Head 2 Head: Barao vs. Wineland

Is Renan Barao the best bantamweight there is? As the current champ, Dominick Cruz recovers on the sidelines, it sure seems like it. Here is how his UFC 165 title defense will go.

It’s been over a year that Renan Barao has been lugging the UFC interim bantamweight title around, just waiting for Dominick Cruz to get healthy. He’ll have to wait a bit longer but at least there’s now light at the end of the tunnel. UFC president Dana White recently said that if Cruz isn’t back by Jan. 2014, there will be a decision to make. In other words, the title will probably be stripped. So Barao will either get Cruz or be declared the official champ. There’s just one thing in the way of all that. His name is Eddie Wineland, and he throws bombs.

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