Cops hunting TUF alum Cummo

Luke Cummo always marched to the beat of a different drummer,

going back to his days as a contestant on the second season of

target="_blank">The Ultimate Fighter. Now, it appears he might

have finally gone off the deep end.

Police in his native Long Island are searching for Cummo after

the former UFC fighter allegedly sent threatening e-mails to his



target="_blank">according to a New York Post report.

Meanwhile, as the man hunt continues, Cummo is somewhere posting

photos of himself on Instagram.

Police in Nassau County came to his home Wednesday morning with

a warrant for his arrest. Cummo grew up on Long Island and has been

a longtime student at Serra-Longo Fight Team.

Cummo, 33,


a photo on Facebook on Wednesday around 10 a.m. wearing a pair

of headphones and a hat with the words “My Ego” on it

and posted the same pic on Instagram.

In August, Cummo

published a

video on YouTube of himself doing some kind of odd interpretive

dance and claiming to be both Megatron and Optimus Prime,

characters from Transformers. Cummo is an avid comic book fan and

drew attention on The Ultimate Fighter for drinking his own urine

for nutritional purposes.

Cummo and his ex-wife Lara have two sons and Cummo reportedly

lost custody of his kids in the divorce.

The welterweight has not had an MMA fight since being released

from the UFC following a loss to Tamdan McCrory at UFC 87 in 2008.

He held a 3-4 record in the UFC and was 12-6 overall.

Cummo was


target="_blank">vocal about his distaste for MMA recently, yet

he still trained fighters in Muay Thai on Long Island.

And now it seems like he’s trying to challenge

“Mayhem” Miller


target="_blank">for title of ex-UFC fighter most in need of some


Luke and his wife Lara have two sons, Zachary Michael, who was

born on October 7, 2007, and Maxwell Joseph, born April 24,


Lara divorced Luke. Since the divorce Luke has lost not only his

wife but custody of his kids and all visitation rights.