Barao UFC 165 pre-fight interview

There’s nothing ‘interim’ about Renan Barao’s MMA dominance: the
26-year-old Brazilian bantamweight is riding an absolutely lethal
20-fight win streak. He plans to make it 21 against Eddie Wineland
on Saturday.

“I have more diversity,” said Barao in his
UFC 165 pre-fight interview, alluding to a more
complete game. “I have very strong jiu-jitsu and muay thai skills.”
But the current interim UFC bantamweight champ knows he’s got a war
scheduled in Toronoto–after all, he’s facing a former WEC champion
in Eddie Wineland.

“I know he’s very good on his feet. He’s a very strong guy,”
said Barao. But the interim champ followed up his compliment with a
warning: “If he takes me down there’s a very big chance that I’ll
finsh the fight right there.”

Live UFC 165 coverage begins this Saturday, September 21 at
8/5pm ET/PT on
Sports 1
, followed by the main card on PPV.