Jones: no future title shot for Hendo

It was about a year ago when Jon Jones and Dan Henderson were
supposed to fight, a bout that was scuttled when Henderson went
down with a knee injury. That ultimately led to the UFC canceling
the entire UFC 151 event, and led to some major backlash for Jones,
who turned down a late-notice replacement bout against Chael

While Jones went on to later fight and defeat Sonnen, Henderson
never got his shot at the belt. Tired of sitting on the sidelines,
Henderson fought Lyoto Machida and lost a split-decision, one of
two straight defeats by the same method.

Time keeps ticking away on Henderson, who just turned 43 in
August, and Jones doesn’t expect the legend to make it back to top
contender status.

“I doubt it,” he said on Monday’s edition of FOX Sports Live.
“At this stage of Dan’s career, I doubt he’ll be making any title
shots, so probably not, unless we meet at a parking lot or

Jones, who meets
Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165, appears likely
to have Glover Teixeira lined up next as long as he comes out
victorious on Saturday.

In the interview, which was playfully conducted by Sonnen, Jones
said he always felt Henderson and Sonnen had set him up. As you may
recall, Henderson acknowledged that he was injured about three
weeks before it was publicly revealed, but said he didn’t disclose
it in hopes he would heal in time to take the fight. Sonnen, who is
Henderson’s former teammate and longtime friend, then went to work
on social media challenging Jones, though at the time, Henderson’s
injury was still under wraps.

Seems that the champ believes that’s enough evidence to convict
them of conspiracy.

“I know you guys set me up,” Jones said. “Chael, you started to
really chirp me right around the time Dan Henderson got hurt.”

“Any room for coincidence on that?” Sonnen asked.

“No, I don’t think so,” Jones said. “You’re a smart guy

If he was right, Sonnen wasn’t saying.