Diaz rips Pettis for delaying fight

Thank goodness we still have one Diaz brother in the UFC.

Nate Diaz took to Twitter on Monday to rip Anthony Pettis,

calling the UFC lightweight champion a coward in a 209 kind of


“Bitching outta every other fight now?” Diaz wrote.

“Wonder what that’s like?



target="_blank">Pettis withdrew from his title defense against

Josh Thomson at


On FOX on Dec. 14 due to injury, which directly affected

Diaz’s fight with Gray Maynard. The flyweight championship

bout between Demetrious Johnson and Joseph Benavidez was moved to

that card’s main event, while


target="_blank">Diaz-Maynard II got pushed to headline the

Ultimate Fighter Finale on Nov. 30.

You’d think Nick’s little brother would be happy to

be in the main event now. Yeah, not so much. “And I thought

Main events were 5 rounds wtf ?” Diaz tweeted. “Still

busy that day but ill think about it.”

Diaz wrote on Twitter back in September that he has his high

school reunion on the same day as the

target="_blank">Ultimate Fighter Finale and “can’t

make” the event.

As far as the Pettis crack goes, Diaz has a point. Sort of.

Pettis has been injury prone in his career and this is the second

time in the last six months he’s pulled out of a big fight.

Pettis withdrew from a featherweight title matchup with Jose

Aldo at UFC 163. That couldn’t have been too serious of an

injury because Pettis made it back to fight Benson Henderson at UFC

164 less than a month later and took Henderson’s title.

Diaz is clearly not afraid to be outspoken on Twitter. He got

hit with a $20,000 fine from the UFC after calling Bryan Caraway

the “biggest f*g in the world” for taking a Submission

Of The Night bonus that was supposed to go to Pat Healy. Healy

tested positive for marijuana at UFC 159 and had to forfeit the


There probably won’t be any discipline this time since

Diaz learned from his previous mistake and didn’t call Pettis

a homophobic slur. This was just some good, clean Stockton fun.