Gustafsson talks strategy for Jones

UFC 165 headliner and light heavyweight title challenger
Alexander Gustafsson took some time out of his schedule to join UFC
Tonight via Skype for a lengthy discussion about his upcoming fight
against Jon Jones.

‘The Mauler’, who is pegged as a significant underdog against
the reigning champion, immediately appears unbelieveably relaxed
and confident.

This is a good thing, as many of Jones’ opponents seem to beat
themselves before they even step inside the Octagon.

It’s clear that Gustafsson is treating Jones as if this were any
other fight.

Gustafsson described his strategy to UFC Tonight, saying
“I don’t know what to expect. I know he’ll go for
a takedown, but I don’t know when he’ll do it. I will
be in the cage with no thoughts and ready for anything.”

We’ll find out if Gustafsson’s strategy pays off at
UFC 165 this Saturday on PPV.