Kennedy trys trash talk to get Bisping

Tim Kennedy has begun to unleash his epic trash talk on Michael Bisping.

Tim Kennedy made Wednesday night about his performance in front
of the troops at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and said after his
first round knockout victory over Rafael Natal
that he wasn’t in the business of calling anybody out after the

He did promise, however, that his next call out would come via
Twitter or Facebook — the exact same way he called out Natal
to help their fight come together for the UFC Fight for the Troops

Well, Kennedy didn’t waste any time on Thursday fresh off his
win to take aim at the most called out man in the history of the
UFC — Michael Bisping. The battle tested Brit is currently on
the shelf mending his eye after suffering a second injury for a
detached retina after having the same ailment earlier this

Bisping isn’t expected to come back for at least three to six
months, but Kennedy still wanted to take a shot at him, and it
wasn’t the first time either.

A few years ago while still in Strikeforce, Kennedy launched a
campaign to fight Bisping after he beat Jorge Rivera at UFC 127 in
Australia. For weeks leading up to their fight, Rivera along with
his sponsor Ranger Up (who also have been a major supporter of
Kennedy’s for years) made a series of videos poking fun at the
British middleweight unrelentingly. Bisping didn’t take too kindly
to the videos and he ended up enraged during the fight and was
accused of actually spitting on Rivera’s corner after winning the

Kennedy’s never forgotten that moment and he spoke about facing
Bisping just before his fight on Wednesday hoping that could
potentially be a fight he could land in the future. Kennedy says if
Bisping was rattled by Rivera’s trash talk, just wait until he sees
what the former Army Ranger can put together for their fight.

“We made a video and he ended up spitting on our entire corner.
He threatened to kill Matt Finney’s family (one of Rivera’s
coaches). He illegally kneed Jorge Rivera in the head on the ground
and that was a PG rated trash talking. It’s a whole new level if I
get to fight him ever. It’s not like ‘oh we’re going to make fun of
where you’re from and how you talk and how you order things like a
hamburger (and call it) a meat biscuit,” Kennedy told FOX

“I’ll have to wear a titanium groin protector, I’ll have to walk
in there like the Three Stooges with my hands in front of my eyes
just so he doesn’t poke me. I’ve got to protect myself from
headbutts and other things he’d try to do. It would get real.”

His Twitter jabs on Thursday were just the latest attempts from
Kennedy to goad Bisping into a fight, and he’s not likely to let up
any time soon. Given his high profile win in the main event of the
UFC Fight for the Troops card on Wednesday, Kennedy could
definitely get the promotion interested in the fight with his
continued barbs aimed directly at Bisping.

Kennedy doesn’t even really care where the fight takes place,
how the fight takes place or if he has to accept the bout on short
notice. As long as Bisping’s name is on the other side of the
contract, Kennedy will sign. It’s not a deep down desire Kennedy
has to smash the outspoken Brit — it’s a desire he’s carrying
around sign for anyone to see.

“I don’t know about this deep down inside thing at all, it’s
very, very, very shallow,” Kennedy said. “If they said ‘hey do you
want to fight Bisping? Yes!’. ‘Hey do you want to fight Bisping on
this card? Yes!’. If you had to wear an eye patch and he had to
wear and eye patch? Would you fight him with testosterone? Not me,
but him, yes whatever. Not deep, very shallow, I’d fight him on a