Our UFC 166 walk-out song picks

Darrell Montague

“Wake Me Up” by Avicii

It’s your average Swedish, dance, electronic, folk, pop
song about an underdog taking their first step on a life path
filled with uncertainty. And, what is more uncertain than tangling
with the #2 ranked flyweight in one’s Octagon debut? For
Darrell “The Mongoose” Montague, besting John Dodson in
his first UFC bout would be a dream come true. At the same time,
fighting the hardest hitter in your division on pay-per-view may be
the nightmare Montague screams to be woken up from.

John Dodson

“I’ve Got the Magic in Me” by B.o.B.

Pretty easy, John Dodson’s nickname is “The
Magician”. Am I right? Dodson’s “magic” is
knockout power as The Ultimate Fighter 14 winner has scored two
brutal, especially for a 125-er, TKO victories inside the Octagon.
Not to mention, Dodson nearly KOed UFC flyweight champ Demetrious
Johnson a couple times in their title bout in January, which was a
level of raw damage Joseph Benavidez, Ian McCall, nor Dominick Cruz
were able to inflict upon Johnson. Plus, if you’ve got a
pushy girlfriend/wife or simply a crush on Anna Kendrick then
you’ve seen “Pitch Perfect”, and you know that
when the nerdy kid at the end starts this jam up – goosebumps. Am I

Shawn Jordan

“Harder, Better, Faster” by Daft Punk

After the disappointing snooze-a-thon against Cheick Kongo at
UFC 149, “The Savage” has looked every bit his moniker
in back-to-back TKO stoppages including the Knockout of the Night
over Pat Barry in June. Usually, the former fullback for the
Louisiana State University Tigers walks to the cage to Johnny
Cash’s cover of “Hurt”, but the new member of
American Top Team needs something with a little more voltage to
signal he’s upgraded his harm output. And, if a heavyweight
like Jordan can do a backflip, the big dude can probably dance.

Gabriel Gonzaga

“Run to the Hills” by Iron Maiden

Think about this, Iron Maiden were forged in England and rocked
Rio; meanwhile, Gabriel Gonzaga was birthed in Rio and trains in
(New) England. Coincidence?! The owner of an incredible 10 finishes
in the UFC, “Napao” has sent many running to the hills
following horrific highlight reel knockouts of Dave Herman and
Mirko Cro Cop.

Diego Sanchez

“Yeah” by LCD Soundsystem

If you’re familiar with Diego Sanchez’s
“yes” mantra/yelling than it’s either this or
Usher’s “Yeah”. Also, LCD Soundsystem has a
positive but weird edge that sort of matches the 24-5
Sanchez’s. Anytime, the 5x Fight of the Night awarded
“The Dream” enter the cage its got the potential to be
a battle for the ages and fight fans stand-up, raise their fist (or
gold crucifix) in the air, and shout “yes!”.

Gilbert Melendez

“Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J

Don’t call it a comeback! Seriously, don’t. The
former 2x Strikeforce lightweight champion was on a 7 fight win
streak including 4 consecutive title defenses before his
controversial split-decision loss to Benson Henderson for the UFC
lightweight strap. “El Nino” is an old school asskicker
who comes forward, often, and batters his opponents with punches in
bunches. And, Melendez’s matching track suits and baseball
cap reeks of LL’s early Bboy style.

Roy Nelson

“Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake

From his point of view, it’s Roy Nelson’s One Warrior Nation and
we’re just living it. Trade the neon face paint and arm-tassels for
a dirty Santa beard and a magnificent mullet. For “Big
Country”, it’s an us vs. them mentality that has helped
facilitate his 19-8 career. The “us” is Nelson, his
dynamite laced fists that have earned him 4 Knockout of the Night
bonuses, his BJJ blackbelt, and his steadfast wife, Jessy, who must
have the patience of a saint to share a house let alone a bed with
that mullet and/or beard.

Daniel Cormier

“Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode

“Words are very unnecessary. They can only do harm.”
In this example, Nelson’s trash talk will only bring the
undefeated juggernaut Daniel Cormier’s wrath ten fold to the
Octagon. It may not seem like a tough tune, but that really
doesn’t matter with this 2x US Olympic freestyle wrestler
turned punching machine. The former Strikeforce heavyweight Grand
Prix winner could walk to the cage to a choir of children singing
“Happy Birthday” and still beat a hole into your head
the size of Texas with that vacant Fedor Emelianenko-like

Junior dos Santos

“Princes of the Universe” by Queen

It was a real missed opportunity by the UFC not using this jam
in every advertisement for this trilogy ending, heavyweight
championship headliner. It’s Freddie Mercury hollering about
having no rival, having no equal, fighting for survival, having the
power to rule the world, and being princes of the universe, which
is how we all view heavyweight champions. And, there are some sick
guitar solos. On top of that, this is the theme song for the
“Highlander” series, which beckons “there can
only be one”. Specifically for Junior dos Santos,
“Highlander” is about winning by beheading and dos
Santos has the equivalent of 6 of those via his fists in the UFC
and one spinning heel kick to Mark Hunt’s dome at UFC

Cain Velasquez

“All I Need” by Method Man

All the UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez needs is to stay
the UFC heavyweight champion. It was in 1994, a full year before
Mary J. Blige got involved, that the M-E-T-H-O-D Man gave unto us,
arguably, the toughest and thuggest love song ever recorded.
Instead of an East Coast gangster waxing on about his boo with the
good “power-U”, the 12-1 Velasquez freight-train is
talking about his gold belt, which is all anyone needs to signify
themselves as the baddest dude on the planet. Either that or
“Adam Raised a Cain” because it’s about as badass
as Bruce Springsteen gets.