Palhares suspended by Brazilian AC

Sometimes when it rains, it pours.

Rousimar Palhares has been heavily scrutinized over the last 48
hours for his submission win over Mike Pierce at UFC Fight Night:
Maia vs. Shields when he held onto his heel hook finish after his
opponent tapped out and the referee attempted to stop the

This marks a pattern with Palhares, who was suspended previously
for 90 days after an infraction of the same nature following his
bout at UFC 111 where he ripped at opponent Tomasz Drawl’s leg in a
similar submission after the fight was stopped.

The UFC acted swiftly by releasing Palhares on Thursday while
comparing the nature of his actions to those of former welterweight
Paul Daley, who hit an opponent after the final bell and was
released and banned from the UFC for life.

Now the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) has also
reacted to Palhares’ decision to hold onto his submission past the
moment when his opponent had already given up, and hit him with a
120-day suspension.

“After detailed analysis of the conduct of Rousimar Palhares in
his bout, at the event UFC Fight Night held on October 9, 2013 at
the city of Barueri, we communicate the suspension of the athlete
for a period of 120-days, counted as from the end of the period of
his medical suspension,” the commission said via a statement
released on Friday.

The 120-day suspension amounts to about four months total time,
which will be tacked onto any medical suspension the fighter may
receive after his bout. It all likelihood considering Palhares
finished the fight in only 31-seconds, his medical suspension
probably won’t end up being any extended period of time.

With Palhares now a free agent after his UFC release, he is
eligible to sign on with any other promoter, but other commissions
across the United States, Canada and other parts of the world will
recognized the suspension and not allow him to fight again for at
least 120 days.

This will add yet another black mark on the fighter’s record
with a second suspension dropping down after repeated infractions
of the same nature. Palhares has yet to make a statement about his
UFC release or the suspension handed down from the Brazilian
commission on Friday.