Ronda Rousey ready for Tate

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey’s life is about
to change forever and it has nothing to do with her fight

The reigning 135-pound UFC title holder just wrapped up filming
for her role in The Expendables 3 in Bulgaria and will now head to
Atlanta to immediately pick up another acting role in the new Fast
and Furious 7 movie already in production.

Rousey is expected to film on that project for approximately a
month and return home to California around mid-November. The timing
does come under some concern because Rousey has a fight on December
28 against rival Miesha Tate in the co-main event for UFC 168 in
Las Vegas.

Will filming back-to-back movies serve as a distraction both
physically and mentally to the UFC women’s champion on the eve of
one of the biggest fight cards in MMA history?

UFC president Dana White, who says he talks to Rousey daily,
doesn’t believe the arduous filming schedule will harm her
preparation for the upcoming fight. If anything the travel and
break from being ‘Ronda Rousey UFC champion’ will do her a lot of
good as she gets back into the swing of things for the title fight
in December.

“She keeps me in the loop on everything and according to her
she’s reinvigorated and this thing was the best thing ever for
her,” White told FOX Sports. “She was burnt. She was smoked from
the day she signed with the UFC, all the work she had to do, The
Ultimate Fighter, the list goes on and on. I think her stint on The
Ultimate Fighter had a lot to do with the fact that she was burning

“She says that this trip over there has been amazing for her.
She says don’t worry about me, I got this.”

White says that Rousey is more determined than ever to put Tate
in her place after a rough six weeks of filming the reality show
together ended with the two fighters almost coming to blows before
it was all over. The vitriol Rousey feels towards Tate isn’t fading
just because she’s filming a couple of movies.

Rousey has taken her team on the road with her and has been
working out while on set. White says she’s currently weighing 141
pounds and it’s still more than three months away until she
actually steps foot in the Octagon.

“She’s lean, she’s ripped and she’s been training,” White

Rousey will finish her commitments to Fast and Furious 7 before
working her actual fight camp for about six weeks leading up to the
fight with Tate. As for her film career, The Expendables 3 will hit
theaters on August 15, 2014 while Fast and Furious 7 will debut on
July 11, 2014.