Jameson says ‘Rampage’ is ‘hot’

Ex-porn star Jenna Jameson says ‘Rampage’ is ‘hot’

It sounds like Jenna Jameson is ready to move on from Tito Ortiz with another man – she’s into Quinton “Rampage” Jackson now.

“He’s hot, he’s sweet and he’s really good at what he does,” Jameson told TMZ. “And he doesn’t cry all the time.”

The former porn star must have a thing for washed-up, middle-aged ex-UFC champions. But it’s clear she didn’t exactly understand the question. The video interviewer asked Jameson if she roots for Ortiz (her ex-husband) or his opponent during a fight.

Jameson said: “I’m rooting for ‘Rampage.’”

There’s just one problem, of course. The two aren’t fighting. Not anymore. Not after Ortiz – you know, the father of Jameson’s kids – pulled out of a November bout with a fractured neck.

You would think Jameson knows that, especially with as much as she tweets and talks about Ortiz during interviews.

Recently, Jameson had to cut short a press tour promoting her new book “Sugar,” because, well, her interviews were an absolute train wreck complete with word-slurring and making absolutely no sense.

Then there’s the confusion over custody of the dysfunctional couple’s two kids. Jameson has been saying in interviews that she sees the boys all the time. Not so, Ortiz tweeted Monday night.

“U ppl r being fooled.The jokes on u!”

And it’s quite the gut-busting joke.

It’s a wonder how two completely stable and well-adjusted individuals ended up like this.

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