Bisping: Fight with Sonnen will be a war

Am doing this blog about 48 hours before the showdown with Chael Sonnen at UFC on FOX here in Chicago.

Weight cut is going well and I’m ready. I have been asked about the "pressure" of the fight, being the biggest of my life and on the biggest stage, but other than being hungry from the weight cut I’m a happy man. I’m getting a massive opportunity, a very nice payday, and I am going to go out there and throw down.

What pressure? This is exactly what I’ve worked so hard for.

I’m not scared of getting punched or kicked or slammed or elbowed — all of which I know full well Chael is going to do to me at some point. The only thing I am concerned with is performing to the best of my ability. The last No. 1 contender fight I had — vs. Dan Henderson at UFC 100 — I didn’t perform. I think I am going to win, I think I can put on a show, but ultimately to do that I have to perform to the best of my ability, and fight week is when all the little doubts creep into your head.

If I mess up and get beat, oh well, I’ve beat up plenty of guys. I’m here to find out how good I am. I think I can win the world title, I think I can beat Chael Sonnen and, with some luck, beat Anderson Silva. I totally agree with Chael when he says he’s the only one in five years to actually try to fight Anderson. Most of the other guys have just gone in expecting to be sparked out and didn’t even try to have a go. I promise you I will have a go and he will have to knock me spark out before I stop trying to win.

But I won’t get that chance unless I get by Sonnen.

Some people have said they are disappointed Sonnen and I haven’t talked that much crap before the fight. I think we’ve built this fight up great in just one week. I’m excited to see Rashad Evans and Phil Davis fight, but I think me and Sonnen are the fight that has the most excitement right now.

But, listen; don’t worry about the hype and the smacktalk. I’m not going anywhere soon, I aim to be in the UFC for years to come, kicking arse and taking names, and I’ll put my foot in my mouth again. I’ll always do my part in keeping the geeks on the Internet who don’t like me happy.

I don’t know how I would have responded if Chael had starting saying things about patting my girlfriend on the arse like he has with Anderson. Actually, I am sure: Things would have gotten into the gutter very quickly. But Chael has been very cordial, we get each other’s sense of humor and I think there’s a respect of each other’s ability in the Octagon. As I said before, this guy is a real fighter.

I’ve thrown a few zingers out there, but it has been taken in the spirit I intended: a bit of fun to relieve the repetitiveness of answering similar questions again and again.

He’s amused me by doing interviews saying I am challenging him for his "world title." But, right now, I’ve had it with talking about him. He’s become a bit of a court jester and the act was getting old at today’s press conference. I felt he disrespected Demian Maia, who was sat right next to him, by saying he was undefeated. And Demian tapped him out in two minutes. I do find Sonnen funny, but there’s a limit and there’s acting like a clown and he’s borderline right now.

I’m about to take a saltwater bath to help me drop water-weight for tomorrow’s weigh-in. Before I sign off I’d like to point out one thing I didn’t say at the press conference: Sonnen hasn’t won his biggest fights. He says that about me, I can say same thing about him. He lost to Anderson, he lost very quickly to Maia, he lost his UFC debut against "Babalu" Sobral, and he lost his WEC title shot, too.

I’ve headlined more shows than he has, and although he’s got more overall experience, I’ve got tons of experience, too. I will say it again: It’s going to be a hell of a war and I will win.

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