Schaub and Mitrione’s war of words

Heavyweights Brendan Schaub and Matt Mitrione have made no bones
about it, they want to fight each other.

Or as Mitrione says, “I can’t wait to beat the s*** out of you

Although neither Schaub nor Mitrione have ever been shy about
making noise leading up to a fight, the amount of trash talk
between the two
TUF castmates and friends has been a bit

Their most recent UFC 165 pre-fight interview features some of
the most aggressive smack talking we’ve from either of the fighters
and if they come even remotely close to backing up their words, we
are going to have one awesome fight on our hands.

Schaub, coming off a lackluster win over Lavar Johnson at UFC
157, will surely be looking to put the stamp on Mitrione and
re-establish himself as one of the premier heavyweights on the
planet. Mitrione, on the other hand, is coming off a brutal
knockout victory that snapped a two fight losing streak.

A loss would be a huge setback to either fighter, while a win
would equal a big step towards entering the Top 10.

Live UFC 165 coverage begins Saturday,
September 21 at 8/5pm ET/PT on FOX Sports 1, followed by the main
card on PPV.