Jordan Mein crushes Mike Pyle with lightning-fast first-round TKO

Jordan Mein isn't getting paid by the hour because he got in and got out again, knocking Mike Pyle cold at just 71 seconds into the first round to pick up his third UFC victory

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It's hard to fathom that at 24 years of age, Jordan Mein already has nearly 40 fights to his record, but that kind of experience pays off when he faces a real veteran of the sport like Mike Pyle

Mein came into this fight off a win, albeit not his best performance since coming to the UFC and following a tumultuous day on Friday where he had to deal with his father being arrested, there were doubts how the young Canadian would react in the cage.

Well those questions were all answered and it only took 71 seconds for a resolution.

Mein was patient as Pyle looked for the takedown early, but once he realized the Las Vegas based fighter wasn't getting close enough to present any real threat, he started looking to land his finishing shot.  Mein faked low and came up with a beautifully timed left hook and it popped Pyle's jaw like a balloon.

Pyle fell to the mat like a tree crackling over in the forest and Mein only needed to land a couple of more punches before the referee saw enough and dragged him off to stop the fight.  The win moves Mein to 3-1 since coming to the UFC with this victory likely being the biggest yet over an established veteran like Pyle.

"I just want to see another co-main event or main event spot," Mein said when asked what he wanted next by UFC commentator Jon Anik.  "I love being in the spotlight, that's where I belong I believe."

With the kinds of fights Mein has put on in most of his UFC bouts, it's hard to imagine he won't be placed against another top 15 opponent as he starts his climb towards the best welterweights in the world. 

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