Shields defeats Maia, Kim KO's Silva

Jake Shields celebrates
Jake Shields celebrates his victory over Demian Maia.
FOX Sports E. Spencer Kyte
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UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. Shields delivered in a big way on Wednesday night on Fox Sports 1, with the main card elevating some new names into title contention, with a familiar face returning to the welterweight championship race as well.

In the main event, Jake Shields edged out Demian Maia in a back-and-forth, technical battle full of high level grappling. The two welterweights fought tooth-and-nail for each position, with Shields hitting a couple slick reversals, and controlling Maia on the ground in two of the first four rounds. In the deciding final round, the former Strikeforce middleweight champion was the aggressor, pushing the action, and making Maia defend, ultimately taking home the split decision victory.

The co-main event of the night started with a shot, as Dong Hyun Kim and Erick Silva shot out of the gate at a furious pace. Eventually, Kim put the Brazilian on the canvas, and remained in control on the floor through most of the round, but at the horn, it was clear both men were tired. As the second began, both fighters offered wild swings, and just as Silva appeared to be turning the tables and taking control of the contest, Kim landed a left hand that dropped the aggressive prospect.

Light heavyweights Thiago Silva and Fabio Maldonado both earned victories in bouts that turned into wars of attrition, while Rousimar Palhares made a successful welterweight debut, submitting Mike Pierce in just 31 seconds. In the opening bout of the main card, Raphael Assuncao pushed his winning streak to five with hard fought win over fellow rising contender T.J. Dillashaw.

For a full recap of the night's action, check out the live blog below, and stay tuned to FoxSports.com for more post-fight coverage from UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. Shields.

Demian Maia (18-4) vs. Jake Shields (28-6-1, 1 NC)

Round 1

Marc Goddard handles the officiating duties inside the cage for the main event.

Maia takes the center, Shields backing up. Leg kick from Shields, Maia in on the legs. Shields defending well early along the cage. Maia hooks the leg, trips him down, lands in guard, butterflies in for Shields. Body shots for Maia on top. Right hands upstairs from Maia. Shields gets up, and takes from position with the body lock along the cage. Maia turns him, looks to get around to the back, trips him down instead. Tries to climb over the legs, can't, but still in top control. Shields looks to get up, Maia grabs his back. Shields hula-hoops out of it, lands in half guard. Great grappling here to start. Two minutes left. Butterflies in for Maia, left hands from Shields. Elbows from the top for Shields. Shields steps over the far leg, Maia re-guards. Shields climbs over into half guard on the right side, works body shots. 30 seconds. Shields smothering as he does to close the round.

10-9 Maia – advanced to the more threatening positions, and held the dominant position for longer than Shields.

Round 2

Maia takes the center again. Kicks from Shields. Both dive in, nearly clashing heads. Maia sprawls, now goes in on a leg himself. Maia working hard for the takedown, Shields counters, and lands in top position along the fence. Full guard. Elbows from Shields over the top. Maia looking to turn, gets to a seated position. Shields tries to climb over the legs, but can't get there. Half guard, Maia tries to sit up, Shields stops him. Midway point of the round. Elbows from Shields on top. Shields controlling Maia at every turn, keeping him on his back, unable to reverse or get up. Goddard warns them to stay active. Elbows from Shields. Shields postures up for a second, but drops back into guard. More elbows from Shields. Now looking at a kimura far side, Maia turns away, and the chess game continues. 30 seconds. Elbows from Shields. Maia trying to control an arm, looking for a triangle, but nothing there.

10-9 Shields, 19-19 through Round 2 – great control from Shields, and the elbows register. This is going to be a technical battle like this through to the end.

Round 3

Once again, Maia takes the center. Shields with the leg kick inside. Jab from Shields. Inside leg kick again from Shields. Maia looking for the left hand. Body kick from Shields, who still looks really static in his striking after all these years. Left hand just misses for Maia. Shields in on a takedown, countered by Maia. Along the fence. Maia on a leg, elbow from Shields, who rides a whizzer into a counter. Back up in space, left hands connect for Maia on the chin. Maia to Shields' back on the hips, slick takedown. Looking for hooks, Shields reverses right into guard. Beautiful. Shields in half guard, tries to pass to side control, but Maia shuts it down. Shields content to ride out the position it seems, not offering much. Shields tries to climb over the knees, Goddard warns them about activity again. One minute left. Shields just grinding the position here, little shots to the body, the odd one upstairs. 30 seconds. Elbow over the top from Shields right before the horn.

10-9 Shields, 29-28 Shields through Round 3 – Once he gets top position, Maia is stuck there. As much as he's not doing a ton with it, he's controlling the action.

Round 4

Right hand from Maia lands to start the round. Headkick offereed from Shields. Shields drives into a takedown, pushing Maia across the cage, into the fence. Maia defending for now, digs underhooks, and turns Shields. Knees to the body from Maia. Maia looking for the trip, Shields turns him. Still battling along the cage. Two minutes down. Shields trying to get around to the back, Goddard warns them, and then breaks them. Kick from Shields upstairs. Shields dives on a single, Maia sprawls, lands hammerfists. Shields looks tired now. In on the single again, Maia stuffs, and turns it into top position inside Shields' guard. Two minutes left. Body shots from top for Maia, Shields looking to lock him up. Elbow in tight from Maia. More body shots. More warnings from Goddard, and they're up. Kick from Shields lands to the body. Maia looking for the left. 30 seconds. Weak kick from Shields. Right hand for Maia. Pawing left from Maia at the horn.

10-9 Maia, 38-38 through Round 4 – Shields is gassed, and as much as Maia didn't do a ton, he ended up completing the takedown and earning top position. If Goddard didn't stand them, Shields stays there for the rest of the frame.

Round 5

This one decides it.

Maia looks the fresher of the two. Jab for Shields. Kick follows. And again. Left hand to the chest for Maia. Right hook connects for Maia. More weak kicks for Shields to the inside leg. Drops on the single, Maia sprawls, and they separate. Kick from Shields upstair, parried away. Shields dives on the single again, Maia defending. Shields drives through into the cage, two minutes down, three left in the fight. Warning from Goddard about action. Maia turns Shields along the cage with double underhooks. Elbow from Maia on the break. Kick from Shields lands up top. Maia catches a weak kick, follows with a left hand. Shields in for a takedown again, stuffed. Left hand lands for Maia. 90 seconds. Shields still offering the high kicks. Takedown stuffed again, but Shields staying on it. 60 seconds. Goddard warnings. Shields picks the ankle, Maia keeps his balance. 30 seconds. More warnings, and they're broken up. Kick from Shields, left hand from Maia. Another left, and one more. The horn sounds, and we're done.

10-9 Maia, 48-47 Shields overall – close fight, but he was the more aggressive, more active of the two in the final, not-very-exciting round. Having said that, 48-47 the other way would be fine by me too.

Official Result: Jake Shields defeats Demian Maia by Split Decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47).

Analysis: Fun, technical fight if you like grappling (and I do), but not exactly thrilling if you don't. Shields staves off questions about getting cut by halting Maia's winning streak, and returns himself to the title conversation with a gruelling, grinding performance here. Tough loss for Maia, who was on a roll coming into this one, but Shields is a difficult match-up, and this shouldn't drop the Brazilian too far in the rankings.

That's it for us – stay tuned to Fox Sports 1 for The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate, and be sure to keep it locked to FoxSports.com for all your post-fight coverage.

Erick Silva (15-3) vs. Dong Hyun Kim (17-2-1, 1 NC)

Round 1

Mario Yamasaki with the co-main event assignment.

They touch' em up and we're off.

Spinning elbow from Silva. Kim in on the leg, looking for the takedown. Silva defends, lands a knee, and scampers away. Kim closes the distance, looking for the takedown again, Silva shakes out. Kim ultra-aggressive here. Closes the distance, eats a knee for it. Knee inside for Silva, right hook misses. Silva is so quick, so electric, but can he maintain? Kim with the clinch along the cage, Silva slips out. Uppercut just misses for Silva. DHK with another miss on the spinning back fist. Kim lunging in, Silva loses his balance, and lands on the ground. Kim takes his back, not into mount at the midway point of the round. Elbows to the shoulder from Kim. Kim turns Silva into the fence, head in the corner, Silva just holding on from the bottom. Silva tries to shrimp out, Kim controls the position, remains on top. Silva dives through to attack the leg, Kim avoids, keeps top control. Kim looking for the kimura on the left arm, but lets it go. Kim stands, lands a left hand, and another.

10-9 Kim – as much as he didn't do a ton with the position, he was in control for half of the round, forcing Silva to play defence.

Round 2

Kim pressing forward right away Silva blasts him with a right hook that backs him up. Silva firing away inside, looking to finish, and Kim gets in on his hips, nearly completing the takedown. Now clinched on the cage, Silva gets out and moves tot eh center. Kim avoids the punch, misses the clinch attempt. Kim with a right hand, uppercut from Silva. Knee to the body from Silva, uppercuts in close from Kim. Both men tiring here. Silva misses the spinning elbow, but sticking right hands, followed by an uppercut. Silva around to the back, Kim grabs the cage to defend. Silva lets go, back to the center. Knee to the body from Silva, Kim counters with an out of nowhere left hand, and Silva is OUT!

Official Result: Dong Hyun Kim defeats Erick Silva by Knockout (Punch) at 3:01 of Round 2.

Analysis: Huge win for Dong Hyun Kim, who now has won three straight, adding the talented young prospect to his list of conquests. He tired quickly here, but the first round was solid, and the finish will earn him a bunch of bonus money. You have to believe he's now in line for a fight with someone in the Top 10, given his track record and that highlight reel ending. Glad to see Silva up and on the stool fairly quickly; leg buckled under him like Cro Cop when he got "Cro Copped" by Gabriel Gonzaga. Still a tremendous future – just needs to clean up his striking and harness his athleticism a little more.

Thiago Silva (15-3, 2 NC) vs. Matt Hamill (11-4)

Round 1

Keith Peterson is your referee.

Hamill out aggressive, leg kick early, coming forward. Hamill catches the inside kick, dumps Silva, but the Brazilian is right back up. Silva looks dumpy - missed weight yesterday, and it shows. Outside leg kick from Hamill, right hand from Silva. Hamill looks at a takedown, not there. Left, right, and a knee from Silva. Right hand from Silva staggers Hamill, and the Brazilian starts coming forward. Right hand to the body from Silva, returned by Hamill. Inside leg kick from Silva, twice. Jabs from both sides. Big swing with the right from Silva, not there yet. Inside leg kick stops Hamill's movement. Good body shot from Hamill, doesn't follow up though. Silva another swing with the right. Left uppercut connects. Hamill with a body shot of his own. Inside leg kick from Silva again. Now outside, and then inside again. 30 seconds. High kick from Hamill, body shot too. Two more kicks from Silva, inside and outside.

10-9 Silva – the leg kicks were solid, and he landed the biggest shot of the round, stiffening up Hamill at the midway point. Close frame though, and a good fight so far. Might get slow and sloppy from here on out though.

Round 2

Hamill floors Silva with an outside leg kick. Silva works off the fence behind his hands. Spinning elbow from Hamill, followed by two jabs. Knee to the body for Silva, but Hamill takes him down. Silva back up quickly. Right for Hamill, leg kicks from Silva. Another good body shot with the left from Hamill. Another leg kick outside from Silva, and then inside. 1-2 from Hamill, with another to the body behind it. Jab lands square for Silva. Inside leg kick for Silva, Hamill tries to catch, but can't. Leg kick from Hamill, body shot from Silva, and a right hand connects for Silva that wobbles Hamill. Down to the canvas, Silva around to the back. Hamill back to his feet. Outside leg kick wobbles Hamill, who still looks rocked and tired. Another big right from Silva. Hamill looks spent. Left hand lands for Silva. Hamill tries to run through a takedown, ends up with hands clasped around Silva's waist, dumps him on the ground.

10-9 Silva, 20-18 though Round 2 – honestly thought he was going to finish there, as Hamill looks exhausted. Third round is probably going to be pretty slow and sloppy.

Round 3

Inside leg kick from Silva. Hamill in on the leg, Silva spins out, and takes the back. Uppercut under the arm, Hamill just covering up right now. They're back up. Right for Hamill. Outside leg kick from Silva. Again. Hamill telegraphs the shot, looks like he's just getting by on instinct out there. Outside leg kick again. Eye poke stops the action momentarily. And we're back at it. Outside leg kick for Hamill, answered by Silva, and one inside for good measure. Uppercut for Hamill lands. Another kick for Silva, and again. Hamill in on the body along the cage. Knee from Silva, and they separate. Left hook lands. Leg kick lands. Hamill checks the clock. Leg kick lands again. Hamill just plodding forward with his hands down. Knee to the body from Silva. Hamill working for the takedown, but can't get it. Leg kick again from Silva. Hamill is out on his feet, looking for a way out. Keith Peterson telling him to get his hands up. 40 seconds. Knee to the body and a leg kick from Silva. Silva calling him on. 20 seconds. Leg kick again. Outside again. 10 seconds. Ends with an inside leg kick.

10-8 Silva, 30-26 overall on my card – Hamill did nothing that round, and it honestly should have been stopped. He wanted out.

Official Result: Thiago Silva defeats Matt Hamill by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-27).

Analysis: Hamill needs to hang'em up again; he wanted out at the end of that fight, and just doesn't have the drive to compete at this level any more. As for Silva, he looked okay here, but against an overmatched opponent. For a guy with his checkered past, coming in overweight is a bad look, and something that can't happen. It shouldn't happen for anyone really. He had the chance to put Hamill away there too, and didn't (or couldn't), which isn't a good look either. Still, that's back-to-back wins for the first time since UFC 78 and UFC 84.

Fabio Maldonado (19-6) vs. Joey Beltran (14-8, 1 NC)

Round 1

Mario Yamasaki joining the light heavyweights in the cage.

Beltran takes the center to start, moving well. Maldonado snaps a jab. Beltran into the clinch along the fence, looking for a single leg. Maldonado defends, getting a wide base. Time called as Beltran punches Maldonado in the junk. We're started again. Maldonado cross to the body. Right hand for Beltran lands coming forward, followed by a left. Into the clinch, Maldonado defends, turns Beltran. Body shots from Maldonado, knee from Beltran, who turns off the cage. Halfway point of the round. Digging combination of shots from Beltran, Maldonado eats it. Front headlock from Beltran, lands a body shot. Knee from Maldonado, elbow from Beltran. Body shot from Maldonado again, still battling in the clinch. Beltran staying heavy, keeping himself pressed in close. Right-left lands for Maldonado, but Beltran takes it, and keeps pressing in. Both men swinging inside. Beltran with the takedown late, Maldonado back up, Beltran with a flurry, and a short shot as they separate.

10-9 Beltran – he controlled the pace and placement of the fight, and landed a greater number of strikes. The judges will also like the late takedown.

Round 2

Jabs from Beltran to start. Maldonado calling him in. Right hand just misses for Beltran. Jab from Maldonado. Beltran continues to come forward, lands a left. Maldonado circles out, landing a left. Leg kick for Beltran. Body shots from Maldonado as they clinch. Beltran turns off the cage, trading body shots. Walk off the cage, Maldonado calls Beltran back there, putting himself on the fence again. Elbow inside from Beltran, and other, looking to turn up the intensity. Someone's mouthguard is out, so we have time. Re-started. Jabs from Maldonado. Body shot for the Brazilian. More aggressiveness from Maldonado here, landing combinations, finding his range. Beltran in for a weak takedown, stuffed, and body shots from Maldonado. Now some uppercuts in close. Maldonado starting to open up a little with two, three, four jabs. Followed by a 1-2 that lands. Beltran lands late, and they trade through the horn.

10-9 Maldonado, 19-19 through two – far more activity from Maldonado this round as opposed to the first. Lots of mixing up of his shots, working the body and the jab beautifully.

Round 3

Maldonado pistoning the jab out to start. Landing every time, picking at Beltran between his own shots. 1-2 lands. Maldonado moving well, Beltran lands a right, and Maldonado calls him in for more. Beltran presses in for a takedown, eats a right hand. Body shot from Maldonado, turns Beltran on the cage. Beltran drops for the takedown, nothing doing. Beltran drops down for the double, but Maldonado defends again. Two minutes down. Mario Yamasaki breaks them apart. Maldonado forward behind the jab. Another snaps Beltran's head back. Again. Beltran trying to get something going, lands the right hand, and follows it with two more. Uppercuts from Beltran in the clinch, and now a knee. Body shots from Maldonado, but the last one goes low, so we have time called again. Maldonado bleeding from the mouth. Back to work. 80 seconds left. Right from Maldonado. Beltran dips, not there. Knee from Beltran, into a front headlock, drags Maldonado down. Knees to the body and arm from Beltran, 20 seconds. Beltran opening up with lefts to finish the frame.

10-9 Beltran, 29-28 Beltran overall – landed the bigger shots over the entirety of the final round, closed out the frame with far more activity and impact than Maldonado.

Official Result: Fabio Maldonado defeats Joey Beltran by Split Decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28).

Analysis: This was the messy (in a good way) scrap everyone expected, with both guys slinging leather with little regard for defence. I hate to sound like a broken record, but this feels like another "it was close, so give it to the Brazilian guy" result. I'd really like to see the scorecards to see who the officials were and how those rounds were scored. A fun fight – the exact type of brawl everyone expected – but it sucks to always have questions about every close contest that goes to a Brazilian fighter in Brazil.

Mike Pierce (17-5) vs. Rousimar Palhares (14-5)

Round 1

Keith Peterson is the third man in the ring with these two welterweights.

Touch of gloves, and we're away.

Pierce crashing forward, Palhares looks for a leg right away. Back up, Palhares, dives on a leg, and Pierce taps. Palhares hangs on until the referee comes crashing in. Beautiful submission, but you hate to see a guy not let go when his opponent is tapping.

Official Result: Rousimar Palhares defeats Mike Pierce by Submission (Heel Hook) at 0:31 of Round 1.

Analysis: Quick, technical, violent finish from Palhares here, but dang – you have to let go of that heel the second Pierce taps. There is no reason to keep cranking on the submission. This isn't the first time he's done it, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's fined again. Additionally, not a great game plan from Pierce to crash in and get into "leg lock range" here.

T.J. Dillashaw (8-1) vs. Raphael Assuncao (20-4)

Round 1

Mario Yamasaki with the assignment in this outstanding bantamweight match-up.

Touch of gloves and they're started. Assuncao with a nice knee inside early. Right hand lands for him as Dillashaw tries to close the distance. Left kick from Dillashaw. Uppercut and hook land from Assuncao quick. Kick from Assuncao. Dillashaw's hands low, as always, switching stances. Shot from Dillashaw, and he puts Assuncao on the mat, but he's up quickly. Dillashaw uppercut connects, the follows miss. Left hand lands for Assuncao. Lunging jab lands for Dillashaw. Left again from Assuncao. High kick lands for Dillashaw, Assuncao eats it. Inside leg kick from Assuncao. Dillashaw in for a takedown, stuffed, but he climbs onto Assuncao's back, looking for the choke. Hooks in, Assuncao looks like he's going out as he falls to the canvas. Dillashaw's over the chin, and lets go. Dillashaw right back to the choke, again over the chin a little, but sliding down. Dillashaw lets go, still on the back though. Flattens him out momentarily. Both stand, Assuncao in on a single, they break, and the crowd erupts with 40 seconds left. Headkick misses from Dillashaw, who slips. Body kick keeps Dillashaw from coming forward, and the horn sounds.

10-9 Dillashaw - the back take and submission attempts are the high points of the round. Great start to the main card.

Round 2

Low kick from Assuncao. Both men feinting. Short left from Assuncao. Inside leg kick. Dillashaw to the body with the kick, caught. Body kick from Assuncao. Dillashaw backing him down. Left misses for Dillashaw. Left hand connects for Assuncao. High kick from Dillashaw lands weakly. Right hand from Assuncao after catching a kick from Dillashaw backs up the Team Alpha Male rep. Dillashaw in on a takedown, Assuncao sprawls, looking for the high angle guillotine. Dillashaw out, Assuncao looking for another choke, Dillashaw on top pressed along the cage. Dillashaw stands, Assuncao releases the choke, and they're back in space. Two minutes left. Hook to the body for Dillashaw. Left hook from Assuncao lands flush. Dillashaw misses with a combo, Assuncao misses with the counter. Assuncao slips, grabs a leg, but Dillashaw shakes free. Dillashaw in on a takedown, moves to the back. Dillashaw bleeding heavily from the nose. Assuncao back up, eats a knee on the way to his feet. Assuncao countering short shots well to close the frame.

10-9 Assuncao, 19-19 overall – Assuncao countering really well now, seems to have Dillashaw's timing down. Whoever wins the third wins the fight.

Round 3

Both look fresh to start the third. Dillashaw offers the headkick again, caught, Assuncao looks for the takedown, but they're back up. Knee lands for Dillashaw. Body kick for Assuncao. Dillashaw looking for the headkick on the other side, misses. Uppercut for Dillashaw inside lands, right hook counter from Assuncao connects as well. Jab from Assuncao. Dillashaw pushing the action. Assuncao in on a single, not there. Back in the center, two minutes gone. Assuncao eats a knee as he ducks the kick. Halfway home. Dillashaw cut over his eye. Headkick misses for Assuncao. Two minutes left. Left hand lands for Assuncao, and then a right. Knee to the body from Dillashaw. Assuncao shrugs off the takedown, circles out. Two piece from Dillashaw glances. One minute. Kick from Assuncao. Triple jab from Dillashaw. Right hand lands from Dillashaw, just misses on the takedown. Assuncao with double underhooks, Dillashaw shakes free. 30 seconds. Dillashaw lands a right counter. Horn sounds.

10-9 Dillashaw, 29-28 Dillashaw overall – he was the more active and aggressive of the two in the final round. Assuncao was looking to counter, and couldn't find the mark.

Official Result: Raphael Assuncao defeats T.J. Dillashaw by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

Analysis: Great fight to start the main card. Ultra-close, with Assuncao moving to 5-0 since dropping to the bantamweight division. Can't lie – this feels a little like a hometown decision; really thought Dillashaw did more in the final frame to earn the victory. Would like to see the final stats from the last round, as it didn't seem like Assuncao threw much. Either way, a fun, close fight that should only be the start of a good night of action on the main card.

Ildemar Alcantara (19-5) vs. Igor Araujo (23-6)

Round 1

Marc Goddard with the duties in this one.

Touch gloves and we're off.

Araujo circling, bouncing on the balls of his feet, offers a high kick early. Dives in on the hips, Alcantara turns him out, and into the cage. Araujo reverses, in on a double, stuffed. Alcantara turns, knee from Araujo as he falls to the canvas. Alcantara lets him up. Araujo again looking for the takedown. Alcantara defending well, controlling Araujo along the cage. Knee inside from Alcantara, and another. Pushes Araujo back into the cage. Knee from Araujo. Crowd not happy with the lack of action. Araujo dives in for a takedown, Alcantara with good hips, defends, and lands in top position. Short shots from Alcantara, sweep from Araujo, but Alcantara gets back to guard. Elbow from Alcantara, stands, throws the legs aside to pass, but Araujo gets back to guard. Araujo looks to stand, Alcantara locks in a ninja choke, but Araujo escapes as the go to the ground. One minute left. Araujo in half guard, peppering with short shots. Closed guard, hammerfists from Araujo.

10-9 Alcantara – close round, but the threat of the choke should be more impactful than the late takedown and ground and pound.

Round 2

Araujo moving well again to start, Alcantara more flat-footed. Araujo in for a takedown, Alcantara stuffs, but eats a right hand for his troubles. Right hand connects again as Araujo charges in. Takedown from double unders from Alcantara, Araujo with an omoplata from his guard. Now transitioning to a gogoplata with his shin across the throat. Alcantara out, looks to let Araujo up, but then wades back in, landing in half guard. Alcantara with a nice right hand, and they're back up. Kick from Alcantara misses. Right hand lands for Araujo, one in return from Alcantara. They hit the canvas, and Arauho reverses to top position, landing in half guard. Araujo trying to pin down the right arm, landing short, tepid punches. D'Arce choke set-up for Araujo but he lets it go. Araujo controlling things on the canvas, no energy from Alcantara on the bottom. Araujo looking to transition, but ends up in half guard again, finishing the round with punches.

10-9 Araujo, 19-19 overall – Alcantara looks exhausted, while Araujo seems to have more life left in him. Third round will decide this one.

Round 3

Five minutes to figure this one out.

Alcantara coming forward, Araujo circling as per the start of the first two frames. Stepping knee from Alcantara. Lunging right hand from Araujo. Araujo ducks under, Alcantara defends, but Araujo turns it into a trip along the cage, landing in half guard. Alcantara attempting a kimura from his back. Araujo not worried about it, landing to the body, and Alcantara lets it go. Araujo isolates the right arm, pinning it under his leg, landing elbows and punches. Alcantara looking for a heel hook, but nothing there as Araujo spins out, and back to top position. Single shots from top position for Araujo. Two minutes left. Body and head from Araujo - not a lot of jam on them, but they're landing. Alcantara looking at a heel, but Araujo defends again. More hammerfists from Araujo, followed by left hands. Alcantara looking for the heel hook again, but it's not there. Araujo not even worried about it, happy to land punches to the thigh. Alcantara trying to crank, Araujo pops out, lands back in top position, jumps to mount at the horn.

10-9 Araujo, 29-28 Araujo overall – just the far more active, effective of the two over the final two rounds.

Official Result: Igor Araujo defeats Ildemar Alcantara by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Analysis: A solid showing from Araujo in his UFC debut, showing the superior conditioning, and an ability to control things on the ground. Alcantara gassed after the first round, and Araujo took advantage.

Yan Cabral (10-0) vs. David Mitchell (12-3)

Round 1

Mario Yamasaki is our official for the first of five welterweight contests on the card tonight.

Touch gloves and we're off.

Kick from Mitchell misses. The American is the aggressor here very early. Stepping jab for Mitchell. Cabral in on the hips behind a right hook, quickly around to the back. Cabral drags Mitchell to the ground, hooks in, looking for the rear-naked choke. Mitchell defends, Cabral into guard. Slick transition to mount from Cabral, who opens up with strikes. Mitchell grabs for a heel hook, Cabral defends by rotating out. Now moves to the back again. Mitchell fighting hands, turns and faces, escaping the back mount. Cabral misses with the right hand as he comes back into Mitchell's guard. Butterflies for Mitchell, but he can't elevate. Cabral to half guard, now in side control. Mitchell rolls, giving up his back again. Mitchell stands up, has Cabral pressed into the cage. Quick takedown for Mitchell, but Cabral right back up. The circle off the cage and back into space. One minute left. Left hand lands for Cabral as Mitchell attempts a spinning back fist. Cabral to the back from a standing position, Mitchell defends. Along the cage, Cabral with short knees to the thigh. 10-9 Cabral – dictated the pace and placement of the first round with his slick grappling and smooth transitions.

Round 2

Mitchell comes forward looking to be the aggressor, but Cabral drops him with a right hand. Cabral pounces, and ends up on his back. Mitchell defends, looks for a foot lock, forcing Cabral to play defence momentarily. Cabral now into half guard, lands a short elbow. Moves around to side control, looking for the head and arm choke. Mitchell gets it back to half guard, but Cabral stands, and walks down into side control. Mitchell tries to stand, and Cabral again attacks the back. Mitchell up, looking for a kimura, but Cabral defends. Halfway home. MItchell sits into the kimura, Cabral one step ahead, gets out and into side control. Great grappling here; fun stuff. Cabral stands, lands a right hand on the chin as he looks for a way in. Cabral looking for the head-and-arm again. Rubber guard from Mitchell, Cabral backs out, and slips into side control. Mitchell rolls, giving up the back again. Mitchell stands, Cabral dumps him. Short punches from Cabral. 30 seconds. Mitchell stands, Cabral drags him down again. Back up with 10 seconds left, Cabral with a body lock from behind to close. 10-9 Cabral – he's dominating the action on the canvas, controlling Mitchell at every turn. The early right hand that dropped him was nice too.

Round 3

Final round underway. Mitchell again starts out stalking Cabral. Leg kick from Cabral, followed by a headkick attempt. Mitchell pushes into the clinch along the cage. Circle off, both miss big swings. Cabral ducks under a jab attempt, hitting the takedown. Cabral postures up, lands a right hand, looking to step over Mitchell's knee. Mitchell defending well, looking for openings from his back, but Cabral stays clean. Steps out, lands a right hand, and drops into mount. Punches and elbows from Cabral. Mitchell looks to turn, Cabral into side control, now transitions to the back, hooks in. Mitchell defends and escapes, but Cabral gives him no space, right back into side control. Mitchell rolls again, Cabral to the back once more. Looks to move to mount, but Mitchell gets a leg in. Cabral steps out, drops back into Mitchell's guard. Mitchell sets up a triangle, but Cabral pops his head out, and moves to the back yet again. Looking for the head and arm choke, not there yet. Mitchell fighting it off, Cabral lets go. This one is done.

10-9 Cabral, 30-27 Cabral overall – just a thoroughly dominant Brazilian jiu-jitsu display for Cabral, who gets his first win in the Octagon here.

Official Result: Yan Cabral defeats David Mitchell by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Analysis: This one showed both how strong Cabral's ground game is, but also the difference in competition outside of the UFC and inside the Octagon. Cabral dominated, but couldn't find a finish, as Mitchell defended well. While the submissions might not be as plentiful now that he's in the UFC, the 30-year-old Brazilian will get every opportunity to flourish going forward, most likely on future cards in his native Brazil.

Chris Cariaso (14-5) vs. Iliarde Santos (27-8-1)

Flyweights up next – Keith Peterson making the trip to Barueri gets the assignment.

Santos is fired up, screaming in his corner before they start.

Round 1

Santos stalking, and the chants start in the crowd for the Brazilian vs. American match-up. Cariaso with a kick to the body. Goes a little higher with the second one, but blocked. Santos slips looking for a kick of his own. Cariaso with a two-punch combo finished with a kick, none of which lands. Right hand misses for Santos, leg kick counter from Cariaso. Trip takedown for Santos as the two minute mark, right into side control. Moves to mount, lands two rights, but Cariaso back to guard, now looking to stand along the cage. Santos drags the legs out, takes the back. Looks to transition to a kneebar, Cariaso spins out, and he's now back up. Santos still controlling on the cage. Two minutes left. Body shots from Santos. Cariaso spins out as Santos tries for a spinning elbow. Santos still stalking, lands a stiff left hand. Cariaso starting to get a mouse under his eye. Cariaso counters with a left, but Santos walks through it into the clinch along the cage, looking for a takedown. Connects on the double, into guard to close the round. 10-9 Santos - controlled all aspects of the frame, landing the more significant strikes, and completing a pair of takedowns.

Round 2

Santos fired up between rounds, takes the center on the re-start. Cariaso offers high with a kick, blocked. Cariaso lands ducking under a swing from Santos. Both fighters land as the close the distance on each other. Santos calling Cariaso on, and the American is obliging, offering more hands here so far in the second. Right hook lands for Cariaso, Santos returns fire with a big shot, followed by a pair of knees to the body. Right hook lands again for Cariaso, backs Santos up. Uppercut-hook combo lands for Cariaso, and a left staggers Santos. Cariaso looking to pound as Santos is on his back, looking to control position. Hammerfists from Cariaso, Santos back to his feet, lands a knee on the way up. Santos bloodied and slowed drastically. Right hook connects again for Cariaso. Two minutes left. Santos for the takedown, Cariaso stuffs. Body lock from Santos with a knee inside. Both connect with rights on the break. Body kick from Cariaso, and then upstairs. Stiff right wobbles Santos again, and a left down the pipe is followed by an elbow. Santos on Jello legs. Measured right hand from Cariaso, and another, and referee Keith Peterson stops it.

Official Result: Chris Cariaso defeats Iliarde Santos by Technical Knockout (Punches) at 4:31 of Round 2.

Analysis: Great second round and finish for Cariaso here after dropping the first. After a couple tough losses to ranked competition, this is a good win for the veteran American. Really like the way he took his time, measured his shots, and made the most of Santos being hurt in the end – too often, fighters rush in wild and waste the opportunity, but Cariaso made the most of it to get his first win as a flyweight in the UFC.

Alan Patrick (10-0) vs. Garett Whiteley (7-0)

Marc Goddard handles the officiating for this lightweight contest.

Round 1

They touch'em up and start. Patrick offers a kick early, then closes the distance, dragging Whiteley to the ground quickly. Whitelely gets back to his feet, eats an elbow along the cage. Circling out, Whiteley lands a glancing knee. Looping hook misses for Patrick. Kick lands low from Patrick and we press pause on the action. Whitelely's ready to go, and Marc Goddard restarts them. Capoeira kick from Patrick blocked, but he gets inside off it. Whitelely turns him along the cage, lands an uppercut on the break. Halfway home in the first. Whiteley slips a hook and lands, but Patrick counters with a spinning elbow. Whiteley looks high with a kick but misses. Clinched in the center, trading inside knees. Back apart, Patrick offers high with a kick but misses. Patrick ducks looking for a takedown, stuffed by a Whiteley knee. Inside leg kick for Whiteley. Patrick connects with a big left hand as Whiteley steps in with an uppercut, and Whiteley is rocked. Patrick pounces and unloads, and Goddard has seen enough. This one is done!

Official Result: Alan Patrick defeats Garett Whiteley by Technical Knockout (Punches) at 3:54 of Round 1.

Analysis: It's hard to get a good read on some of these Brazilian fighters because of the level of competition they're facing initially. That said, you have like the fact that Patrick showed good finishing instincts and solid power. With the UFC planning to hold numerous events in Brazil next year, Patrick will have further opportunities to impress in 2014.

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