Joe Lauzon dispatches Mac Danzig with unanimous decision win

It wasn’t the usual Joe Lauzon fight, but in a moment where he
needed to get a victory the Boston area native put on a dominant
performance to beat Mac Danzig in the kick off fight at UFC on FOX
on Saturday night.

Lauzon entered the cage against Danzig on the first two fight
losing streak of his career so he put plenty of self-applied
pressure to ensure that he would stop the skid and get back on the
winning track.

15 minutes later, Lauzon was a much happier man than he was
after his last two bouts.

It didn’t take long for Lauzon to press the action forward,
grabbing a body lock and putting Danzig on his back. A few seconds
later, Lauzon gets the mount and transitions to a beautiful armbar
attempt, but his crafty veteran opponent is wise to the move and
slips out. Danzig was able to work back to the feet, but not for
long before Lauzon drags it back to the mat again.

The second round saw a slow down in action with the fighters
working in the clinch as Danzig looked good inside landing some
quick elbows and punches to Lauzon’s head. A misstep during an
exchange of knees ended Danzig’s work on the feet, however, as
Lauzon once again got it to the mat. Lauzon began to work his
ground attack from the top and ended up opening a large cut on
Danzig’s head, painting his entire face red with blood. With
Danzig’s view obstructed from the blood, Lauzon moved fast into a
mount and went for another armbar, but time ran out before he could
secure the hold.

Danzig, sensing he was down two rounds to none, came out strong
in the third looking to land combinations on the feet against
Lauzon. His attacks were again subdued by Lauzon’s grappling heavy
offense, and the fight went back to the ground. From there Lauzon
started to overwhelm Danzig, moving into the mount for the third
time, but on this trip he decided to rain down elbows to punish his
opponent from above instead of looking for the submission.

Lauzon wasn’t able to get the finish, but he exuded dominance in
every aspect of the ground game, shutting down Danzig at every
turn. The final tally from the judges was a shutout for Lauzon with
30-27 scores across the board.

Lauzon (23-9) had said prior to this event that he felt he was
in a must win situation after back-to-back losses and losing three
out of his last four fights. While it wasn’t the typical Lauzon
barnburner that has tied him for the record of the most post fight
bonuses in UFC history, it still got him the desired result he was
so desperately seeking.

The loss for Danzig (22-12-1) marks his third defeat in a row
and his overall record at 2-5 over his last seven fights. A former
Ultimate Fighter champion, Danzig’s struggles could be met with a
release from the UFC after this fight and his recent struggles to
find the winner’s circle inside the Octagon.