Henderson and Pettis finally fight

Nearly three years and one defunct organization ago, Anthony
Pettis defeated Benson Henderson for the WEC lightweight title.

Fast forward to present day and the same scenario finds itself
at the feet of the same two fighters.

Once again, Benson Henderson and Anthony Pettis will square off
for a title. This time, however, the strap in question is the
highest regarded prize a 155lb mixed martial artist can hope to
achieve, a UFC title.

Will Benson Henderson continue his reign of dominance over the
lightweight division? Or will Anthony Pettis spoil his party like
he did nearly three years ago?

UFC Countdown dives deeper into the history of the
Henderson/Pettis feud that will add a new chapter at UFC 164.

On Saturday night, we’ll find out who is fated to come out on
top of their epic rivalry.