Kennedy reveals secret injury

After his admitted greatest moment of his career, UFC
middleweight and former Special Forces sniper Tim Kennedy talked to
FOX Sports’ Ariel Helwani about his Knockout of the Night win
over Rafael Natal in the main event of Fight for the Troops.

“I can hit hard,” tells Kennedy. “I wanted to
surprise with explosiveness. I waited until the end of the round, I
tried to set a pace he was comfortable with so I could explode into
the finish. I’ve been working on that stuff. My corner called
the combo and I threw it as soon as they said it and it was

In front of his brothers and sisters in US military service,
Kennedy delivered his first KO win in 6 years. Following the
raucous celebration, Kennedy explained the still raw uneasiness he
has about leaving active duty for prizefighting.

“The guys out there have the best job in the world, the
hardest job in the world,” asserts Kennedy. “It’s
infinitely harder than my job and I left that job. I left a hard
job to do an easy job. A job I get paid a lot more than I did to do
out there. I’m not going to die in the cage, but I could have
died out there. I don’t feel like I deserve to be in there. I
feel like I could spend the rest of my life trying to make up for
leaving that job.”

Also, Kennedy revealed he tore his quad his last week of fight
camp. “That’s not saying I’m tough, that’s
a testament to how hard and how bad I wanted to be in that cage
because it was for them, I just love them to death, and I have to
figure out more ways to help them,” says Kennedy.