Jones Jr taking tuneup bout for Silva

It looks like one of the least anticipated fights in UFC history
still might have some life.

Middle-aged boxer Roy Jones Jr. announced this week that
he’s taking a bout with some guy named Bobby Gunn – and
he’s doing it as a tuneup for former UFC middleweight
champion Anderson Silva.

Jones Jr. told that Silva has
“made it clear” that he wants him if he beats Chris
Weidman at UFC 168 on Dec. 28.

“I’m here for him,” Jones Jr. said. “That’s a
fight that intrigues a lot of people, but I can’t fight Anderson
Silva coming off such a long layoff. So I needed to get a fight
first. If it wasn’t for Anderson Silva calling me out, I wouldn’t
be fighting this fight.”

Jones Jr., 45, flew to Las Vegas in July to speak with UFC
president Dana White about a potential bout with Silva on the same
weekend that Weidman upset Silva to win the title. A few days
later, the Silva-Weidman rematch was booked and it seemed like the
idea of Silva-Jones Jr. would coast off into the sunset never to be
heard about it again.

Unfortunately, we’re not that lucky.

“I’m motivated to beat Gunn so I can fight Silva, and I
need to be ready,” said Jones Jr, the former boxing
pound-for-pound king. “But, hey, he might not win the fight with
Weidman. But if he does, people are intrigued by a fight between
us. He wants to box. I got to let him scratch his itch.”

Seemingly the only other person who wants to see this fight
happen is Silva. The 38-year-old has said on a number of occasions
that a bout (MMA, boxing, whatever) with Jones Jr. intrigues him
more than a superfight with Jon Jones or Georges St-Pierre. The
Brazilian has been known to troll the media on the regular, but it
seems like he’s sincere about wanting badly to look across
the cage at Jones Jr.

“My focus is my rematch now … I finish this then
it’s the fight with Roy Jones, Jr.,” Silva said in Los
last month at a UFC 168 press tour stop.
“It’s my dream. It’s my personal

Here’s hoping it stays just that.