Schaub kills it on Chelsea Lately

Nicknames are given, not chosen.

The Ultimate Fighter season 10 finalist Brendan “The
Hybrid” Schaub explains to comedian Whitney Cummings on
“Chelsea Lately” the unfortunate situation of living
with the moniker that you’re saddled with. “I move like
a middleweight and I hit like a heavyweight,” says Schaub as
for the reasoning TUF producers used when labeling him with that
gene-swapping stage name.

There are certainly worse pseudonyms barked out by UFC ring
announcer Bruce Buffer than “The Hybrid”, but, all
things considered, the 10-3 heavyweight would rather be called
“Badass” or “The Dark Knight”. Honestly,
the latter is Batman’s and Schaub’s tough, but
he’s no Batman. The former has the requisite alliteration
that is always welcome with a good nickname. With Schaub’s
mentioned love of anaconda chokes, a possible nickname could be
“Boa Constrictor” or, simply, “The

Outside of the Octagon, in the comfortable confines of a
recording studio, Schaub has another “aka”, which this
video clip sadly does not explain: “Big Brown”.
“Again, I didn’t get to choose ‘Big
Brown’,” exclaims Schaub who is called that rather
intimate sounding nickname on his MMA podcast “The Fighter
& the Kid” with comedian Bryan Callen.