‘Mayhem’ says Dana White killed MMA

Jason “Mayhem” Miller,
whose feats outside of The Octagon now
outnumber what he’s done inside, is back in full-blown troll

The ex-UFC, Strikeforce, WEC and Dream middleweight fighter took
to the popular
MMA Underground forums after the FOX UFC
Saturday: Johnson vs Moraga event to unleash his latest diatribe
upon UFC President Dana White.

Mayhem’s open letter to DW ignited a thread now 18-pages long
(epic for even theUG’s standards), and asserted that the UFC
President “killed the sport” and bored FOX executives with last
night’s card.

So far, Mayhem has not followed up his
UG post. Here is the full message:

Dana White has killed the sport that you and i love. The
refusal to build stars. The reward for standing and wanging. THE
UNIFIED RULES, have all killed the sport of mixed martial arts. I
come to you humbly, as a student and teacher of the mixed martial
arts. A man that has never tapped out, or been knocked out in mixed
martial arts competition and ask that you do not support a
corporate monarchy that favors a mark in the Win column, over
showcasing the ART of MMA.

Obviously, it behooves those with an interest in gambling on
Ultimate Fighting to know who will most likely win and most likely
lose a UFC match, so the current structure will remain until YOU,
the Fan demand that these forces stop controlling Mixed Martial

I am Mayhem Miller, so i am well aware of what it is like to
live on the opposite end of the coorporate power structure, with a
lifetime record of 52-8-1 and a UFC record of 0-3. The men in UFC
were never stronger than men i fought around the World, just the
circumstances in which i fought them were more Extreme.

As a fan. I urge you…

When the next Big Thing hits, jump aboard-because with PPV
sales slipping since 2009, and the executives at Fox watching these
boring fights, if you are still a Dana shill, you are polishing the
brass on the Cubicle Captain’s Titanic. Don’t let him kill our
sport. I love it too much.


The Mayhem Monkey

Jason Mayhem Miller

Despite nearly 30,000 views on the thread, Dana White doesn’t
appear to be one of them. As of this posting, he has yet to reply
he has an account), which may have gotten
under Mayhem’s skin: he followed up via Twitter with two additional

So, did things just get even realer? Actually, is Mayhem even
aware of reality? Whatever the case, the man knows
how to make good Internet.

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