Pettis submits Henderson to win title

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New UFC champ in the house! Anthony Pettis submitted Benson Henderson to win the UFC lightweight title in an absolute SHOCKER. It was a perfect cap to an incredible night of fights.


Check out this knockout combination of photos from UFC 164: Henderson vs. Pettis.

Anthony Pettis vs. Benson Henderson

Round 1

The crowd is bonkers for Anthony Pettis. They really don't like Benson Henderson. Henderson also has his hair in cornrows, too, instead of tied back like normal.

Henderson comes out the aggressor but neither guy is throwing. Henderson with a double but can't finish. Turns it to a high crotch and Pettis is fighting him off well. Benson drops the leg when he can't finish the takedown and Pettis moves away. Another double from Benson and he's in deep, Pettis using hand control to get him out though. He switches to a high single and Pettis fights out. Henderson is working the clinch and lands a nice uppercut. Big shot from Pettis and Benson is in against the cage again. Henderson goes for a double against it and Pettis is doing a great job in defense. Henderson is kneeing the thighs whil in the clinch; he may not get the takedown but he's trying to slow him down later in the fight. Pettis fights out and we're back to the middle. Pettis lands some great kicks on henderson and goes for a cartwheel kick. Henderson catches him and gets the takedown with a minute, landing in full guard. Pettis grabs an armbar from bottom and Henderson taps. Anthony Pettis wins via submission at 4:31 of the first round.

Official Result: Anthony Pettis def. Benson Henderson via submission (armbar) at 4:21 of the first round, thus winning the UFC lightweight championship.

Frank Mir vs. Josh Barnett

Round 1

Barnett comes out swinging and Mir is more than willing to oblige him. Barnett grabs Mir and body locks him against the cage. We get an underhook battle from the two as they are just throwing leather. Barnett goes to the Thai clinch and Mir moves out, Barnett gets him against the cage. Barnett is landing some big shots as Mir lost his mouth piece. Big knee from Barnett and Mir goes OUT at 1:57 of the first round. Mir is protesting the decision but he was knocked out cageside to press row; he was unconscious.

Official Result: Josh Barnett def. Frank Mir via KO (knee) at 1:57 of the first round

Clay Guida vs. Chad Mendes

Round 1

Guida comes out with movement and Mendes isn't getting suckered in. He's waiting for his moment to strike as Clay is making a lot of effort but not doing much. Mendes is looking to counter and is getting close to landing a number of times; Guida's speed is what saving him from getting hit. Guida goes for a takedown and Mendes grabs a guillotine, turns it into a darce and nearly lands but Guida gets away with a scramble. Guida is starting to trade but Mendes is making him move every time he hits. Mendes drags him to the ground with a minute left and Guida pulls full guard, open. Mendes is content to work out of it slowly. Guida is doing a good job defensively but Mendes is smother him. Guida makes it to his knees but Mendes won't let him out of a front headlock as the round ends. 10-9 Mendes.

Round 2

Guida come sout more aggressive and Mendes matches him; Mendes is looking for the takedown more and Guida is staying away, making him have to overcommit (which he isn't doing). Mendes is staying away, looking to counter, as Mendes gets hits in the nuts. Mendes comes out firing and Guida goes for the takedown. Mendes spins around and takes back. Guida gets up and we have some exchanges. Mendes drags him to the ground and spins to take back. Guida stands up and spins away; Mendes is just out classing him at this point. Guida is game but Mendes is another level better. Another single from Clay and Mendes gets him down, punishing him against the cage. He lets him off again as Guida is game to throw; Mendes is just out-classing him at this point. 10 seconds left and Mendes is waiting for the counter. 10-9 Mendes, 20-18 Mendes.

Round 3

Mendes clips Guida Early and tees off, Guida is down and Mendes is just uncorking on him. 30 seconds in and Mendes is pulled off.

Official Result: Chad Mendes def. Clay Guida via TKO (strikes) :30 of round 3

Ben Rothwell vs. Brandon Vera

Round 1

Rothwell is a crowd favorite as he's from local Wisconsin/Illinois border town Kenosha, WI.

Both guys are a little tnteative to start but Vera is clealry quicker. Vera throws a kick and Rothwell lands a nice counter combo. Vera wants nothing to do with his power. anytime Rothwell gets close Vera gets away. Rothwell is using his footwork to trap Vera near the cage, though, and lands a nice right that wobbles Vera. Vera is looking for body kick and finesse and Rothwell is looking for a one shot KO. Rothwell's hands loo faster than they have in years. Vera has thrown that body kick enough that Rothwell has timed it; he's throwing as soon as he sees Vera's hip moving. Nice uppercut against the cage for Rothwell; Vera is trying to mvoe into space and rothwell is doign a great job at isolating him near the cage. Rothwell with a hard kick to the legs; Verais using his quicks but Rothwell is doing a good job using angles. Nice headkick from Rothwell that grazes Vera. Vera is moving well but he's not pulling the trigger a lot; Rothwell is trying to make him engage with his movement. Rothwell goes for the low kick and hits Brandon in his Veras. He's in the corner and he's in a lot of pain. Fight resumes ... and round is over. Odd. Rothwell 10-9.

Round 2

Vera comes out landing some leg kicks and Rothwell responds in kind. vera goes to the clin and Rothwell gets him against teh cagel some knees to the body from each and Vera backs out. Vera is back to using movement and Rothwell using his footwork to corner him. Big leh kick lands flush and Vera walks through it. Rothwell grabs the clinch and we're against the cage. Vera is landing some knees to the body and Rothwell lets him go. Back to the same as Rothwell is throwign more leg kicks this round; he's looking to slow Vera down and make him more hittable. Nice short elbow from vera. Half hearted takedown goes nowhere and we're back to movement from vera and footwork from Rothwell. VEra is starting to aim kicks higher now, as he has one bounce off Rothwell's hands. Single leg from vera goes nowhere. Big flurry from Rothwell and Vera is against the cage, eating some shots. Rothwell is keeping him there, landing some big shots, until Vera moves out. Rothwell is more aggressive towards the end but Vera is keeping him away with distance. 10-9 Rothwell, 20-18 Rothwell.

Round 3

Big body shot from Rothwell early and we're against the cage. Break from herb Dean and we're back in the mdidle. Rothwell taunts Vera and barrels into him against the cage. nice combination and he;s unloading. Vera is eating a ton of punishment and VERA GOES DOWN. Rothwell uncorks and Herb Dean pulls him off at 1:56 of the third round.

Official Result: Ben Rothwell def. Brandon Vera via TKO att 1:54 of the third round

Dustin Poirier vs. Erik Koch

Round 1

Koch is the hometown boy and the crowd really likes him. Poirier ... not so much.

Both guys come out slinging leather, doing similar leg kick/punch combos. both fighters are similar in style, as well, which makes it interesting they'd start the same way. Poirier clips him early and lands some big shots, Koch grabs a triangle and latches it tight. He's got it deep and sinks it in, Poirier trying to roll out of it. He does in a spectacular sequence. Koch has it in again and eventually Poirier lets him up. Poirier with the taunt and we're in the clinch, Poirier against the cage. Poirier reverses position and we're nearly at a stalemate. Koch is landing some nice knees to the body and Poirier backs out. Poirier with a big right and Koch goes down. Poirer jumps on him and is landing some big shots, Koch is just trying to survive here. He postures up and lands some big shots as Koch tries to get the scramble. Koch back up and Poirier drags him back down, landing in half guard. Poirier looking for a darce choke and has it in deep. Koch battles out. Sweet Jesus WHAT A ROUND. Poirier 10-9.

Round 2

Koch has taken a beating and is back, still intense. Poirier is looking for that big overhand right and Koch is backing out; Poirier is telegraphing it a little bit and he's spotting it. Koch is trying to set up a counter strike but Poirier is being cautious with his punches. koch goes for the body clinch and poirier reverse to a hip toss, Koch right agianst the cage and back up quickly. Poirier grabs back and Koch is hand fighting him, keeping him grabbing a choke. He rolls to his stomach and Poirier looks for an arm triangle, Koch defending that well. Poirier is landing some strikes but nothing major; Koch is doing a good job and makign him move instead of setting up strikes. Koch back to his feet and we're into a clinch against the cage. Poirier is trying to drag him down and Koch is doing a good job using underhooks to keep him away. Poirier with a couple of nice punches and Koch is willing to oblige him. Koch looks the worse for wear but he's not out of it. 10 seconds left and we're back to the clinch against the cage. 10-9 Poirier, 20-18 Poirier.

Round 3

Koch comes out firing; he knows he's probably down two rounds now and is fighting with nothing to lose. Poirier is looking to get a takedown and seal it using top position. He gets a body clinch and we're up against the cage a minute in. Not much as its knees from Poirier and underhook positioning from Koch. Koch with a nice trip and Poirier is on his back, in half butterfly guard. Koch is looking to pass and Poirier is doing a great job in guard preventing him. Poirier is looking to sweep and KOch is doing a good job with his posture to keep him from doing so. Hes not landing much in the process, though. POirier with the scramble and Koch grabs hiback, rolling onto his back and grabbing the hooks. He goes for the rear naked but can't finish it. Poirier stands up with Koch on his back and nearly bucks him off. Good positional awareness from Koch. Poirier is doing a good job of playing defense as Koch goes for a choke late and can't finish. 10-9 Koch, 29-28 Poirier

This could be close depending on how you scored the first round. The second was clearly Poirier, Third was Koch. First was a candidate for round of the year and very close.

Official Result: Dustin Poirier def. Erik Koch by unanimous decision

Gleison Tibau vs. Jamie Varner

Round 1

Tibau's corner is over by press row and the guy is an absolute monster. Does not look like he weighs 155 lbs at all.

Both guys come out a bit tentative, nothing major thrown. Varner with a pair of nice leg kicks early as he's movement to keep from Tibau. nice combination from varner as Tibau is looking to counter. Varner is trying to wade in and avoid the big power of Tibau but isn't landing all that much. Varner with a nice right that connects but can't land anything else. Tibau is doing a good job of moving out of the way if Varner lands with anything. Not a lot of action from either guy. Varner goes in for the body clinch but Tibau is just too strong and shrugs it off. Tibau gets in on the single and gets Varner to the ground, Varner doin a good job of locking up Tibau's hands. Varner moves to the cage to wall walk up as Tibau isn't doing much. Varner back to his feet and Tibau lands some knees to the legs. 10-9 Tibau.

Round 2

Not much action to start as neither fighter is throwing all that much. Varner goes for a flying knee and Tibau catches him, dragging him to the ground. Varner moves into half guard as Tibau lands some strikes. Tibau is looking for an arm triangle but Varner is doing a good defensively off his back. Varner rolls to his back and Tibau grabs back mount, moves into full mount as Tibau is landing to the body. Varner is trying to explode but Tibau is using his hips well. Varner tries to roll through and Tibau keeps him in mount. Varner rolls to his stomach and Tibau has the hooks in. He flattens him out and Varner rolls to his back. Tibau's not doing much but Varner us preventing him from doing anything by clinging tight. 10-9 Tibau, 20-18 Tibau.

Round 3

Varner comes out swinging and very aggressive; he knows he's down two rounds and is going for broke. Tibau is playing defense this point. He's looking to counter and land something big when Varner over commits. Varner goes in wild with a strike a minute in and Tibau level changes into a double for the takedown, Varner is back up quickly quickly. varner goes for a double off a wild exchange but can't hit it; he's landing to the body because tibau is defending his head well. Varner is wading in and throwing at this point; he goes for a double that doesn't hit and Tibau goes for a single that doesn't land. Varner with a big right and gets the takedown with two minutes left. Odd strategy as he's grinding now when he's down two rounds, most likely. He postures up and starts landing strikes but he's almost content to lay in half guard right now. Varner is looking for position to land strikes and Tibau is willing to ride out the clock right now. He postures up with 20 seconds in and starts showing some urgency. 10 seconds and Tibau pushes him off, Varner lands a strike as the fight ends. 10-9 Varner, 29-28 Tibau

Official Result: Gleison Tibau def. Jamie Varner via Split Decision. (29-28 Tibau, 29-27 Varner, 29-28 Tibau)

Tim Elliot vs. Louis Gaudinot

Round 1

Gaudinot has cut off his hair, still dyed green mind you ... that could factor in. Gaudinot's hair has gotten in his eyes his last couple fights and had been a distraction. Without it could be an advantage for him. Gaudinot is looking to counter early, comes in for a takedown off a leg kick from Elliott 16 seconds in gets eye poked. Time to recover and we're back. Gaudinot comes forward with some strikes and Elliott with the double, gets Gaudinot down and has a nice guillotine in. Elliott loses it but goes after the body. Gaudinot goes for a triangle and Elliott pulls out, letting him back up. He's really having trouble with Elliott's length so far. Nice inside leg kick and Gaudinot goes to the body clinch, pushing Elliott against the cage. He's now looking to get inside and Elliott is doing a good job with distance. Cartwheel by Elliott as he goes for a leg lock, pretty but doesn't connect. They start throwing wild and Elliott grabs the double, takes the body and gets a trip. He's unloading as soon as Gaudinot gets on his back with super fast hammer fists. Gaudinot is in full guard, looking for that triangle again, as he's eating a ton of punishment to do so. Gaudinot is looking for submissions off his back but is eating a lot of strikes to do so. Elliott lets him back up but not out of the corner. Elliott grabs the clinch and lands some big knees, Gaudinot pulls guard and Elliott is back on top. Gaudinot is bleeding as Elliott is teeing off on him. Round ends with Elliott looking dominant. Elliott 10-9.

Round 2

Elliott plays to the crowd between rounds and they like it.

Gaudinot comes out throwing and Elliott is using kicks to keep him at bay. Gaudinot throws a high kick of his own that doesn't connect. Gaudinot doesn't have any quit in him, I'll tell you what. He's responding to the volume of strikes he's eating by coming back and throwing. Elliott grabs the clinch against the cage and lands some nice short elbows out of it. Gaudinto with a nice knee and both guys are turning up the pace. Elliott is using a nice push kick that's aimed at Gaudinot's head to measure distance and it's working really well. Gaudinot is landing flush but he's not htting with a ton of power; Elliott with a nice combination of hands and knees as Gaudinot retreats to the corner. Elliott is using a lot of kicks; Gaudinot throws one and Elliott takes him down off it. Elliott is resuming some nice ground and pound on Gaudinot; Gaudinot is going for a submission off his back but Elliott is doing a better job this round of managing his posture. Elliott is looking to move to side control but Gaudinot is stopping him with movement; Elliott is teeing off on him, though, as Gaudinot is looking for a hail mary as Elliott is making him pay. He's taking a lot of punishment. Elliott dives for a heel hook as the round ends. 10-9 Elliott, 20-18 Elliott.

Round 3

Elliott gets him down early again and we're back to more of the same as Gaudinot is looking to grab a submission somehow and Elliott is making him eat a ton of punishment for it. Gaudinot manages to get up by Elliott is landing in volume. nice head kick from Gaudinot and Elliott drags him down to the ground. Gaudinot rolls to his back and Elliott is on top of him, roll and Elliot is in half guard. Takes mount and lands some big strikes; Gaudinot manages to get back into half guard and is eating a lot of punishment for his efforts. Elliott is unloading on him but Gaudinot is doing enough to not get this fight stoppped. He's trying to scramble but Elliott is doing a good job with top position. 10-9 Elliott, 30-27 Elliott.

Official Result: Tim Elliot def. Louis Gaudinot (30-27, 30-26, 30-26)

Pascal Krauss vs. Hyun Gyu Lim

Round 1

Krauss is the aggressor early, landing some nice leg kicks. Both guys are looking to throw some big hands and it's a bit wild early. Krauss is using some good footwork to get in and out fairly effectively. Lim with a nice front kick that misses. Lim catches it and tosses him to the ground, landing a nice strike before letting Krauss back up. He wants to stand and throw and Krauss is obliging him. Krauss is looking to set something big up and Lim isn't giving him enough to throw it. Lots of quick combos but nothing substantial. Lim is turning this into a firefight and Krauss is getting out; Lim lands a big shot and Lim pounces, alnding some big shots. krauss is still wobbly and Lim attacks again. This is a firefight and Krauss is losing; he goes for a double, Lim defends and lands some more strikes. Big knee to the face and some more strikes and its over at 3:58 of the first round.

Official result: Hyun Gyu Lim wins via TKO (strikes) at 3:58 of the first round

Chico Camus vs. Kyung Ho Kang

Round 1

Camus is the local boy and gets a big reaction. Kang gets a negative one from the Milwaukee crowd, of course, as apparently Korea and Wisconsin are sports rivals.

Chico is using a lot of movement but Kang is using front kicks to keep him away. Kang's kicks look really crisp but Camus lands a nice right hand. Kang's gameplan is to keep him with the kicks and use his reach advantage. Camus goes in and Kang with a beautiful level change, landing in Camus' half guard. He's looking to pass and Camus is wrapping him up. Kang postures up and lands some big shots and then tries to pass. Camus tries to set up the scramble and Kang stops him, lands in half guard. He's posturing up and landing but Camus is doing a good job of making it one shot, not multiple ones, with his scrambles. Kang in side control after a scramble goes nowhere. Kang's top game is first rate as he's landing some big shots, including some nice elbows from inside Camus' guard. The round has been posturing by Kang and attempts at a scramble by Camus. Round ends with Camus in a scramble that winds up with him standing and Kang down. Crowd went wild but he lost the round. 10-9 Kang

Round 2

Kang with the takedown early and we're back to playing the same game as before. Kang is using a good top game to smother Camus, who tries to scramble when Kang postures. He lands a nice upkick two minutes into the round. Kang is latching into half guard, looking to pass, and does after using his leg to get Camus to move. Camus scrambles and reverses position; Kang into full guard as he lands some nice ground and pound. Kang is tryiing to set up a scramble but Camus is using top position well. Knag with the wall walk but camus is glues to him, roll and Kang is on his bck. Camus grabs a rear naked and can't finish, scramble and in top. Roll by Kang and camus has back, landing some nice strikes. Kang rolls to his back and the crowd is nearly deafening for him. Lands some nice strikes from top as the round ends. 10-9 Camus, 19-19.

Round 3

Lots of striking to start as Camus is winning the exchanges now. He's confident and the crowd is egging him on. Kang goes for the outside single and a nice sprawl from Camus. Kang completes the takedown and camus is in half guard. Kang is content to ride tit out as he's not posturing up, looking for strikes. He knows the score is tied and is content to get riding time right now. He's doing just enough to keep a standup. Camus in full gaurd and Kang postures up at 2:15, Camus going for a scramble but Kang defending well. Camus is up and we're back standing. Kang with the takedown and can't complete, Camus tries to get him down and Kang with the roll, getting top position with a minute left. Camus in full guard and Kang is grinding this out some more. Kang with the posture and doesn't commit fully; he's looking to pass and eats a big up kick for his efforts. He's rocked as Camus is launching bombs. Round ends before Camus can finish. This is going to be insanely close. 10-9 Kang, 29-28 Kang ... but the third is going to be tough to score. That'll decide the fight and Camus is in his hometown.

Official Result: Chico Camus def. Kyung Ho Kang by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Soa Palelei vs. Nikita Krylov

Round 1

Leg kick from Krylov is caught and Soa slams him to the mat. Krylov tried to hold the cage but Palelei powered him through. Krylov looks a bit confused on what to do off his back as Soa is manhandling him on the ground. Krylov rolls for an armbar and then tries to turn that into an omaplata; Palelei is hammer fisting him and he releases it. Moves to mount easy, Krylov gives up his back due to the strikes and eventyally Soa lets him up. Krylov lands some big hands and Palelei grabs the body. Krylov gives up his back and is dragged to his knees, Palelei landing some big shots on him. Standing kimura from the Russian goes nowhere and Soa drags him down to the ground one more time. Krylov goes for a triangle off his back and can't land it. Krylov goes for a double armbar and can't land it. Round ends with Soa on top. 10-9 Palelei.

Round 2

Palelei looks a bit gassed right now and Krylov presses him early. Palelei with a takedown and Krylov falls down. Soa with the kimura atetmpet from top and can't finish. moves to mount and lands strikes, Krylov rolls to his stomach and Palelei is looking to get him on his back. Krylov holding onto the leg to get up as Palelei is hammer fisting him. Both guys look really tired now and Krylov with the stand up, Soa presses him back against the cage. Palelei gets the double and we get a stand up as he did absolutely nothing. Krylov comes out kicking and lands some big shots. Palelei responds and Krylov with some big knees. Krylov goes for a single and Palelei is fighting him off. Krylov backs off and now we're in sloppy barawling mode from both men. Krylov is getting the bets of it as Palelei is looking to clinchg at all costs. Krylov lands a number of shots cleanly and then leans against Palelei against the cage. that might've been everything he had as he's just laying up against Palelei against the cage now. 10-9 Krylov, 19-19.

Round 3

Krylov comes out swinging and Palelei lands some big shots. Clinch against the cage and marginally nothing is happening. Krylov is either going for a double or is so tired he fell down. Either way Palelei looks to move to back and gets it. Palelei gets on top and mount, lands strikes until 1:34 of the third round.

Official Result: Soa Palelei wins via TKO (strikes) at 1:34 of the third round.

Al Iaquinta vs. Ryan Couture

Round 1

Iaquinta is looking to jab and level change early to get inside; Couture is using his footwork to stay away. Not a lot of action to start; both guys are tentative and looking to hit something light and get inside. Iaquinta with a nice combination; Couture's using leg kicks to keep him on the outside. Iaquinta is hesitant to get inside; cup check moment from Couture and Iaquinta is ok. Big right from Iaquinta and Couture with the body lock against the cage, Iaquinta circle out. He's more content to throw now and not go for the takedown. He's throwing big overhands; catches a kick and Couture's on his back. Gets the front headlock and Couture back to his feet, hands are flying. Iaquinta is landing some really nice hooks in Couture and nearly catches him with a head kick. Coutre is abandoning the takedown as well as Iaquinta is swinging wildly. His corner is screaming at him to press him and he's following; Couture with a realy nice combination head kick right hand. Iaquinta ctaches another kick and takes Couture down with 10 seconds. Ground and pound and the round ends before anything major lands. 10-9 Iaquinta.

Round 2

Iaquinta comes out more aggressive thsi round. Couture with a slip but manages to get deep on a double. Scramble and Couture grabs a body lock against the cage. Iaquinta muscles him off and backs out but keeps pressing with hands. Couture in for a double that goes nowhere as Iaquinta is content to stand and trade at this point. He's pressing the action and throwing first; couture is trying to counter but his hand speed isn't fast enough. Couture with a low single that ends with Iaquinta agsint the cage, he's out and back to pressuring Couture. Big left kick from Iaquinta hits the head and he's landing cleaner and better at this point. NIce flurry for Iaquinta that ends with a beautiful head kick; he's really letting his hands fly at this point. Couture looks much slower at this point; Iaquinta is dictating pace and landing terrifically at this point. Iaquinta gets the double with 10 seconds left and couture wraps up his arms. 10-9 Iaquinta.

Al Iaquinta vs. Ryan Couture

Round 3

couture is back to the same, reacting to what Iaquinta is doing . He's more aggressive to start and grabs a double against the cage but is having a hard time finishing. Iaquinta is balancing really well and Couture can't quite muscle him down to the ground. He is landing some nice knees, though, as Iaquinta backs out. Iaquinta is landing well but give Couture credit; he's got a tough chin. Couture back on the inside for another takedown try and Iaquinta stops it, landing some big shots again. Couture with another takedown try and Iaquinta stops it; he backs him against the cage and is peppering him with shots. Couture is a tough guy for taking this but Iaquinta is battering him. He's back out and Iaquinta is out moving him some more. He's getting tagged but still standing as Iaquinta catches a kick and throws him down on the ground. He's looking to pass guard on his feet but can't diving into guard. couture scrambles up and Iaquinta is throwing some haymakers. Round ends as the crowd is appreciative. 10-9 Iaquinta.

Official Result: Al Iaquinta def. Ryan Couture 30-27x3

Jared Hamman vs. Magnus Cedenblad

Round 1:

Both guys come out swinging but not a lot landing. Magnus with a takedown attempt that goes nowhere. Hamman is working the body early and moving his way upwards; his boxing looks tighter than normal. He's protecting his chin much better than he normally does. Hamman with a takedown and Magnus rolls him into mount. He grabs a guillotine and it's a wrap at 0:57 of the first round due to submission.

Official Result: Magnus Cedenblad def. Jared Hamman by submission (guillotine choke).

Main Card (Live on PPV, 10 PM ET)
-Benson Henderson vs. Anthony Pettis
-Frank Mir vs. Josh Barnett
-Clay Guida vs. Chad Mendes
-Ben Rothwell vs. Brandon Vera
-Erik Koch vs. Dustin Poirier

Preliminary Card (Live on FOX Sports 1, 8 PM ET)
-Gleison Tibau vs. Jamie Varner
-Tim Elliott vs. Louis Gaudinot
-Pascal Krauss vs. Hyun Gyu Lim
-Chico Camus vs. Kyung Ho Kang

Prelim Card (Live on UFC.tv 6:30 PM ET)
-Nikita Krylov vs. Soa Palelei
-Ryan Couture vs. Al Iaquinta
-Magnus Cedenblad vs. Jared Hamman

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