenn Trowbridge

48-47 — St-Pierre by judge Tony Weeks

All three judges scored the fight the same from round two to
round fight. Rounds two and four went to Johny Hendricks while
rounds three and five went to St-Pierre. The first round is where
D’Amato and Weeks felt St-Pierre did enough to get the nod, while
Trowbridge disagreed and gave the fight to Hendricks.

According to FightMetric stats the fight was razor close,
including a very hotly contested first round, but their numbers
show that Hendricks outlanded St-Pierre in total strikes 27-26,
while St-Pierre landed 19 to 18 in significant strikes. Hendricks
and St-Pierre both landed one takedown a piece during the round as

Obviously numbers don’t tell the entire story, however, so
exploring the scoring statistics of three major MMA websites
(, and all had the first
round going to Hendricks. The entire FOX Sports writing staff all
scored Hendricks winning the first round as well.

So the question then becomes how did two cage side judges score
the first round differently than numerous others scoring at home,
live at the event and even by overall statistical numbers? UFC
president Dana White believes it all comes down to poor judging
that continues to happen courtesy of the Nevada State Athletic

The commission has come under fire a lot in the last few years
for poor judging in several major boxing events as well including
the bout between Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquaio as well as the
recent fight between Floyd Mayweather and Saul ‘Canelo’

White also reported on Saturday that a recent fight that
happened during the filming of the Ultimate Fighter season 19 was
marred by bad judging and it’s even starting to affect the way he’s
watching the fights while the show is taking place.

“It’s almost getting to the point now where I’m sitting there,
I’ll be at the Ultimate Fighter, I’ll be sitting there going I’m
more curious at what the judges are going to instead of the fight,”
White said.

Poor judging has cost more than a few fighters a victory, but on
Saturday night in Las Vegas it cost Johny Hendricks the UFC
welterweight title in a fight the majority of the world seems to
think he won. White is positive that unless major changes are made
within the commission and the judges that they choose, that the
problems will continue to persist.

“I absolutely expect it,” White said. “It’s just crazy.”

The toughest part for Hendricks is according to media members
and statistic keepers, he should be the UFC welterweight champion
right now, but the vote of the many unfortunately doesn’t outweigh
the opinion of a few and those few were the two judges who saw
round one in favor of Georges St-Pierre.