‘Mayhem’ Miller pulls a knife on live TV

The life trajectory of former Strikeforce middleweight title
contender, UFC fighter, and
Ultimate Fighter
“Mayhem” Miller
continues its downward spiral.

Since being released by the UFC after losing a unanimous
decision to CB Dollaway at UFC 146, Mayhem has been involved with
Twitter meltdowns,
misdemeanor vandalism, and now, pulling a
knife on live television.


an interview with James Koh of myFOXla’s “Cage
, the 32-year-old Miller discussed a possible MMA
comeback, multiple knee surgeries,

corporate monarchies
the UFC, and his new
t-shirt brand
Stubborn. In an impromptu product demo, Miller
whipped out a knife and began carving up his own t-shirt. Or as he
put it, “Mayheming” the shirt.

His debut design (pictured above) features notable genius
Albert Einstein explaining the effects of a well-applied triangle
choke. “This is explaining to the simpler of us monkeys what a
triangle choke can do to you,” Mayhem said of Stubborn. “Do not try
this at home, kids.”



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